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Monthly Archives: January 2014

  • WORCS 2014 Round 1: Taft, California

    Just making it to the first round of WORCS was a fight in itself, I got my car back from the fabrication shop late Thursday afternoon and headed straight to Image Options to have the wrap installed. By the time I got home it was 9:45 PM and I still had a ton of work to do to make the car race legal/worthy. With much determination I got the car finished and made it to bed for a few short hours only to wake up early and head to Taft. After making it to Honolulu Hills I had a few minor adjustments to make in the pits to assure that the car was race ready.

    Being as I had little drive time in my XP1000 I was looking forward to the unclassified practice, which consisted of two laps. The track was swarming with cars and unfortunately I was not able to get a clean run like I had hoped. It was nearly impossible to try out any of the jumps leaving me frustrated and nervous for the race on Saturday.

    As if my nerves weren’t on edge enough I am listening to the line up at the drivers meeting and hear my name in the same line as RJ Anderson, Ryan Piplic, Beau Baron, Michael Camp, and Tyler Winbury. Luckily my Sparks racing motor got me off to a great start and when I rounded the first corner I was in third. I was able to hang on to that spot throughout most of the first lap until I decided to hit a step up. When I landed the intake hose collapse causing my car to loose power. I made it back to the pits hoping the problem could quickly be fixed and I could get back on the track. Thankfully my crew got the hose to open up somewhat, allowing the car to run better. I drove the rest of the race on half of the car’s allotted horsepower and crossed the finish line in seventh. I am looking forward to round two in Primm. Let the prepping begin!

    2014-worcs-utv-race-round-1-taft-utvunderground.com027 photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 5

  • Can I buy parts with a custom color?

    We are currently not offering custom colors for any of our products. All steel products are sold with a semi-gloss black, single stage, powdercoat on them unless otherwise noted. You can powdercoat over top of our finish with another SINGLE stage color without needing to have the supplied parts stripped. If you are going to use a multiple stage finish like a translucent or candy finish we recommend stripping the supplied parts first. Custom powdercoating on our steel products does not void applicable warranties.

    All springs are shipped with our standard "sparkle silver" single-stage powdercoat finish applied at our spring manufacturer. We do not offer custom colors on springs. The same single phase recoating rules apply as above but we DO NOT warranty re-coated springs. If you choose to have your springs coated a custom color we can not warranty them for sagging, cracking, etc due to variables in the baking process when it is removed from our control. If you must have your springs a custom color, we recommend painting over the silver finish or asking your powdercoater to not heat them over 400 degrees when processing. Most powdercoaters know this but not all and this is why we have a strict no-warranty policy on recoated springs.

  • Do you ship to Canada?

    We do ship to Canada using both UPS and USPS.

  • How do I get a shipping quote?

    Our website can be used to receive a shipping quote. Add the item you are looking to purchase to your cart. Then go to view your cart. Under you item lines in your cart will be a box that you can select your location and shipping method. This will then generate a shipping quote before you start the check out process.

  • Will your lift kit damage my CV joints?

    No, our kits are specifically designed not to put a bind on the CV joint at full droop.

  • Where on my machine do I measure when I’m adjusting my springs for height?

    Up front you can measure in the center of the machine right behind where the rear A arms mount. In the rear you can measure in the center of the machine right below the differential.

  • I can’t get my front lift kit bracket in on my RZR S.

    Refer to photos in the directions and make sure that the bracket is offset to the rear of the machine. It will not directly inside the stock channel.

  • I’m having trouble getting the nuts on my rear sway bar links attached after installing your lift kit, any suggestions? (RZR 570)

    Make sure that your machine is sitting back down with the tires on the ground. Trying to install this with the suspension drooped out will prove to be very difficult. Once the weight of the machine compresses the suspension, it shouldn’t be a problem. You can also have someone push down on the rear of the machine to compress the suspension a little further if it still seems to be giving you trouble.

  • What rate of springs do I need for my machine?

    Check out the Spring Rate Calculator

  • Will my RZR 800 lift kit work with my aftermarket exhaust?

    Some will, some will require hanger modifications.

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