UTVRR – Northern Series Round 5 Race Report

Round 5 of UTVRR’s Northern Series kicked off promptly at 7.00pm on Saturday June, 8th, 2013. UTV Rally Raid’s Headline Sponsor, RACERTECH were in attendance for Round 5. Throughout the day, the RACERTECH team spent time talking with the racers, understanding how RACERTECH can evolve and provide products for the new Can‐Am Maverick and Arctic Cat Wild Cat platforms. As an Industry leading UTV modification fabrication company, we are excited to see new and exciting products produced at the same high standard that is currently offered for the Polaris RZR platform. A significant portion of the UTVRR community look to RACERTECH for all their UTV Suspension Performance upgrades.

Once again the Northern Series saw several new faces and UTVRR first time drivers. Vehicle entry was more diverse than ever. Can‐Am’s Maverick and Commander platform(s) were very well represented along with several Arctic Cat Wildcats, an X&Y 1100R, a John Deere Gator, and a myriad of Polaris RZR configurations. The track was open for practice for two hours, from 2pm ‐ 4pm. Almost 20 drivers took the opportunity to preview the new section and check out overall track conditions. As was the case in Round 4, the Arctic Cats from Team #131 and #313 lead the way.

With Race time drawing near, several of the new racers shared their thoughts and ideas of how to race the 4HR Endurance event. Returning for Round 5 was Kyle Chaney in his factory supported Can‐Am Maverick. Kyle is always quick around Windrock Park and with great weather conditions, how would Round 5 shape up for Team #7? All eyes were focused on Team #7, Can‐Am JB Racing and two other private Can‐Am Maverick teams. How would the Can‐Am Commander teams take the challenge from the Mavericks…?

First on the track, Team #131 Tennessee, took full advantage of the open track with a fast start. They posted their fastest lap of the day, 14m 11seconds on this lap.

Team #131 is the current Northern Series Championship points leader. Heading into the 5th Round, Team Tennessee is leading the Class QR1 Championship table by 20 points. They will need a strong finish to keep the rest of the field at bay.

As the season continues , solid results and vehicle preservation will become more and more critical.

Above: Team #131, Tennessee, hard on gas right out of the gate. This team really set the tempo for the afternoon’s racing.

Above: Team #7, Can‐Am JB Racing, sliding through Section 1 on his first lap and on his way to a new lap record. Team #7 competes in Class QR1 in a Can‐Am Maverick.

Above: Team #559, To Be Fast.com, attacking at the start of the race. Team #559 competes in Class QR2 in a XY Powersports XY1100R.

Challenging for the lead in QR1 throughout the race was Team #70 ( Toyota Of Kingsport) in his Polaris RZR XP 900, Team #321 (HOLZ JRI) in his Polaris RZR XP 900 and Team #131 (Tennessee) in his Arctic Cat Wild Cat.

Any mistake or mechanical failure from any of these teams would hand a position to their competition. Team #559, To Be Fast.com, is looking to make waves in their XY1100R. The XY UTV looks, sounds and drives awesome. 2013 is a R&D year for this team and we expect big things in 2014. Great work guys!

Above: Team #07, Truett Insulation, giving the cameraman a wave as he heads through Section 1.

Truett Insulation competes in Class QR3 in their stock Polaris RZR 800. His smooth driving allows this team to post progressively faster lap times event after event.

In subsequent race events, Quantum Racing will implement a 2Hr Sportsman Class to provide and opportunity for new racers to try UTVRR and decide if they would like to progress through to the full 4Hr series.

Above: Team #911, Wicked Racing, in their first UTVRR event. Great work guys.

Above: Team #80, WETSO, pushing hard on his 2nd lap. Team #80 races in QR2 in a Can‐Am Commander.

Above: In front we see Team #118, Ac Racing, feeling their way around the UTVRR track. This is Team #118’s very first UTVRR.

Chasing is Team #33 in a Can‐Am Maverick also in their very first UTVRR event.

Both teams compete in Class QR1, and both teams put in a solid performance.

Unfortunately, Team #118 had to retire with over‐heating problems after 6 Laps, while Team #33 completed the event with only a flat tire late on into the night.

