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  • RT Pro New Product Announcement #108: Polaris Ranger 150 2" Lift Kit


    Release Details

    PR #108:

    December 4, 2018


    Polaris Ranger 150 2" Lift Kit

    Part #





    2018 Polaris Ranger 150

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    RT Pro 2" Lift Kit for POLARIS RANGER 150

    Coldwater, MI — RT Pro has set the bar for UTV chassis designs and properly reinforcement for the under-built OEM frames. This continued commitment transforms the average UTVs into race worthy vehicles built to perform on any terrain whether its for race or recreational use. The engineers at RT Pro did not forget about the younger generation with an all new 2” lift system for the all new Ranger 150. This 2” lift follows the same design guidelines and research as the lifts designed for larger machines.

    Up front this lift kit is designed to re-position the front shock mounts for improved suspension performance, improved strength and 2” extra inches of ride height. This is achieved using a pair of 3/16" thick steel cross brace plates spanning between the factory shock mounts for extra chassis rigidity. In the rear the upper shock mount is replaced using a heavy duty bracket to provide an additional 2” of lift. This makes for a simple install to not only improve right heights, but also a much stronger shock mount. Overall these front and rear lift shock relocation brackets provide the lift and improve the strength and shock geometry for improved performance out of your Ranger 150. The 2” lift provides the ability to increase the tire size and change the offset of the wheels. The additional ground clearance, and improved stance make the Ranger 150 everything a young enthusiast needs to get the job done and look good while doing it. Check the new lift system out at RTPROUTV.com


    Product Features:
    • - Braces Across the Front Chassis.
    • - Brace OEM Shock Mounts.
    • - Improves Shock Geometry and Stability.
    • - 100% Bolt on Simple Step by Step Instructions!
    • - 100% MADE IN U.S.A.!


    RT Pro UTV, 491 W. Garfield Ave. Coldwater, MI 49036
    (517) 278-7768 | rtproutv.com | sales-rtpro@ridefox.com
  • RT Pro New Product Announcement #107: RZR XP1000 Front Control Arm Brace Kits


    Release Details

    PR #107:

    November 27, 2018


    XP1000 and XP1000 Turbo Front Control Arm Brace Kit

    Part #





    2017-2018 Polaris RZR XP1000

    2017-2018 Polaris RZR XP Turbo

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    RT Pro Front CONTROL Arm Brace Kits for RZR XP1000 AND XP1000 tURBO

    Coldwater, MI — RT Pro has set the bar for UTV chassis designs and properly reinforcing under-built OEM frames to make UTV’s in to truly race worthy vehicles. While the 2017-2018 RZR 1000's / 900's and Turbo's have improved greatly on the shortcoming of its predecessors, the chassis to be surprisingly weak! To combat this the engineers at RT Pro have developed a 100% bolt-on brace kit for the front arms on the new RZR XP1000 and XP Turbo models to offer additional strength and rigidity to the factory suspension. This kit gussets and reinforces the lower A-arm mounts and ties the frame together into the upper arm mounts while creating a winch mounting surface that also mounts in to a steering rack reinforcement gusset. All components are built from 1/8” to 3/16” American steel, laser cut and CNC bent for a perfect fit under your RZR. The parts come finished in a durable gloss black powder coat and all installation hardware is included along with step-by-step installation instruction. The final product is a simple yet comprehensive product anyone with a garage and simple tools can install on a Saturday and go racing with on Sunday.


    Product Features:
    • - Gussets all A-arm mounts.
    • - Strengthens chassis.
    • - Gussets steering rack and mounting plate.
    • - Allows for winch mounting. No other winch mount kits needed!
    • - 100% BOLT-ON kit. No cutting, bending, drilling, welding required.
    • - Minimal weight gain.
    • - 100% MADE IN U.S.A.!



