Do I need to revalve my shocks?

It depends how serious you are. Our springs are really designed to be optimal for stock valved shocks. There’s a HUGE market out there of guys who really don’t want to mess w/ shipping their shocks away and getting them revalved. They ultimately just want something that doesn’t sag and improves the ride and handling and reduces bucking. We still believe this makes up 80% of the market. We don’t mess with valving here for several reasons and don’t think we ever will on a commercial level. All the other guys are going to try to sell you on “needing” revalving work to get the “most” of your suspension and their springs. While this may be true remember this; These other guys make their living off the revalving labor, we don’t. We don’t want your revalving business so we’ve put in tons of extra work to try and make sure it’s not needed!

This may not fit for everyone and we completely respect that! Some guys just want to play around with the suspension and fine tune it to there liking. This can certainly be done with our spring kits and valving as well. But if you’re the type who wants the most out of your suspension and you’re getting in to racing or extremely aggressive driving, do yourself a favor and just buy some good aftermarket shocks. We have worked with Elka for years and in our educated opinion are convinced you will never get the same performance out of an OEM shock no matter what you do to it. If you want the most suspension performance from your UTV we recommend checking out these products from Elka:

There is certainly still a market for the customers who want to rework their OEM shocks w/ springs and valving as well. We also don’t think there’s anything wrong with this, it’s just not our thing. If you want to go this route we recommend you have the same guy do springs and valving. Or work with a company who knows our springs kits. We recommend contacting Yokley Racing at 270-734-4548. William Yokley is a 5 time GNCC XC1 Pro champion and has also won a WORCS national title. He’s been working with shocks for over 20 years and has perfected the art of shock setups. He knows our springs well and is now offering shock services to end-users. He has other sources of income so you can trust he will only sell you what you actually need. Contact our office to get in touch with him directly.