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Monthly Archives: May 2016

  • RT Pro’s Logan Gastel Finishes Tough BITD Laughlin Desert Challenge

    RT Pro BITD Round Four SxS Race Report

    RT Pro’s Logan Gastel overcame a broken drive belt and rough racing conditions to finish the Laughlin Desert Classic Best in the Desert race in Laughlin, NV. Logan secured some valuable points, which keeps him in the hunt for the Pro Turbo UTV class championship.


    The event was run on nearly the same course as the UTV World Championship in the desert outside Laughlin. It was run over two days with two four-lap races. On the first day, Gastel charged to a 10th-place finish.

    “Day one was rough,” said Gastel. “All of us in the Turbo Class are within a minute of each other so it was really tight. The car was flawless and the RT Pro components were perfect. In fact, one of the other racers came up to me and told me he enjoyed watching me get through all of the rough stuff.”

    After a full day of racing on day one, day two dawned and the track was rough with deeper ruts and square edges. Gastel’s Can-Am suffered a drive belt failure on one of the course’s downhill sections and he lost time changing it. In the end, he finished and salvaged important points.

    “Sunday, the track was pretty torn up…It was basically two different tracks each day,” said Gastel. “On mile 10, we blew the drive belt up. We put on a new belt, we were getting going and realized there were still pieces of the belt in the exhaust tube. We had to take it back all apart and clean it out. So we only finished three laps, but we got a finish, which is good. We weren’t the only ones that had trouble. While we were working on our car, two other cars had the same problem in the same spot. That wet sand and high speed downhill took its toll on the belt.”

    Gastel said his RT Pro Can-Am has been perfect in every race this season. “All of our RT Pro parts are great; they could probably go another 300 miles,” said Gastel. “I wish we could have gone a few more laps.”

    Gastel is headed to the next round in serious contention for the championship. “We have to bring our A game,” said Gastel. “We have to finish every race. We’re still within striking distance for the championship.”

    Gastel will be ready to roll as he heads to the BITD’s longest race: The Vegas to Reno, August 17-20.

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  • RT Pro’s Jerry Boling Scores Another Top 10 in GNCC SxS

    Jerry Boling drove through a fast and technical track to finish ninth in the GNCC Pro XC1 SXS race at Camp Coker in Society Hill, SC. The driver of the Addict Racing / RT Pro / 360 Fly Polaris RZR now sits 10th in points as the season hits the halfway mark.


    The finish marks Boling’s second top 10 of the season. He was fifth in the season opener in Florida. He experienced several technical issues in the last race, which he overcame prior to the Camp Coker round.

    “Considering this is our rookie GNCC season, we’re doing well,” said Boling. “We’re in the hunt for the championship at just the right time of the season and we’re getting better every round.”

    Boling had to make serious repairs coming into this round. After hitting a stump, he snapped a bolt on the frame, but it could have been worse, hadn’t it been for his RT Pro suspension components.

    “RT Pro makes an amazing product,” said Boling. “The A-Arm only broke a bolt, so we didn’t have any frame damage. We were back up and running quickly. RT Pro makes the best components for the Polaris RZR.”

    He relied on the extra horsepower provided by his Addict Racing engine here. The course comprised many sandy sections, as well as wide-open motocross sections.

    “Man…that Addict Racing engine pulls so hard,” explained Boling. “This was the fastest course I’ve been on in GNCC and I had all of the horsepower I needed today. We still need to work on the clutching, but we’re definitely making progress.”

    Boling will be back in action with his professional pit set up from Matrix Concepts when GNCC SXS Racing heads to Sunday Creek Raceway for the John Penton May 28-29. Be sure to follow Jerry on Instagram: JerryBoling321gnccpro

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  • RT Pro’s Sam Yokley Wins Second Straight Single Seat Race

    RT Pro’s Camp Coker GNCC Single Seat Race Report

    RT Pro’s Sam Yokley won his second consecutive GNCC Single Seat SXS race at Camp Coker MX in Society Hill, SC. The win moves him into a mathematical tie for first in points. Fellow RT Pro driver Christopher Hale netted a season-topping fourth-place finish, while Jesi Stracham was fifth.