    RT Pro UTV, 491 W. Garfield Ave. Coldwater, MI 49036
    (517) 278-7768 | rtproutv.com | sales-rtpro@ridefox.com
  • RT Pro New Product Announcement #106: XP1000 SHD Radius Rod Kit


    PR #106:

    April 26, 2018


    XP1000 SHD Radius Rod Kit

    Part #





    2017-2018 Polaris RZR XP1000

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    RT Pro SHD Radius Rod Kit for XP1000

    Coldwater, MI — RT Pro's RZR adds to its lineup of products for the 2017-2018 Polaris RZR XP1000 with a new SHD (Super Heavy Duty) Radius Rod Kit will replace the weak factory radius rods for a substantial upgrade for improved strength and durability. This is your fix for the weakest link on the new RZR XP 1000. These Radius Rods are a direct bolt-on replacement and work with the OEM trailing arm and knuckle/spindle. They are built from 1-1/2" OD heavy wall USA tubing and use 5/8" FK heim joints. The rods do allow for adjustments for riders inclined to tweak the handling to meet their driving style. The adjustment provided from this kit is the static camber settings. By adjusting the rear camber you'll be able to control how aggressive the bite of the rear tire is in a corner and find a preferred balance of understeer / oversteer which is how much the machine pushes or slides out in a corner. This setting while controlling handling going into a corner, can also fine tune traction coming out of a turn.

    This kit includes the SHD radius rods, heim joints and high misalignment spacers needed for installation. The factory bolts are re-used and there is no modification to the vehicle necessary.

    Kit Notes:
    To fit this large of tubing in to this application, some XP 1000's will require VERY MINOR filing to allow for the needed clearance of the trailing arm and our lower rods. It's a minimal amount and shown in our instructions.

    RT Pro UTV, 491 W. Garfield Ave. Coldwater, MI 49036
    (517) 278-7768 | rtproutv.com | sales-rtpro@ridefox.com
  • RT Pro New Product Announcement #105: Maverick X3 Coil Spring Kits


    PR #105:

    December 6, 2017


    Maverick X3 Coil Spring Kits

    Part #

    #5302145 - Standard

    #5302146 - Heavy Duty




    Can Am Maverick X3 2-Seater

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    RT Pro Spring Kits - Maverick X3

    Coldwater, MI — Over years of development, testing and a decade on the market, RT Pro has proven to build the best replacement spring options on the market today. The latest addition to these replacement coil spring kits are new complete replacement kits for the Can Am Maverick X3 2-seater - 64" models. These springs offer a substantial improvement in ride quality while improving handling and stability along with G-out resistance. Available in both standard rate and heavy duty rate, these spring kits replace front and rear factory coil springs and offer a plush ride, reduced rear end bucking and diminish body roll. Also included with these spring kits are sway bar roll reduction brackets to reposition the sway bar link mount at the sway bar to stiffen up the factory sway for further improved performance.

    Kit Notes:
    - 64" models only - does not fit 72" (XRS)

     - 2 seat models only

    RT Pro UTV, 491 W. Garfield Ave. Coldwater, MI 49036
    (517) 278-7768 | rtproutv.com | sales@sporttruckusainc.com

  • RT Pro New Product Announcement #104: Ranger 3" Lift Kits


    PR #104:

    November 17, 2017


    Polaris UTV 3" Lift Kit

    Part #





    2013+ Polaris Ranger FS 570

    2013+ Polaris Ranger XP900

    2013+ Polaris Ranger XP1000

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    Ranger 3" Lift Kits

    Coldwater, MI — Looking for a quick and easy solution to fitting larger tires under your 2013 or newer Polaris Ranger Full Size 570, XP900 or XP1000  that won't break the bank? RT Pro has the solution for you with new 3" lift kits designed specifically for late model Polaris UTVs. These new 3" lift kits maintain the OE geometry for predictable handling characteristics with room for 27" tires on stock wheels or 28" tires on aftermarket wheels to be installed. CV axles are kept at safe operating angle throughout full cycle of the front and rear suspension. These kits include front and rear 3" lift brackets, as well as rear sway bar link extensions, complete hardware pack and detailed step-by-step instructions. All brackets are CAD designed for a precision fit built from 3/16" laser cut, American steel and finished in a durable black powdercoat for Lon lasting corrosion protection. Installation is a breeze as no cutting or drilling required and install time is estimated a 1.5 hours. Upfit your Polaris UTV with these new 3" lift kits from RT Pro.

    Kit Notes:
    Does not fit Northstar Edition models, Ranger midsize models, or any other models fitted with MacPherson struts.

    RT Pro UTV, 491 W. Garfield Ave. Coldwater, MI 49036
    (517) 278-7768 | rtproutv.com | sales@sporttruckusainc.com

  • GNCC Round 13 Race Report

    Holland, MI (10/29/2017) – Kevin Trantham and William Yokley finished fourth and fifth, respectively, in the GNCC championship after the season finale at Ironman Raceway in Crawfordsville, IN. Both were running in the top three for most of the race before Trantham finished fifth. Yokley finished 13th after tangling with another car on the final lap. Michael Swift was eighth.With snow and cold temperatures at the track, Trantham and Yokely battled each other for most of the race. Trantham’s top-five capped an exceptional second half of the season that included a win at the Mountaineer Run and a runner-up finish in the last race.

