RT Pro Racer’s Clinch Two GNCC Championship at Ironman GNCC

RT Pro Racer’s Clinch Two GNCC Championship at Ironman GNCC


RT Pro’s Mouse Pratt claimed a podium finish in the Pro XC1 UTV class at the Ironman GNCC season finale to secure fourth place in the championship points race. Sean Bogden clinched the XC2 Pro Sport Championship with a fourth place finish, and Sam Yokley secured the Single Seat Championship with a second place podium finish to wrap-up a successful year of GNCC racing for the Race Tech Racers.

Mouse Pratt started fourth on the front row, and he moved up into the third spot by the third lap, which he held to the checkered flag to secure the final spot on the Pro XC1 UTV podium.

“I tried to reel them in, but I just wasn’t fast enough to get past third,” said Pratt. “The track was fast and rough today. It started to get rutted pretty badly at the end, and the RT Pro A-Arms really held up well. It was a good day.

“This will definitely give me momentum going into next year,” added Pratt. “With the way these boys are running this year, fourth in points is good. These guys are super fast out here. So I just had to drive fast and take chances.”

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John Yokley started on the fifth row and charged through the field with his uncle, William Yokley, and the pair battled nearly the entire race swapping positions back and forth, but in the end, John was able to pull away and secured a sixth place finish

“I was happy to put this race together and finish in the Polaris 900S,” said John Yokley. “We’re looking forward to next year. We’re going to be running the new 1000S. William and I hooked up for a few laps, but it’s just hard to catch up to the frontrunners when you start on the fifth row.”

William Yokley, who finished eight, agreed. “The machine is good and has been all year long, but when you start that far back, by the time I got up with the leaders, I didn’t have enough for the win,” said William Yokley. “The competition is just so stiff out here. The Polaris 900S works really well and we’re happy to finish. The RT Pro suspension is flawless. The more time we put on it, the better it gets.”

Bogdan, in just his second year of XC2 competition, won a tight title chase with his fourth place finish.

“I stayed conservative here so I could win the championship,” said Bogdan. “In two years, I never thought I could win this championship. We finished strong. The RT Pro bumpers and nerf bars were keys for me today. This was a tight course, and I had to blow through some brush and trees late in the race.”

In the Ace Single Seat Class, Sam Yokley clinched the championship with his second-place finish. Yokley took the holeshot at the start and drove conservatively to protect his points lead.

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“I was just taking my time, making sure I didn’t break anything,” said Yokley. “I just wanted to finish to wrap up the championship. The RT Pro A-arms were great through those creeks because they cleared all of the rocks.”

Paralyzed racer Jesi Stracham put in great run and scored a top five finish in her RT Pro Polaris ACE, which has been specially prepared for Stracham and outfitted with hand controls.

“I finished, and it was a top five…I’m so stoked,” said Stracham. “I was full throttle and ready to go. My RT Pro Polaris Ace is unbelievable. RT Pro really set me up this year, and they were really there for me all season.

“We’re inspiring so many people and that’s why I’m doing this,” added Stracham. “Just because you get down, doesn’t mean you can’t get back up. I’m paralyzed and I’m doing what I love.”

The Ironman GNCC wrapped up the 2015 racing season, and the entire RT Pro team finished out the year with great results including two championships and combined for thirteen podium finishes, which speaks to the determination of the racers and the durability of the RT Pro components to get them to the finish line.

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