Shipping Dept. Expansion Project – 2/13

After two years of moving in to our new building and quadrupling our shop size we’ve already run out of space! This week started knocking down a bunch of walls around our shipping area to create more space for inventory racking and shipment processing. We’ve been working hard here to continually build our inventory levels of all of our products, especially the most popular ones. As of the first of this year (2013) we had everything on the shelf all the time. The problem we found though, was we didn’t have enough space any more to efficiently hold this kind of stock OR process it as smoothly as possible. So, we decided to take out some rooms and combine them in to one and double the size of our shipping/inventory space!

We thought it might be fun to show everyone what we’re up to here. We aren’t exactly construction workers here but we know enough to be dangerous. We don’t have the deep pockets like some companies do to buy new buildings, new equipment or hire out the work whenever we feel like it so we do it all ourselves and earn it as we go. We started this business from scratch out of our back pockets on blood sweat and tears. Seems fitting to do this kind of thing ourselves I guess! This is how we do it in the Midwest.

Within a week we’re back up and running 100% again and things are be better than ever! We are also about to add another 2,000 sq. ft. of production space to the back end of the building this spring to add more welding cells and production area to include our own in-house powdercoating!

Stay tuned!

Here’s some “before” pics:

Here was our “catch all” solution for some of our inventory… LOL

Here’s some fun “tear-down” shots.

After this was done and cleared out we decided we didn’t really need a break room after all, and we could gain more room by just knocking the break room and the storage closet out behind it as well. So, we started doing that next.

Turns out blown in insulation is pretty messy when you start taking ceiling panels down!

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