    “We had a few issues at the end, but still ended up in the top five,” said Trantham. “I’m happy with that considering how the season started and we ended it on a good note. The last three rounds were really good. We had a win, a second and a fifth, so we’re much better than we were in the first three races. This will give us momentum going into next season.”

    The Ironman course, with its deep ruts, tight woods sections and motocross section, took its toll on the competition. Trantham appreciated his RT Pro components that allowed him to run competitively all the way to the finish.“I saw a lot of people out there with bent A-arms and battered up cars,” said Trantham. “The RT Pro stuff holds up so well. We run their nerf bars, bumpers, and cages and everything survived. That’s a good testament to the parts.”Yokley battled for third with Trantham until the final lap. After tangling with another competitor, Yokley got his ride stuck in a mud hole. After that he cruised in for the finish.

    “This wasn’t the ending I wanted, but the car worked well all day,” said Yokley. “It has been great all year, but the cards unfolded badly for me today. The RT Pro components worked great as always. The tree kickers did great in the woods sections.”

    Michael Swift also appreciated the tree kickers. After losing four-wheel drive early in the event, Swift ran a spirited pace in two-wheel drive to finish eighth.“The ruts were deep and the RT Pro components did really well,” said Swift. “We brushed off a lot of trees. Since we were in two-wheel drive, we were hitting the trees a lot harder than we usually would, and the tree kickers worked well.”Jesi Stracham recorded a sixth-place finish in the Single Seat class. Stracham, who doesn’t have the use of her legs, raced a Polaris ACE specially modified with hand controls this season.

    GNCC recently announced that turbocharging will be allowed in the XC1 Pro UTV class next year. Trantham is looking forward to running an XP1000 Turbo in 2018.“We’re running the turbo cars next season so we’ll have a lot of work over the winter getting them dialed in,” said Trantham. “We’re planning on running the XP1000 turbo next year. They made the rule change so if we don’t we’ll be behind.”These drivers will outfit new cars with RT Pro components next year as they move up to run Polaris RZR turbos in the GNCC series.

  • GNCC Round 12 Race Report

    Kevin Trantham proved his victory in the last round of GNCC competition was no fluke as he finished a strong second in the most recent race in the XC1 UTV class at Powerline Park in St. Clairsville, OH. Fellow Polaris/RT Pro drivers William Yokley, Michael Swift, and Jesi Stracham also turned in competitive performances with their RT Pro-equipped rides.

    Trantham took the lead on the first lap, but fell back to second at the finish. The runner-up effort moved him up three spots in the championship. He now sits fifth in points with one race left this season.

    “I had to prove it to myself,” said Trantham. “I came out of nowhere and took a win and it shocked a lot of people, including myself. So to get a second helped boost my confidence. That wasn’t a fluke. We have one round left and it would be awesome to finish out the year on the podium.”

    Powerline’s fast 6.1-mile course is virtually guaranteed to make for physical racing. Trantham appreciated the RT Pro bumpers and Tree Kickers during the race to keep his car running, despite contact with other cars.

    “We run their bumpers, nerf bars, tree kickers, roll cage and frame braces and everything worked well,” said Trantham. “We were definitely doing a little rubbing with Cody Miller at one point and all of our RT Pro components stood the test so we could finish the race and get back on the podium.”

    Yokley finished fifth and moved to fourth in points in his RZR XP1000. He also appreciated the Tree Kickers during the race.

    “The RT Pro components did their job once again,” said Yokley. “They allowed the car to perform the way it should. They also gave me the armor to get through contact with other competitors on the track. The tree kickers kept my tires from locking up and tipping us over. The bumpers did their job as always.”

    Swift was running strong in the top five when he had four-wheel-drive issues on the second lap. He finished the race in two-wheel drive and remained sixth in points.

    “Our goal is for one of us to get into the top five this year,” said Swift. “Kevin moved into the top five and I’m sixth, three points out of fifth. So I need some luck on my side at this last race. We’re learning for next year. We’re taking these things we’re bending and breaking and fixing them. The one thing we don’t have to worry about is the RT Pro components. The cage and the nerf bars did a good job getting us around the trees and protecting the tires.”

