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Monthly Archives: December 2014

  • RT Pro Signs William and John Yokley for 2015 GNCC Series


    RT Pro has been on the forefront of UTV chassis and suspension innovations since 2006. With countless industry-firsts and relentless quality control, RT Pro builds 100% U.S.A. made products and their facilities in Holland Michigan and Reno Nevada provide unparalleled customer support.

    For 2015, RT Pro is proud to announce a new partnership with William and John Yokley of Polaris / National Guard / Coastal Racing. William is the five time national GNCC champion with more wins than anyone in GNCC in a UTV. With nearly thirty years’ experience, William brings a massive knowledge base to the partnership. William’s nephew John Yokley is a young and extremely talented driver who also has multiple podium finishes in only a few short years of racing GNCC. The Yokley’s and other members of the undeniably successful Coastal Racing team have been working with the industries top companies for many years and for 2015 have decided RT Pro will be the company to partner with to take GNCC UTV racing to a whole new level using the incredibly potent 2015 Polaris RZR 900 S in the XC1 pro class.

    RT Pro has been a driving force in GNCC and other XC style racing events for years. They continually raise the bar by working with the best teams to develop high performance products for the latest UTV’s on the market. “This new partnership with the Yokley’s is just what we need to continue pushing ourselves to the next level.” Said RT Pro owner Andrew Prins. The team will collaborate to develop the best chassis and suspension components to maximize safety and handling with the intent of keeping the most successful UTV racer in the industry at the head of the pack.

    The RT Pro / Yokley Racing team will also partner for 2015 with Elka Suspension to further develop their new 2.5” Stage 5 shock platform for XC racing and with Loud Performance Products / TheRiderScope.com for media content and team promotion.

    For more info on these partners see www.RacerTech.com, www.YokleyRacing.com, www.CoastalRacing.com, www.Polaris.com, www.ElkaSuspension.com, www.LoudPerformanceProducts.com and www.TheRiderScope.com.

  • RT Pro Announces New Partnership with Elka Suspension for 2015


    RT Pro of Holland Michigan has been on the leading edge of UTV suspension performance since 2006. RT Pro consistently delivers innovative solutions for UTV chassis and suspensions as the OEM’s steadily push the envelope with new model releases. With 100% locally based manufacturing in Michigan and a full service and distribution center in Reno, Nevada, RT Pro not only leads the industry in quality and performance but also in customer support.

    RT Pro values it’s alliances with key partners to constantly collaborate developments of race winning products and Elka Suspension of Quebec Canada has always been a natural fit. Elka Suspension was formed in 2000. Since the advent of UTV’s, Elka Suspension has used their valuable racing experience to develop user-specific applications for all customers. They’re known for unparalleled quality, performance and customer support with custom tuned systems and the industries best turnaround times.

    RT Pro and Elka Suspension have worked together since 2007 to improve UTV suspension performance. For 2015, Elka Suspension is bringing its long awaited 2.5” Stage 5 system to the market after 2 years of relentless development to deliver the highest quality and best performing UTV shock the industry has seen yet. This new offering is sure to raise the bar of racer and recreational driver expectations and RT Pro has partnered with Elka to lead the charge in promotion, distribution and continuous development of this incredible new system.

    With the largest fleet of factory racers in GNCC, RT Pro will work with Elka Suspension and their shared racers to develop specific offerings for customers racing XC and MX style events. For 2015 RT Pro and Elka Suspension are proud to announce a joint partnership with 5 time GNCC national champion UTV driver William Yokley of Yokley Racing. William has worked with Elka extensively in the past and has many podium finishes using Elka ATV shocks. He brings nearly 30 years of ATV/UTV experience and results to the team with a commitment to test and develop products with both companies. This is sure to bring more high quality race-proven products to other racers and the recreational market. With all the guess work eliminated, the customers will be the winners with proven and tested products that will let them focus on enjoying their UTV’s to the fullest extent.

    For more information about RT Pro see www.RacerTech.com or call 616-928-0616. For more information about Elka Suspension see www.ElkaSuspension.com or call 800-557-0552. For more information about Yokley Racing see www.YokleyRacing.com

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