SIMS Race Report DIRT Stop #5

Devore, CA- June 5, 2017- I had an awesome weekend racing both the DIRT Series and the Quad X Racing Series at Glen Helen Raceway last Sunday!  Unfortunately, our practice was cancelled on Saturday, but we were able to practice for about 15 minutes on Sunday morning before racing started.  At the driver’s meeting, we were given the race schedule for the day.  When both series race on the same day, the line-up is usually long.  Sunday was no exception.  My class was race number 17 for the Quad X Series and race 21 for the DIRT Series- the last race of the day.


As the day progressed, it was my classes turn to head to the line.  The 1000 class would race at the same time, and they would start first.  The flagger dropped the flag and the 1000 class took off.  I loaded up and our flag dropped.  I hit the gas and got the hole shot!  As we rounded the first turn, I settled in and stayed on the gas.  I gradually increased my lead and as the checked flag flew, I crossed the finish line in first place!


We only had a few races in between, so I headed back to our pit to relax for a minute before racing again.  It wasn’t long before we headed back up to the start line to line up for the first moto of the DIRT Series.  We lined-up, the flagger made sure everyone was ready, and the flag dropped.  I floored it and was able to get the hole shot again!  I drove almost identically to the first race and I felt like the lines I had picked were great.  As we finished out the race, I crossed the finish line in first place!


The day progressed, and then it was our turn again to head to the start line to race our second motos.  The 1000 class took off before my class again, and then our green flag dropped.  I stepped on the gas and was able to get the hole shot again!  The track had changed a little from all of the racing that had been done throughout the day, but I still felt like I was picking good lines.  About halfway through the race, I could feel something was wrong with my car.  I radioed to my pit crew and told them that something wasn’t right, but I was still able to continue on.  I had slowed down a little to compensate, giving second place a chance to catch me.  I stayed on the gas as much as I could, and I was focused and determined not to let a mechanical failure take me out of the race.  As the checked flag flew, I crossed the finish line first with second place on my bumper.  I was stoked!


We hurried back to our pit to figure out what was wrong with my car before the next race, and we didn’t have much time.  My team was able to get my car fixed and back to the start line in time to start the next moto.  We lined up for the last race of the day and took off from the line.  I took the hole shot for the fourth time, rounded the turn they call Talladega, and floored it!  Second place stayed close and was diving hard and fast to catch me with the rest of the pack behind.  I stayed on the gas and was able to stay out in front of the pack.  As the race came to a close, I crossed the finish line in first place!


I brought home 1st overall for the day in the Quad X Racing Series and 1st overall for the day in the DIRT Series!  It was a great day of racing!  The car was performing well and I was able to get out in front and stay there for all four motos.  It was a great feeling!


Thanks so much to these awesome companies that support my program: Got Sand Performance, Addict Racing Engines, Red Rock, Method Race Wheels, Crow Enterprizes, Factory UTV, GBC Motorsports, RT Pro, Yoshimura, Demon Powersports, Baja Designs, Gates G Force, Elka Suspension, Rugged Radios, Maxima Racing Oils, Crown Performance Products, Surface Sun Systems, Butter Supply Co, Pavement Recycling Systems, Perrault Motorsports, and my parents who make this possible for me!  Thanks to Steve at the DIRT Series and Quad X Racing Series for a crazy but super fun day filled with racing!  You can check out the Sims188 Racing team on Instagram @csims188 or on Facebook at