RT Pro Team Takes GBC Heartland Challenge Overall SxS Win

Brother’s Mouse and Marcus Pratt Take SxS 1000 Class Win


RT Pro’s Mouse and Marcus Pratt overcame some stiff competition to claim their second straight GBC Heartland Challenge UTV overall win. The racing brothers survived an epic four-hour UTV race into the night to take home an impressive combined $6,000 plus in contingency money for the overall UTV win including the RT Pro $1,000 overall win bonus. RT Pro’s Jesi Stracham also rounded out the podium in the ACE race.

The unique endurance race is held just outside Des Moines. With wet weather leading up the event, the track became rough quickly, giving racers ruts and difficult terrain to contend with for much of the race. The unique course also included The RT Pro Challenge Section, which comprised a mixture of tires, logs, concrete, and a huge dirt hump to challenge those racers looking to take a short-cut on the course.

RT Pro also offered a $1000 overall win bonus, as well as its sponsorship of the Challenge Section. RT Pro owner Andy Prins said the race is the perfect proving ground for its products.

“The Heartland Challenge is definitely one of the longest and most brutal endurance races in the country,” said Prins. “We believe in our product and we really wanted it exposed to something that puts it to the test. Anybody can be a competitor in an endurance race. It’s not always the fastest racers, but the best program that wins. It’s the team that puts together the best car. The Jack’s Team is an excellent team. It’s amazing to see that happen two years in a row.”

The Pratt brothers used RT Pro’s A-Arms on their Jack’s Excavating Can-Am Maverick X XC to win the race by more than eight minutes. “This track was rough and brutal. There were some deep ruts out there. If it wasn’t for these RT Pro A-arms we wouldn’t have made it,” said Mouse Pratt. “I couldn’t ask for anything else. It took us 15 hours to get out here. Winning in the end makes it all worthwhile.”

RT Pro Polaris ACE competitor Jesi Stracham finished third in class. After nearly taking the holeshot at the start, Stracham, who is paralyzed from the waist down and uses RT Pro hand controls, rolled her ACE while battling for second. Race promoter Andy Kyner, who was also competing in the race, got her righted and going again. She gained time and finished third.

“I just blew a turn and rolled over. It’s not a big deal. I’m used to wrecking and rolling. It was an awesome race. This track was amazing. I love racing again; I forget I’m paralyzed when I’m out there,” said Stracham.

RT Pro’s John Henry actually led the UTV race for five laps until a sway bar component failed on his No. 40 Coastal Polaris and destroyed a radiator hose, taking him out of contention.

The 2015 GBC Heartland Challenge proved to be another successful event for RT Pro, and this event continues to gain attention around the world with more and more racers taking on one the most challenging off-road endurance races in the country, and RT Pro is proud to be associated with it.