The Pure 125: California City, California

A note from RT Pro Racer, Logan Gastel


I want to write all of you to personally thank you for all the help getting the car together for the first pure race of the season. On January 6, I dropped a stock Can-Am Maverick off with Steve Amrine (Murray fabricator) and gave him and Mark the daunting task of building me a score legal race car before the first pure race (Feb.22). Mark and Steve really came through for me and built an amazing car, it came down to the wire and the last 3 days leading up to the race we pulled all nighters, the day of the race I was up till 2:30am finalizing the car; to make a long story short we made the 11 am start and despite losing my brakes on the 2nd lap and causing a rear flat we fought back to finish in 2nd out of 31 utv’s overall.

There have been some very late nights in the shop these last few weeks and it couldn’t have been possible without all of the support from all my AMAZING SPONSORS, there will never be ENOUGH THANK YOU’s to truly begin to show how much it means to me that you believe in the team and what were trying to accomplish. I am so proud to have you all apart of our program and will always make myself available to help out any way I can. THANKS AGAIN!!!!