Will the RZR 800 Lift Kit fit with “Brand X” Exhaust?

Pretty much every kit can be made to work with our lift kit. Usually the mounts for the mufflers can be adjusted in some way or our brackets can be modified a little to fit piggyback reservoirs spun around to the inside. A good way to check is to jack the machine up so the tires are just touching the ground at full droop then remove the upper shock mount bolts and swing the shock out 3″ from center to center of the bolt hole. That’s about exactly where the shock will be with our kit. We can’t guarantee any fitments, but over many years and kits sold we can say it seems like everyone figures out a way to make it work. Just make sure to hold up a plate carefully to check this out when you get the kit if you have concerns about it because you can’t return previously installed parts! You CAN return resellable kits without any marks on them for a 10-20% rebox/restock fee.