KR4 Performance – GNCC UTV Round 3 Race Report

The “Mountaineer” GNCC Round #3 for UTV racing was , action packed as usual. The KR4 backed XC1 entry “591”, and Novice Limited entry “555”, were both able to finish the brutal GNCC race , which is an accomplishment alone. The 555 piloted by Robert VanDeMark, nailed the holeshot once again, thanks to the excellent throttle response provided by VP Racing fuels. VanDeMark quickly diced through the field of 60+ buggies, hammering through the brutal terrain of West Virginia. The Kenda tires, mounted on Zero offset Keizer Wheels, housing Tireballs is the ultimate combination for terrain as treacherous, as the GNCC Mountaineer. Thank so much to FLY helmets for making such a quality helmet , as a huge tree branch wacked the 555 pilot in the helmet, so many other racers were not as fortunate to shake the hit off.VanDeMark finished the race in 1st place and 23rd overall, leading the Novice limited points by a comfortable margin, heading to round #4.

The XC1 pilot of the “591”, was unlucky for the 3rd straight race to be placed on the last row of the grid for XC1, row 6.Having such a lousy starting spot, makes it near impossible to post a podium. The 591 got off to a good start, and began to do work, catching row 5 within a mile or so, the pilots nestled in the new Dragonfire seats, knew that they had to make quick work of the slower entries. Thank goodness for the Custom Axis Shocks, which performed flawless, keeping the wheels glued to the ground.

The race was going well until the 591 encountered a bottle neck with broke down buggies everywhere, fortunately the 591 is outfitted with RacerTech bumpers, which were used as a sapling smasher, to get around the carnage. So many fellow racers were broke down with broken ball joints or axles, once again being outfitted with the RacerTech max ground clearance front A arms with Heim ends, and Summers Bros. Racing Axles kept the 591 in the running, working up to 8th with 2 laps to go. The pilot being a rookie did make the mistake of dragging the brake pedal, boiling the brake fluid, giving the DP Brake pads a hard time slowing things down, for the entire race. As the checkers flew the 591 was able to post a 7th place finish, which puts us in the top 10 in points, we look to post better results at the GNCC round 4 in 2 weeks, with a good starting spot.

Thank you , KR4, Tireballs, Moodys Polaris, RacerTech,FLY, VP Racing Fuels, DP Brakes, Summers Bros Axles, Custom Axis Shocks, Kenda, DragonFire, SpiderGraphics, Amsoil, and all of the people that have supported our efforts .