    Jesi Stracham was running third in the ACE single seat race when she spun and hit a tree. Stracham, who is paralyzed from the waist down, is driving a Polaris built by RT Pro with hand controls.

    These drivers, with their RT Pro Polaris UTVs, will finish out the 2017 GNCC season at Ironman Raceway in Crawfordsville, IN October 28-29.

  • GNCC Pro Round 11 Race Report

    Kevin Trantham fought his way through the season’s roughest course and scored his first victory of the season during the GNCC Mountaineer Run at Marvin’s Mountain Top in Masontown, WV.  Fellow Polaris/RT Pro drivers William Yokley, Michael Swift, and Jesi Stracham also turned in impressive performances with their RT Pro-equipped rides.

    Trantham started on the third row and won the battle of attrition on the rough course that took out many of the top competitors. The especially difficult rock sections made it important to have components that hold up.

    “It’s pretty sweet to take an overall win,” said Trantham. “We’ve been working hard for it and make progress with the new car.”To finish first, one first must finish and many competitors didn’t get that message as the course dashed many driver’s hopes. Trantham didn’t take it easy on his car and flew past the broken vehicles on his way to victory.

    “I saw many cars broken down,” said Trantham. “The rock gardens were just fast and gnarly and I really pounded hard on the car. Those RT Pro components took a brutal beating. That thing is still running and driving. So my hat is off to them because without them, we would probably be one of those cars broken down on the side of the track.”

    Yokley led the race in the early going before a broken wheel slowed his charge. He recovered to finish seventh and moved into the top three in points. He especially appreciated RT Pro’s Tree Kickers.

    “My RT Pro components always hold up great,” said Yokley. “We had no failures. They handled everything in the rocky and rough terrain. The Tree Kickers are a handy tool in the woods. You don’t have to worry about a tree hanging you back. Plus, you don’t have to worry about another driver’s wheel flipping you over.”

    Swift stuck to a “checkers or wreckers” strategy and it worked out, despite the rough conditions. Though the Polaris RZR XP1000 is a reliable UTV, the racing components, especially those supplied by RT Pro, helped him finish fifth.

    “There were a lot of cars laying around the course broken,” explained Swift. “It’s not just Polaris, it’s all of the parts you put on it. The RT Pro parts did really well. It was a rough course and we didn’t take it easy on the car. That was a true test of the RT Pro parts. They took a beating today.”

    Jesi Stracham was again fast at the start of the Single Seat UTV race, but a too-narrow course took its toll on her and she crashed on the first lap. The new Polaris ACE 900XC is 10 inches wider than last year’s model and series officials are looking to move the class from the youth course to the wider UTV course at the next race.

    “We could fit through it last year, but our car this year is 60 inches wide and it just doesn’t fit,” explained Stracham. “They are looking to change the course for the next race. It will make for better racing and it will help grow single seat racing.”

    Stracham, who is paralyzed from the waist down, uses a car specially built by RT Pro with hand controls. She hopes those hand controls are soon sold to the public because she likes the control they give her.

    “I really wished they offered them to the general public because there is seriously nothing else like them,” said Stracham. “Having the front and rear brake control is a game changer. I can slide around corners like I’m on an ATV. The RT Pro A-arms seriously hold up. I bent something in the wheel itself, but the A-arm held up. At Penton, we bent the frame and the A-arms held up. The RT Pro components are unbelievable.”

    These drivers, with their RT Pro Polaris UTVs, will be heading back to the GNCC Series during the next race at Powerline Park in St. Clairsville, OH October 7-8.

  • Sims Race Report - Quad X Round 3

    Victorville, CA- August 26, 2017- Quad X round 3 was held at 333 MX Park, and it’s a track I haven’t race at before, so I was looking forward to checking it out!  They weren’t expecting a big turnout for this race, so I was planning on racing in my RZR 570 back-up car.  When we got to the track on Saturday morning, I saw that one of my biggest competitors was there.  I quickly made the decision to race in my RZR 800.  I got to practice briefly before racing started, which helped me to get a good feel for the track.  There were parts of the track that were super technical and tight, and other parts of the track had long straightaways where speed would be key.  My class was race number one in the line-up and we’d be racing at the same time as the 1000 class. Quad X 1

