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Monthly Archives: June 2016

  • RT Pro’s Yokley, Stracham and Boynton Sweep GNCC ACE Podium

    RT Pro’s Sam Yokely won his third consecutive GNCC Single Seat race at the John Penton in Milfield, OH. He led a sweep of the podium by RT Pro equipped Polaris ACEs, ahead of Jesi Stracham and Robert Boynton.


    Yokley’s third straight victory wasn’t an easy one. After rolling his Polaris ACE on the third lap, he got back upright and then held off a charging Stracham to win. He now holds two-point lead going into the next race in October.

    “I had a decent start, but I had a mishap on the motocross track,” said Yokley. “I got back in it, kept my head straight and finished the race. I just knew I had to finish the race and I pulled off the win. Jesi gave me a run for my money this weekend. I thought she was going to get me. We battled the at the end of race, and it was a lot of fun.

    “The RT Pro stuff worked perfectly, as always,” added Yokley. “It cleared everything and helped me get through the woods. I’m hoping the keep the points lead for the rest of the season. I’ll keep my head down and keep moving.”

    Stracham dogged Yokley throughout the race and finished career-best second, earning her second podium of the season. She now sits third in points, just eight points out of the lead.

    “I got behind Sam on the second to last lap, and then battled him on the final laps,” said Stracham. “I literally finished .82 of a second behind him. It was a blast. That was most fun I’ve had all year. I’m looking forward to coming back in the fall and finishing this out. RT Pro has put together a great program for me. They make sure the car is perfect for every round.”

    Boynton completed the sweep for RT Pro. He has finished on the podium in every race this season and sits second in the championship.

    “I’m very happy with the finish,” said Boynton. “I have RT Pro’s rollcage, steering quickener, and their front and rear bumpers. They’ve gotten me to where I am this season.”

    The trio will take the long GNCC break before returning to action in the fall at Powerline Park in St. Clairsville, OH October 1-2.

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  • John Henry Credits RT Pro Components for GNCC Podium Finish

    RT Pro’s John Henry recovered from a hard crash to finish third in the GNCC UTV XC2 Pro Sport SXS Race at the John Penton in Millfield, OH. Henry led fellow RT Pro runner Joe Krcelich, who finished fifth. In UTV XC1 Pro, John Yokley finished seventh, ahead of Bill Patterson (eighth) and Sean Bogdan (10th).


    Henry was involved in a hard crash early in the event, but his RT Pro A-Arms helped him to regroup and he charged to a third-place finish.

    “I got pushed into a tree so hard, and I thought we were done,” said Henry. “I backed up, took off, checked the steering wheel and it was fine. I talked to Andy at RT Pro after the race, and I told him if we had been running stock A-arms we would have been done because we hit so hard. I can’t believe they didn’t break. There is no doubt that those RT Pro A-arms kept us in that race.”

    Henry had the speed to win, but was caught in a bottleneck on the final lap and finished third, just three seconds behind the second-place finisher. He now sits second in points, just ahead of Krcelich in third.

    “Six or seven cars were backed up and there was nowhere to go,” said Henry. “We found a way through, but it still cost me a lot of time. I’d have been challenging for the lead if that hadn’t happened. The traffic at this race was just brutal. We just kept plugging away and tried to stay patient. If I can pull off two wins in the last two races, I probably have a shot at the championship. It is definitely go time.”

    In the XC1 Pro race, Yokley had a fluke swaybar issue early in the race, but overcame it to finish seventh.

    “All of the RT Pro components really saved me due to the track conditions,” said Yokley. I’ve been getting used to the new Can-Am and hopefully we can have some good finishes in the last two races. Andy from RT Pro puts out a great product for us.”

    Bogdan got caught up in a crash and fell all the way back to 15th early in the race. He drove hard to finish 10th.

    “I got caught in a bottleneck and that really set me back,” said Bogdan. “I had to fight my way back into the top 10, but I just ran out of time. The RT Pro stuff really did great.”

    A fleet of the most competitive SXS equipped with RT Pro components will return to action after the summer break when GNCC heads to Powerline Park in St. Clairsville, OH October 1-2.

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