UTVRR – Northern Series Round 3 Race Report

Round 3 of UTVRR’s Northern Series kicked off promptly at 6:15pm on Saturday April 6th, 2013. Windrock Park’s UTV Endurance track was custom built for UTVRR and remains a closed track (no public traffic). Since Round 1, the facility’s team, headed up by ‘Rooster’ has worked hard to maintain and repair the track for the next round. With assistance from the Windrock ATV club the Northern Series venue is shaping up nicely. With sustained focus it has the potential to be a favorite. The Event staff continue to work hard on race day helping drivers and spectators where possible. The weather was perfect with the temperature around 70 at race start and holding to around 63 throughout the event. At approximately 5:15pm the racers started to take their positions.

Along with the large Polaris RZR presence, Arctic Cat Wildcats, Can-Am Mavericks , Can-Am Commanders, some new XY1100R UTVs and two custom 2-cycle buggies were present.

Once again the UTVRR community provided a fantastic atmosphere and welcomed the new drivers with open arms.

The hot-food catering service continued to deliver and was once again completely sold out before the night was through.

Three (3) race classes; QR1, QR2 and QR3 will race the Northern UTVRR Series in 2013. Class QR3 is for Stock UTVs and suited for new drivers. Class QR2 is for slightly modi-fied UTVs with more experienced drivers and Class QR1 is the reinvent of the Outlaw class, open to all racers with an open class formula.

Class QR1 saw the most entries with Class QR2 right behind. Class QR3 typically has the fewest entries due to the tight no-modification guidelines that Class QR3 adheres to. QR3 continues to grow however.

Above: Team #517 (LCB), Team # 120 (Ford Racing) and Team #808 (Coastal Drilling) discussing the race with Mike Brown from Quantum Racing. This was Team #808’s Scott Kiger’s first Northern Series Race.

Above: Team #940, Bellevue Racing, preparing for their very first UTVRR event. Would the copilot ride the full 4 hours?

Above: Team #63, Ricky Bobby, contemplating the day and mentally preparing for the start.

With any new track, a few rounds of spirited racing will refine the course and overall lap times will drop significantly.

Round 3 presented a completely different track than the racers experienced in Round 2.

Windrock Park tried hard to keep the track wet with prerace appearances from the water truck. The race course will take time to “settle” and the event staff at Windrock Park are committed to making their venue the premier UTVRR Endurance racing location.

Above: Team #713, Double Wide’s supporters were clamoring to provide support to their driver. This was Team #713’s first UTVRR race. Go on Dad!

Round 3 saw families and potential future racers watching and learning how to race UTVRR. We love to see the kids getting excited!

In addition, the local county EMTs were on hand just in-case an individual attending the event required attention. No injuries or need for medical attention were reported.

Above: Team #920, Tony’s Toys focused for the start of the race. This team in particular is 100% Wide Open all the time. Team #920 deliver a fantastic spectacle of drifting a UTV on just about every turn.

Round 3 was the highest attended Northern Series race year to date, with 32 Teams and almost forty (40) drivers.

With Spring in full flow, we are expecting increased driver attendance from here on in.

Above: Team #50, Buckingham Motorsports in deep thought before starting his first UTVRR event. Shannon Buckingham is a familiar name to Dirt Racing Fans all over the world.

In recent years Shannon has seen significant successes in various forms of Off-road racing.

We welcome him to UTVRR!

Round 3 Action Shots!

Above: Team #713, Double Wide Racing working hard on the very first lap of his first UTVRR race.

Above: Team #21, Rusty Cage Racing making sure the 2-cycle powered buggies are represented. Team #21 completed the full race.

Above: Team #57, MT Racing in his Kawasaki Teryx. This was Team #57’s backup vehicle and was entered into the race at the very last second. He did a fantastic job and did complete the full 4 hours!

Above: Team #05, Can-Am JB Racing returning to Windrock Park in defense of his Round 1 victory. The Can-Am Maverick is proving to be a force in UT-VRR events. Welcome back Kyle Chaney and Team!

Above: Team #11, Champ Racing sliding around a double apex right hander in section 7
This was one of the smoother sections of the track, but boy oh boy was it dry!

Above: Team #120, Ford Racing pushing hard on his 2nd lap.
Both these guys had a blast and raced hard right from the start. We hope to see them for Round 4!

The race course was faster than in Round 2. This was largely due to the work of the maintenance crew and the overall great weather condi-tions on the day. The pace was quick and provided a staggeringly quick fastest lap of the day as well as a very surprising overall winner.

By the nights end, one team would miss his final lap by 2.4 seconds!!!

Lesson learned for Round 4, keep it pinned every stretch of the way…except Pit lane and the Timing Gate.

Above: Team #07, Truett Insulation pushing hard in section 7 as they enter the technical forest section. These guys would finish 12th overall and 2nd in QR3.