    We lined up to race and the 1000 class took off first.  I got ready for the green flag to drop.  As we took off from the start line, my competitor and I were running neck-in-neck to the first turn.  The distance from the start to the first turn was short, so I was trying to get in front fast.  As we made the first turn, I fell in to the second place spot but stayed on the car in front of me.  For the first 3 ½ laps, I tried numerous times to pass the car in front of me, but couldn’t quite get it done.  Coming into the technical section at the end of the 4th lap, I was finally able to make the pass in a tight corner.  I kept on it and stayed in the number one spot for the last two laps, and finished the first moto in 1st place!Quad X 4

    I changed up my position on the start line for moto two.  We lined up and this time I picked an inside line.  As we took off, we were running neck-in-neck again, but I was able to hook in on the first turn and took off in front.  My competitor stayed on my bumper for the first 4 laps.  As we rounded a corner coming into lap 5, I looked over and saw my competitor next to me.  When I turned back, I was at the base of a set of double jumps that I had not cleared yet.  I hit the gas and flew over the doubles, hoping I would come out ok.  I landed and took off.  Clearing the doubles gave me a five car length cushion between my competitor and I, and I wanted to take advantage of it.  I stayed on it and hit the doubles again going into the last lap.  I finished the second moto in 1st place, and took home the overall 1st place spot for the day!Quad X 2

    In September, I will be racing at WORCS round 10 at Glen Helen Raceway and at DIRT Series round 8 at 333 MX Park.  I am looking forward to it!

    Thanks so much to everyone that supports my program: Got Sand Performance, Addict Racing Engines, Red Rock, Method Race Wheels, Crow Enterprizes, Factory UTV, GBC Motorsports, RT Pro, Yoshimura, Demon Powersports, Baja Designs, Gates G Force, Elka Suspension, Rugged Radios, Maxima Racing Oils, Crown Performance Products, Surface Sun Systems, Butter Supply Co, Pavement Recycling Systems, Perrault Motorsports, and my parents who make this possible for me!  Thanks to Steve at the Quad X Series for giving us a place to run!  You can check out the Sims188 Racing team on Instagram @csims188 or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/csims188/.

  • Valor Racing Vegas to Reno Race Report

    #959 Valor Racing Vegas to Reno 2017 Race Report by Kyle Miller

    Wow. What a ride! Vegas to Reno 2017 marked Valor Racing’s very first desert race. Ever! I have diligently been building my car for quite a while now and with its completion I figured why not, let’s hit V2R for my first race and see what I can learn! Like every race team we seemed to be working on the car up to the last minute trying to make sure everything was ready to go. But by race morning I was confident that me and my team were ready. I must say that the hardest part was the anxiety about the unknown. Having never raced in a desert race before there where many things that I was not sure about. How do I pass in dust? Will I be able to move out of the way for faster cars? What is it like to race for 10-20 hours? How do I make the car last? Did I plan my pits correctly? What is this catheter thing all about? Lol. Well I was soon to find out.

    Friday morning, we lined up with a pack of over 80 UTV’s all hungry for some V2R success. Finally, just after 11 a.m. it was my turn to go! The flag dropped and we roared off the line! My goal from the beginning was to be patient, make the car last, and finish this race. I tried to set a comfortable pace and not worry about who was passing me. And pass me they did lol. It seems everyone was gunning for the win! It was not long however before I started passing people back broke down on the road. V2R had already started claiming its first victims.

    We had decided to pull in to pit 1 for a quick once over and a splash of fuel. Everything looked good to go so off we went! I was starting to pick up the pace as I became more comfortable with the car and the race. We started making our first passes and working our way up. We did start to have some overheating issues when pulling the long hills. I had to take it down a notch and allow some cars we just passed to go back around which was a bit frustrating. We would later find out that overheating issues were plaguing many teams.
    Pulling into pit 3 we had lost a CV boot clamp. We topped off with fuel and fixed the CV. Onward we pressed. Man this is fun! We were having an absolute blast! Around mile 200 we had a tire puncture which we quickly fixed. My co-drive and I had not even had a chance to practice a tire change yet but we blasted it out in just a few minutes. We continued to cycle through our pits. Our pit crews were doing such an awesome job! For everyone being new they were making it seem like they had done this for years lol! They were doing awesome!

