Wormhole Racing at 2017 AZOP Junkyard GP Race Report

Race Report from Eric Harrison of Wormhole Racing

This was the first race for AZOP in Vicksburg. With a name like the Junkyard GP we were not sure what to expect. We loaded up Saturday morning and headed out. When we arrived at the track it was indeed staged at a Junkyard. Most of the course was out in the desert but they used the edge of the junkyard was used for an spectator viewing, start and timing chute. They drug some vehicles out in to the desert course for aesthetics and marking. It was a well laid out course and was easy to find your way around. The random toilet with arrow marker was humorous and well placed for letting the crew know we were close to the pits.


Day 1

The #130 lined up second to last row and the #139 on the last row. There was another 900xp from the Lucas series lined up with us. Straight off the line there was a large hill that had to be rolled and was barely enough for two cars on it at a time. Unsure of our fellow drivers skill the #130 let off just a little before. Was probably for the best. Following her for about 1/4 of the lap we were all over her bumper just looking for a spot to pass. She hung out wide two turns in a row and we knew we could shoot under her the next one. Solid pass until she came in on us. Pretty rough hit but we pushed on. We never saw her again. Then next few laps we passed a couple of the big machines including a YZX, and a couple 1000xp’s. Just after the toilet there was a long sweeping left that gradually opened up. After 3 laps we were able to slide the entire turn wide open. Only problem was later we would broke a bead. Need to get some bead locks. We were setting ourselves up fro a pretty good overall finish with an average lap time of 6:14. That would of put us about 7th overall beating out a turbo and 8 1000’s but alas it was not meant to be. The #139 was doing well until a fellow driver pushed him over a berm. Driving very consistent and smooth. We wouldn’t know until the following morning that a tree branch had taken the life of his right rear tire. 3/8″ think branch right through the sidewall.


Day 2

Unable to get a new tire for the #139 he was unable to start the day. The field was much smaller on Sunday but Wormhole was set to pound the dirt. The #130 only had 3 lug nuts on the right rear we were going to have to take it a little easier. No direct competition as the other 900 fell out with electrical problems meant we just needed to survive for points and that we did. Our fastest lap was a 6:15 but we had a great time. Working on picking out braking points and being smoother in every turn we pushed harder and harder, letting up over jumps and whoops trying to spare the car some abuse. We were doing great hitting each corner hard until we almost rolled it. As we came past the toilet we were asking the crew to check the tires again. The car was having trouble turning and couldn’t hold a line in the turns. No tires down, everything looked great, still we could not get it to turn. Then we get “the call.” Race control spotted our sway bar dangling. Shoot, another piece to replace but we had a great time breaking it.