Above: Team #80, WETSU in his Can-Am Commander. The Commander is always competitive in QR2 and this young driver pushed the competition the entire race.

Team #80 finished 25th overall and 9th in QR2. If Team #80 had not suffered a minor mechanical issue he would have been right on leaders pace for a win. We have no doubt these guys will be right at the top of the pack in upcoming rounds.

Above: Team #808, Coastal Drilling on his very first lap. Team #808 run in QR1. Additionally they have significant experience as frequent GNCC and desert series racers. Scott Kiger is a UTV Racing veteran and we appreciate him racing the UTVRR series too!

Above: Team #421, Spyder Motorsports pushing the grip on his left front tire to the limit. These guys drove fast but had to retire after the few laps.

This section of the track known as the rock affords the drivers a brief oppor-tunity to slide on slate instead of dirt for about 200 yards.

Above: Team #828, Toyota Of Kingsport getting the job done in his RZR 4-seater.
Team #828 races hard every time. Their attitude and morale is an example of what UTVRR is all about. Notice the copilot giving the thumbs up on every lap, in every picture! Great work guys!!! Toyota Of Kingsport is a Proud UTVRR Series Sponsor! Thank you, we appreciate your support!

Above: Team #70, Toyota Of Kingsport 100% full on as he accelerates hard toward the bridge section.

Team #70 had one of the most exciting starts to a UTVRR event when they flipped their UTV 100 yards off the start line. As you can see, no-one got hurt and the team got their driver back in the race quickly.

They finished 21st overall and 11th in QR1.

Above: Team #80, WETSU chasing down Team #920, Tony’s Toys around the Rock Section.

Shortly after this picture Team #920 pulled aside to let Team #80 pass. Great work guys, that’s the type of racing we encourage.

Round 3 was a tight race. The leader board experi-enced more position changes than in any other round so far this year. For the teams and specta-tors the tension was steadily building.

Above: Team #51, Joomgo raising the bar in QR2. Every race, Joomgo improves his position and lap times. Joomgo finished 10th overall and took 3rd place in QR2. Joomgo is also a proud 2nd year UT-VRR series sponsor! Thank You for your support!

Above: Team #969, B and C Racing taking no prisoners heading into section 7. Team #969 finished 7th overall, taking 4th place in QR1.
Above: Team #969, B and C Racing taking no prisoners heading into section 7. Team #969 finished 7th overall, taking 4th place in QR1.

Above: Team #559, To Be Fast completing their 2nd UTVRR race. The XY1100r team is working hard on R&D to provide a real contender for the title in QR2.
Team #559 improved their overall finish from Round 2 and took 6th place in a very competitive class.

Above: Team #828,Toyota Of King-sport laying down consistent lap times throughout the event.
Team #828 finished 24th overall and 14th in QR2. This team races the night hours with Vision X LED lights, providing an advantage with piercing clarity. Team #828 muscled the 4-seater around Windrock Park and completed the 4hr race.

Above: Team #808, Coastal Drilling accelerating hard out of section 6 and into the bridge section.
Team #808 went on to take 1st place in QR1 and led the class with 15 laps completed by the end of the day.
2nd place, Team #940 Bellevue Racing completed 14 laps with a solid effort in their first ever UT-VRR event.

Above: Team #11, Champ Racing with all four wheels off the ground during his third lap of the race.
Team #11 were on fire until a minor mechanical failure forced their retirement. That said, they broke the lap record with a staggering 14m05seconds!

Above: Team #68, Team Buff is a true UTVRR veteran rac-er. Russell’s essentially stock RZR570 never seems to miss a beat. Even when he’s charging hard for a win he still has time for a quick wave to the camera man.
Team Buff took 1st Place in QR2 and pulled off an amaz-ing overall victory complet-ing 15 laps in 3h54m15.200 seconds. Simply amazing!

Above: Team #812, Toyota Of Kingsport putting in a solid performance as the light began to fade. Here we can see the value of a very good set of lights. Team #812 completed their 4hr race in 3h57m59s to take 11th overall and 4th in QR2.

Above: Team #940, Bellevue Racing hard on the gas. The answer to the previous question…YES, the copilot hung in there for the entire race. This was Team #940’s first ever UTVRR event. They finished a very respectable 3rd overall and 2nd place in QR1.

With several new teams racing UTVRR for the first time, and placing, the Championship table is once again wide open. After three rounds, the title of Champion isn’t anywhere close to any one team’s trophy cabinet.

Finishing the race, managing your fuel, preserving your ride and laying down consistent lap times will decide who claims the overall series Championship.

UTVRR’s Northern Series Round 3 was very exciting indeed. With a very low attrition rate, great weather and fantastic atmosphere, Round 4 has a lot to live up to.

THANK YOU to all the Drivers and their teams, The facility and track staff and our UTVRR series sponsors and partners!