    Yokley was third off the start and then took the lead on the first lap in the track’s motocross section. From there he wasn’t seriously challenged.

    “The car felt really good today,” said Yokley. “The RT Pro components cleared everything. It’s been great so far and I hope the rest of the season goes just as smooth. The track had a little bit of everything. It had the tight technical woods sections and the wide-open motocross sections. It was a lot of fun.”

    Stracham, fresh off her first Single Seat podium, drove her specially built Polaris to her second top-five finish of the season and moves to fourth in points. Stracham is paralyzed from the waist down and drives a RT Pro machine specially fitted with hand controls.

    “To run in the top five is always great,” said Stracham. “The track was unbelievable. It had every different surface: roots, rocks, dark mud, sand; it had everything. My RT Pro Polaris ACE just hooked up. I had the advantage with my hand controls. We’re really getting it dialed in.

    “This season has been phenomenal,” added Stracham. “Our goal was to get this car on the box and we did that. Andy from RT Pro really got my program together this year. We’re out there having a blast.”

    RT Pro’s Christopher Hale recorded a season best fourth place finish less than three seconds behind Robert Boynton claiming the final spot on the podium. Boynton is also running RT Pro components on his Polaris ACE, and he is currently tied for the points lead with Sam Yokley heading into the second half of the season.

    Yokley, Hale and Stracham will be back up front in the GNCC John Penton May 28-29 at Sunday Creek Raceway in Millfield, OH.

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  • RT Pro’s Mouse Pratt Fourth at Camp Coker GNCC

    RT Pro Camp Coker GNCC SXS Race Report

    Mouse Pratt drove his RT Pro Can-Am Maverick to a fourth-place finish in the XC1 Pro SXS GNCC race at Camp Coker MX in Society Hill, SC. Pratt, who earned his first top five this season, led a trio of RT Pro drivers in top ten in the XC1 class with Sean Bogdan sixth and Jerry Boling finishing in ninth. In XC2 Pro Sport, Joe Krcelich was third, and John Henry finished seventh.


    “The high clearance RT Pro A-arms really got us through,” said Pratt. “It was rough and brutal out there and everyone was dragging through the ruts, while we went right through. We had some struggles this year, but everything held together and it was a good day. When you finish in the top five, it’s always a good day.”

    Bogdan continues to improve and his season best sixth place finish showed a continued charge to the front of the field. “The track was rough, but all of my RT Pro gear was beautiful today,” said Bogdan. “It was a fast track and it was dusty, so my co-pilot had to work hard today. We had some trouble in the last race, so this will help me out in the point standings.”

    Boling came from the back on the pack in 22nd on lap one to score a top ten finish by taking ninth at the checkered flag.

    Patterson got his Polaris stuck on the second lap behind two other cars. After getting back on track, he made it up to 15th in the final order. “About the second lap we came around a mud section and got caught behind some stopped cars,” said Patterson. “It took us almost a lap to get going again. We had to flip it onto its side and get some logs underneath it. We did what we could do. The track was breaking in nicely, but at that point in the game, my race was over, so I had to take what I could get.”

    In XC2 Pro Sport, Krcelich earned his second podium of the season. His third-place finish moves him to third in the points standing, just five points out of the lead.

    “I was leading for awhile, but the track was just brutally rough,” said Krcelich. “I just did what I could. I ended up on my side twice, but the machine handled everything. The track was just rougher than I expected. The RT Pro stuff was great. Everything on the car is the way it came to the starting line.”

    While Henry was disappointed with his seventh-place effort after taking over the lead just before heading into the final lap, and his charge was ended with a broken hub, but he still remains in the championship hunt just one point behind the points leader.

    RT Pro fleet of competitive side by sides will again be running up front as GNCC heads to Sunday Creek Raceway May 28-29 for the John Penton in Millfield, OH.

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