Above: Team #120, Ford Racing, in his 3rd lap at “The Rock”. For Round 5, Team Ford Racing was a two UTV team. Both vehicles compete in Class QR1 in Polaris RZR XP 900s.

Above: Team #321, Holz JRI, pushing hard at the end of section 10. Team #312 would finish the day 4th overall, 3rd in their class. They compete in Class QR1 in a Polaris RZR XP 900

Above: Team #93, CMH Racing, pushing hard as they accelerate down past the lake section of Windrock Park.

This section of the track is a very fast, wide open section that follows a more technical forestry part of the track.

Team #93 competes in Class QR2 in a Can‐Am Commander.

Due a mechanical failure they finished 6th in their class and 15th overall with 10 laps in 2h 32m 40 seconds.

Above: Team #68, Team Buff, winding his way through the forest in section 5. Consistency has been key for Team #68 in his Polaris RZR 570.

Team Buff was headed for a Class victory (QR2) until a small misjudgment in a tight corner ended his race.

Team Buff retired after 5 laps and finished the day in 21st place, but not before setting the fastest lap of the day for a QR2 racer with 13m 57s

We expect to see Team #68 at the next round with a point to prove.

Above: Team #730, Toyota Of Kingsport, carrying a lot of speed off of a tight downhill section and onto a long straight.

Team #730 charged hard all race long switching places with Team #35 and Team #911 in Class QR2.

Team #730, Toyota Of Kingsport competes in a Polaris RZR S.

They finished 4th in Class QR2 and 8th overall.

Above: Team #33, Maverick Racing, competing in their very first UTVRR event. Welcome to the series guys!

After a cautious start, Team #33 started to pick up the pace, only pitting to refuel and fix a single flat tire.

At the end of the day, Team #33 was the lone Maverick to finish, after solid vehicle management.

Right: Team #133, Black Gold Coal, travelled down from Kentucky to compete in their very first UTVRR event.

Team #133 had a great attitude and were a welcome addition to the days racing. With big smiles and courteous racing, Team #133 will make friends quickly. Unfortunately, due to a minor wheel stud issue, they had to retire after 9 laps. Team #133 finished 10th in QR1, 18th overall in a Polaris RZR XP 900.

Above: Team #923, Tony’s Toys working their way through section 8 as the light starts to fade. Due to a motor issue, Team #923 had to retire from the race after 11 laps. Tony’s Toy’s finished the day 9th in QR1 and 14th overall.

Team #923 is typically always in contention for the medals, it was unfortunate to see them retire. They compete in a Polaris RZR XP 900

Above: Team #07, Truett Insulation, showing you don’t have to be a QR1 driver to put on a good show.

Truett Insulation leads the Northern Series Class QR3 Championship.

Team #07 competes in QR3 with a Polaris RZR Std.

They finished 1st in their Class and 16th overall.

Right: Team #70 Toyota Of Kingsport, navigating Section 4 on their way to
the podium in their Polaris RZR XP 900.

The lead in QR1 changed several times between Team #70 and Team #131 right up until the last lap.

Team #70 finished the day 1st in QR1 and 1st overall, closing the Championship points lead between them and Team #131, Tennessee.

Above: Team #93, CMH Racing, pushing the limits of their Can‐Am Commander on lap 10. Great work guys, looking forward to seeing you at Round 6.

CMH Racing completed their Northern Series race with 10 laps in 2h 32m 40 seconds.

Before their retirement, Team #93’s pace was right up there with the QR2 leaders.

CMH Racing travelled down from West Virginia to race at UTVRR Northern Series Round 5

Above: Team #313, 4 Dogs Racing, with his VISION X lights blazing on Lap 7.

With a very solid drive, Team #313 finished the day with a 6th place in Class QR1, 10th place overall.

Consistent laps afforded this team the opportunity to complete 13 Laps in 3h 48m 54s

Team #313 competes in QR1 in his Arctic Cat Wildcat.

Above: Team #321, HOLZ JRI, using their amber lenses to cut through the dust near the timing gate.

Great lighting is essential to compete in UTVRR. VISION X has Industry leading lighting equipment to give every driver the edge in the darkness!

Above: Team #70, Toyota Of Kingsport, pushing hard on their way out of the last turn and into the timing gate to take the checkered flag. This team also uses VISION X light bars.