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Monthly Archives: February 2014

  • The Pure 125: California City, California

    A note from RT Pro Racer, Logan Gastel


    I want to write all of you to personally thank you for all the help getting the car together for the first pure race of the season. On January 6, I dropped a stock Can-Am Maverick off with Steve Amrine (Murray fabricator) and gave him and Mark the daunting task of building me a score legal race car before the first pure race (Feb.22). Mark and Steve really came through for me and built an amazing car, it came down to the wire and the last 3 days leading up to the race we pulled all nighters, the day of the race I was up till 2:30am finalizing the car; to make a long story short we made the 11 am start and despite losing my brakes on the 2nd lap and causing a rear flat we fought back to finish in 2nd out of 31 utv's overall.

    There have been some very late nights in the shop these last few weeks and it couldn't have been possible without all of the support from all my AMAZING SPONSORS, there will never be ENOUGH THANK YOU's to truly begin to show how much it means to me that you believe in the team and what were trying to accomplish. I am so proud to have you all apart of our program and will always make myself available to help out any way I can. THANKS AGAIN!!!!

  • XP1 Spring Rate Explanation

    The medium kit which will work well for anyone not looking for maximum ground clearance and isn't running a lot of weight in the rear. This will NOT be good for anyone running a bumper mounted spare tire.This WILL be the best option for anyone running revalved shocks from Yokley Racing (William 270-734-4548).

    The "heavy" rate is for anyone running some cargo weight or needing max ground clearance. Also if they are running a "desert car WITH revalved shocks from Yokley.

    The "desert heavy" kit (DHVY), if for extremely heavy cars with cages, doors, fuel cans, spare tires, etc. who don't want to get the shocks revalved. This will ride pretty harsh when unloaded.

  • What Lift kit do I need to order for my RZR 800?

    RZR 08-11' WITH Front Sway Bars (RTP5101215)
    Order this kit if you have a RZR within these years and want to utilize the front sway bar.

    RZR 2011 Walker Evans Edition WITH Front Sway Bars (RTP5101215)
    This model uses the same length sway bar links as standard 08-11' RZR for the front sway bar to clear the reservoirs of the Walker Evans Shocks. (Note: ONLY for 2011) If you have a 2012 or newer WE Edition you CAN NOT use your front sway bars with this kit and you need to order the last option "RZR All Years W/O Sway Bar Links".

    RZR 2012+ WITH Front Sway Bars (RTP5101216)
    Order this kit if you have a 2012+ 50" Standard RZR and want to retain the use of the front sway bar. Kit includes spacers for front sway bar.

    RZR All Years WITHOUT Sway Bar Links (RTP5101216)
    The RTP5101216 kit will work on all model 50" RZR's from 2008 and up . This kit is the same as the other standard kits except it includes 2012+ front sway bar spacers which you won't use if eliminating the front sway bar. This option is for all 50" RZR owners who do not want to run their front sway bars.

    RZR 800 S All Years (RTP5101214)
    This kit fits ALL YEAR 800 S models with any shock option.

    RZR 4 800 All Years (RTP5101214)
    This kit fits ALL YEAR RZR 4 seat 800 models with any shock option. This includes the "Robby Gordon Edition".

  • Will the RZR 800 Lift Kit fit with "Brand X" Exhaust?

    Pretty much every kit can be made to work with our lift kit. Usually the mounts for the mufflers can be adjusted in some way or our brackets can be modified a little to fit piggyback reservoirs spun around to the inside. A good way to check is to jack the machine up so the tires are just touching the ground at full droop then remove the upper shock mount bolts and swing the shock out 3" from center to center of the bolt hole. That's about exactly where the shock will be with our kit. We can't guarantee any fitments, but over many years and kits sold we can say it seems like everyone figures out a way to make it work. Just make sure to hold up a plate carefully to check this out when you get the kit if you have concerns about it because you can't return previously installed parts! You CAN return resellable kits without any marks on them for a 10-20% rebox/restock fee.

  • How do the medium spring rates compare to stock springs?

    Generally our medium spring rate are comparable to stock springs at slow speeds. As you drive faster the ride will firm up, which is a welcomed change for most customers.

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