The Dynamic Inertia Spring System (D.I.S.S.)

The Dynamic Inertia Spring System (D.I.S.S.) is a proprietary Racer Tech Design we’ve pioneered and perfected. It uses a heavier top spring (short spring) rather than the “tender” springs normally found in traditional dual rate designs. Normally the “tender” spring is only included to provide a softer ride at the very first inch or two of the suspension travel and mostly to reduce the harshness of the suspensions rebound (when the shock extends). The D.I.S.S. design used the short heavy spring to “fight” the long spring which carries the majority of the ride. While both springs are active the initial rate of the spring is softer for a smoother ride. Once the short spring shifts out (like a normal dual rate) the single rate of the long spring takes over, BUT the transition is substantially less dramatic. This causes a much less noticeable change over which results in a smoother ride while still keeping rebound speeds in check. The really incredible part of the D.I.S.S. design, (and mainly where the name is derived from) is how the two springs work together. The harder the shock compression, or higher the inertia, the quicker the spring kit shifts over to the stiffer single rate. This means when cruising around the springs are both active constantly and the ride is smooth. As soon as the driving becomes more aggressive the springs start kicking in the stiffer rate sooner to reduce bottoming (G-outs) and body roll. This design is truly unprecedented and has been refined to the point of perfection. We have no doubt others will try to copy this design as it continues to prove itself. Just remember where you saw it first!