Can I buy parts with a custom color?

We are currently not offering custom colors for any of our products. All steel products are sold with a semi-gloss black, single stage, powdercoat on them unless otherwise noted. You can powdercoat over top of our finish with another SINGLE stage color without needing to have the supplied parts stripped. If you are going to use a multiple stage finish like a translucent or candy finish we recommend stripping the supplied parts first. Custom powdercoating on our steel products does not void applicable warranties.

All springs are shipped with our standard “sparkle silver” single-stage powdercoat finish applied at our spring manufacturer. We do not offer custom colors on springs. The same single phase recoating rules apply as above but we DO NOT warranty re-coated springs. If you choose to have your springs coated a custom color we can not warranty them for sagging, cracking, etc due to variables in the baking process when it is removed from our control. If you must have your springs a custom color, we recommend painting over the silver finish or asking your powdercoater to not heat them over 400 degrees when processing. Most powdercoaters know this but not all and this is why we have a strict no-warranty policy on recoated springs.