UTV Rally Raid Location: Hawks Pride Off-road Round: 3


Round three of UTV Rally Raid was a successful round for Team CS/RT Pro. Round three brought a good turn out and great track conditions.

Thirty-five teams entered round three with twenty-three in QR1, eight in QR2, and four in QR3. Rains occurred the week before round three, which lead to a seemingly muddy track, in practice. When it came to race time, the track was in perfect condition with no dust and little to no mud. Although ruts formed quickly in the race the ruts did not get as deep as before.


Off the line Storm did not pull the holeshot with the #817 of Team Lugnut Racing, but later in the lap he would pass #817 in the woods, as well as; #42 of Magin Racing, and #122 of Team Vulcan. Storm finished his first lap third in class. On Storm’s second and third lap rocks slashed the sidewalls of his tires and put him into sixth place. After the set back Storm was able to continue on in the race and by lap six Storm pulled from sixth to second place as his GBC Dirt Commanders allowed him to utilize his Dirty Dawg clutch setup, which pulled him hard out of corners and ruts. By the end of lap seven Storm would be in first place and held his first place position for the rest of the race. Storm finished eleven laps in three hours and fifty-three minutes. That is one lap more than the second place finish.


Storm was pushing his RZR 570 to its limits to keep up with 800 cc and above cars for the full four hours. Storm finished in ninth over all which is within the top ten finish in QR1.