    Of course, my racing experience was limited, but with the UTV’s following the trophy trucks, class 15’s, and 6100’s the race course seemed incredibly rough and rutted. My suspension setup consisted of a bolt on long travel kit from RT Pro with their race springs and factory valved Fox shocks. I must say the car was performing awesome and the suspension was soaking up the rough course like it was nothing! I was thoroughly impressed! Many times, I would hit ruts, rocks, and rough terrain expecting the worst and the car would just soak it up!
    The silt was bad and the large load on the car caused me to have to replace a belt just before pit 8. Again, we knocked this out without too much trouble. The sun was starting to set and temperatures were starting to cool. We were no longer having the heating issues from earlier in the day which was nice! We had KC’s new Pro-6 and Flex lights on the car so we switched them on and lit the desert up! We made our way up into the mountains and into some super fun technical sections through the trees. We started noticing the voltage levels dropping on the car. Unfortunately, without a true charging system all the lights and equipment were starting to take their toll on the battery. We had to start cycling the lights off during the slow sections and let the stator catch up. At mile marker 374 we had our first major issue. We had just switch off our lights to let the charging system recover as we entered a canyon. Apparently, the trucks from earlier in the day had taken out the course markers and they had made their own road up on the side of the canyon instead of on the canyon floor. All the vehicles coming behind followed suit so there was their own road which abruptly ended with a 25 foot drop off back into the river bed. Of course, at night it looked like we were driving off a cliff so I slammed on the
    brakes just before we crested the edge. It was at this point I found out that silt had locked up my primary cutch causing the car to stall. There was not enough voltage left in the battery to start the car again. There we were stuck in the middle of the road right at the edge of the bank. Surprisingly, there was another UTV with the exact same battery issue stuck at the same spot! Together we pushed each other’s cars out of the way so we did not end up stuck in the grill of a trophy truck. Neither of us had a jump box and the canyon prevented radio signal and cell service. We hiked to the top of the mountains attempting to get service but to no avail. For 3 hours, we helped guide cars off the edge as everyone was having issues there. Finally, someone passing was kind enough to get our race numbers and radio BITD for help. Not 10 minutes later a BITD truck showed up and got both of our cars going! Wow! I thought we were out but now we were up and going again! We shut off the lights and air pumpers so we could keep the battery going and tried to maintain momentum since we could not stop the car with the clutch locked up. Finally, we made it to pit 11! We pulled off the clutch cover and cleaned the clutch the best we could with brake cleaner and compressed CO2 that we borrowed. Back on the course we started blasting through the miles with the end in sight!
    However, our troubles were not over yet…the car started bogging down and I had a feeling we were not getting any airflow. Finally, the car shut off and would not start. I jumped out and pulled the pre-filter off. It was clogged solid. I pulled the spare tire and heat shields and removed the air filter to find it clogged as well. I beat the filter against the tire and probably removed a mixing bowl amount of silt from the filter! We put everything together and the car roared to life! It was amazing the power was back and we were flying! At this point morning light was starting to pierce the night sky! Had we really been racing that long?

    We made our way through the course and entered the last 15 miles. Apparently BITD thought that we should finish Ultra4 style as we were basically bouncing through boulder fields the last 15 miles. We crested the top of the hill and the end was in sight! With only 4 miles to go I felt the back of the car start to move around. “Crap…another flat tire” I thought. “I will just push through these last few miles.” It started getting worse so we jumped out prepared to fix a flat. Surprisingly, all 4 tires were good. The bad news is that somehow, I had broken the rear hub flange off the trailing arm! “Are you serious?” I thought…Well I was determined to finish even if I was dragging the car across the line. The last 4 miles crawled by and seemed to take forever. Finally! Finally! Finally! I saw the finish. We had made it! The mixture of emotions from the last 20 hours flooded over me. We had done it! We had completed the longest race in America and finished our first race! My team was there at the finish line cheering me on! It was awesome!
    I want to first thank God for blessing my life with opportunity like this and for keeping me and my team safe.

    I want to thank my team who took time off work and spent their own money to come help me out. They worked tirelessly all night to make sure I had whatever I needed. Not only did they support the car but also consistently encouraged us to keep pushing forward!
    I want to thank my co-driver Josh for calling turns, watching mirrors, gauges, and helping like he had been doing this for years!
    I also want to thank RT Pro for providing an amazing suspension system for me. Seriously, it is amazing how well this car works with just bolt on suspension mods.
    Thank you to KC Hilites for providing me with the industry’s leading lighting system for my car. Even when I was restricted to just a few lights I never felt like I was lacking for light. It was awesome!

    And finally, to HMF exhaust. I have used HMF for years and they are one of the best companies in the UTV industry period. Their product and customer service is the best there is. I run their Titan exhaust setup which provides a throaty sound that does not drone on especially when racing for 20 hours lol. I just love their product!
    -Kyle Miller, Valor Racing #959

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