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Monthly Archives: May 2015

  • RT Pro’s Jesi Stracham returns to GNCC Racing in Polaris ACE

    RT Pro Mountaineer Run GNCC Race Report

    RT Pro’s Jesi Stracham returned to GNCC Racing at the Mountaineer Run, round seven, for the first time since being paralyzed in a motorcycle accident, and took a fifth place finish in her specially equipped RT Pro Polaris ACE, while Joe Krcelich remains in the SxS XC2 points lead after a second place finish.


    Jesi Stracham was more than excited for her first time back GNCC Racing and besides having a great time, she did well piloting the Polaris ACE, which was equipped with special hand controls. Stracham’s strategy was to get a feel for the course on the first lap and that was exactly what she did. “I just took it easy, and it was such a good time,” she said.

    Stracham stayed steady and consistent and rode to a fifth place finish. “It was a lot of fun. There are no words to describe the feeling of being out there again. RT Pro put every effort into the project. and the first time I talked to Andy, he said ‘Welcome to the RT Pro family” and that’s exactly what it is. They are all like family now. It was exhilarating to be back out there on the GNCC course and doing what I love. I grew up racing, and for the first time since my accident, I actually felt normal,” said Stracham.

    “It was good to see Jesi back out there. It was a good feeling to be a part of that and help out with the development of the project. To see the impact it had on her and the family was a very rewarding feeling,” said William Yokley, who hand a big part in helping put together the Ace.
    Also in the Single Seat class, Sam Yokley came on strong and finished in the number three spot. “I had the holeshot and led for a time. My new RT Pro A-arms worked great, especially with all the rocks. My goal was to finish well this time and that’s what I did,” said Yokley, who is currently third in points.

    In the GNCC SXS XC2 class, points leader, Joe Krcelich took the lead early in the first lap, but fell back. Krcelich charged his way back up and claimed a second place finish, keeping him in the points lead. “My can-am is bullet proof right now. The RT Pro parts have been amazing, and I have not had a single failure. I had a good smooth race this round, and I still have a three point advantage. I’m hoping to stay consistent and stay on the podium, and get that championship when it’s all over,” said Krcelich.

    In the XC1 pro class, Mouse Pratt had a good race, and earned his best finish of the season so far in the number four spot. Pratt was in mid-pack at the number 13th spot in the first lap and charged his way through the rocks and lap traffic. Pratt made good time and moved into fourth on the white flag lap and held it all the way to the checkered flag.

    William Yokley, who had some bad luck earlier in the season made a good charge and landed in the number six spot in the XC1 pro class. “I was on the sixth row on the start, and I had a lot of traffic to work through. It was rocky out there, but my race went good and my RT Pro car was able to hammer through all of it, and handled it well since I have the higher clearance A-arms. Now I am really looking forward to the rest of the season,” said Yokley.

    Scott Kiger was looking good and was running in fourth place in the final lap, but a roll over sent him back to a seventh place finish. “We were up to fourth, and we hit a rock area and ended up rolling over, but we still finished and got some points,” said Kiger.

    John Yokley was leading the XC1 pro class for some time and was looking as if he would take home a win, but a rock took out his engine, which ended his race.

    Round eight of the 2015 GNCC series will head to Millfield, OH for the John Penton round on June 6th, where the RT Pro team will be going for the podium in the final round of SXS racing before the summer break.





  • RT Pro’s Logan Gastel Takes Top Ten BITD Silver State 300 Finish


    Las Vegas, NV (05/11/2015) – RT Pro’s Logan Gastel claimed a top ten finished  2015 Best in the Desert Silver State 300.

    Gastel and his co-pilot Josh Lucerno were near the back of the pack off the start in the number 37 starting position. “Our plan was to try to stay on pace with the leaders and make a big push at the end,” said Gastel.

    The conditions were tough since the trophy trucks started before the SxS classes but Gastel was ready for it. “It was definitely rough. It was rougher than the Mint 400. The silt was really deep, and there were a lot of rocks. We were running the RT Pro Long Travel kit and that really helped with the handling out there,” said Gastel.

    Gastel was making good time and was gaining on the leaders. “We were about seven minutes off the leader. We were pushing really hard and about eight miles from the finish; I hit something in the silt and got a flat. I had to stop and change it, and we ended up ninth. We were hoping for a little better before the flat,” Gastel said.


    This is Gastel’s first season racing in the BITD series and he is currently seventh in Pro UTV points. Gastel is looking forward to making the switch the Can-Am Maverick Turbo at Vegas to Reno run in August. “Right now we are running RT Pro suspension and few other parts, but when we got to the Vegas to Reno race, we are going to debut a new turbo car with a fully built RT Pro chassis with the RT Pro long travel kit and gussets. They are basically building it from the ground up. The long travel kit stretches the suspension back a bit, and give me the wheelbase of a four-seater, but in a lighter vehicle,” Gastel explained.

    “We have been very happy with the RT Pro products. We have been using them for two years now and have never had a failure. We are really excited to step up to the Best in the Desert series this year as a part of RT Pro. It’s been real exciting for us to be here running with all these guys that we always read about and to be out here competing with them is amazing for us,” said Gastel.

    The next round of the 2015 Best in the Desert series is the General Tire Vegas to Reno run, the longest off-road race in the United States, which will be held on August 13-15, where Logan Gastel will be going for the podium.


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