About RT Pro

Great off-road driving and racing comes with having the most rugged and durable machine in the pack. RT Pro was built on this premise starting as Racer Tech back in 2006 with the original Yamaha Rhino. When the Polaris RZR was released the next year a whole new market was created and we were in position to be a natural leader. For the next decade we pioneered the UTV industry with many firsts including upper shock relocation lift kits, OEM replacement spring kits, HD tie rods, modular bumpers, roll cages and countless chassis gussets and more.

RT Pro chassis, suspension and protection products will make your off-road machine stronger, faster and safer, so you can have more fun and less breakdowns. For the past decade, RT Pro staff have been taking brand new UTVs and driving them to their breaking point. When they bend, break or falter, we take them back to shop and create a fix that stops the problem from happening again.

Our roots are in off-road racing, building custom desert race cars where breakdowns can be life threatening. We’ve taken that same expertise and applied it to designing and manufacturing UTV products made to withstand abuse and look good doing it with minimal weight gains. We also know a thing or two about suspension design. We apply this to every lift kit and spring kit we produce and feel very confident you wil not find a better ride improvement out there.

There is no other company in the industry that puts more thought, engineering and design innovation into their products than we do. Our team is made up of off-road racers, mechanical engineers and talented fabricators who live and breathe all things motorsports. Above all, we share a passion for innovation, quality construction and getting things right.

All of our products are designed for assembly by weekend warriors with normal garage tools. Assembly directions are complete and thorough.

We could go on, but take a look at what some of customers have to say about their RT Pro fixes right over there ➚.

And you can read more product reviews on our website from other satisfied RT Pro customers.

Remember, when you buy a RT Pro product for your UTV, all of the parts have been designed and manufactured in the United States with U.S. steel and other high quality American components.

Enjoy your ride.

Customer Reviews

RZR 800 50 inch
Standard 2” Lift Kit

“You will not break this!”
Review by excel

Blew me away when we opened the box. Heavy duty, extremely well made. Buy it (and) you won't go wrong! Feels good not hitting every rock on the trail.

RZR 800
Rear Lower Chassis Brace

“Another Winner”
Review by hillbilly

Great product installs literally in 10 min looks fantastic.

RZR 800 / 570
Replacement Spring Kit

“Huge Improvement”
Review by lee

No comparison over stock spring. These are a must for any RZR owner. Upgrade your front springs u will not regret it!

Commander 2" Lift Kit

“Highly recommended first mod!!”
Review by bstromback2002

I got to put a few miles on this weekend with my lift kit installed!!! Night and day difference!! I was impressed the ride is a million times better it handles amazing and didn't feel tippy at all. I have 200 miles on my commander now 100 without it and the last 100 with it. very very happy!!! we drove on all kinds of different trails from washboard railroad bed, logging trails, rocky inclines. I can't wait to feel the difference with the springs!!

Professional Reviews

RZR 800 Lift Kit


RT Pro lift came highly recommended. Some other lift kits on the market are known to cause premature damage and failure to CV joints among other issues but RT Pro has done extensive research and development to ensure those problems don’t exist with their 2 “ kit. …Gets you up and over a lot of trail obstacles that would normally give your undercarriage a jolt.