UTVRR Northern Series Round 7 Race Report

After the summer break , Round 7 of UTVRR’s Northern Series kicked off promptly at 6.00pm on Saturday September 7th, 2013. Windrock Park saw a complete recovery from the unprecedented rainfall experienced during Round 6. The temperatures were almost perfect and the course was in great shape. The park’s facility crews had done everything possible prior to race start to keep the track clear, with several modifications to some tight corners. The drivers reacted very positively to the changes during the parade lap.

Quantum Racing, the sanctioning body behind UTVRR, took the decision to modify the traditional UTVRR gridding format. To provide the racers with some free track, drivers started the race in 30 second intervals, individually, not in pairs. The success of the individual starts in Round 6 was seen in Round 7 with the fastest lap of the event recorded on the very first lap!

Once again the field was made up of various manufacturers. Polaris RZRs (800, S, XP and 1000), Can‐Am Commanders and Mavericks, Arctic Cat Wildcats and XY Powersports XY1100R all represented.

Just like in Round 6, several new teams registered for their very first UTVRR event.

Overall, five (5) new teams participated in Round 7 at Windrock Park. These new teams raced in RZR XP900s and Can‐Am Mavericks.

Round after round the numbers of retirements due to mechanical failures has decreased, which is testament to the fantastic work effort of Windrock Park’s facility crew.

The water trucks had been soaking the track from early in the day and come 6pm, the track was ready to roll!

Above: First on the track was Team #7 Can‐Am JB Racing. Team #7 was hitting the gas pedal hard through the tight parts of Section 3. With clear track in front of him, Team #7 recorded his fastest lap of the day with 12m 31.311s.

Team #7 would finish the race with 16 laps in 3h 41m 58s to take 1st place in QR1, 1st place overall.

All the Can‐Am Mavericks race in Class QR1 due to their increased engine displacement.

With a couple of new Polaris RZR 1000s in the race, the mighty Maverick would have its work cut out to stay in the lead.

Above: Team #70, Toyota of Kingsport debuting the Polaris RZR 1000. Team #70 raced hard the entire event and managed to record a very fast lap time of 13m 18.813s on his 8th lap. Although starting in the middle of the pack, Toyota of Kingsport made steady progress and by the 11th lap had moved to 2nd in QR1, 2nd Overall. They finished with 16 laps in 3h 51m 32s

There is no doubt, as modifications and handling adjustments are made to the RZR 1000, this platform will be a very fast UTVRR race UTV.

Above: Team #940, Bellevue Racing also unveiling their new RZR 1000.

Here you can see Team #940 hard on the brakes and setting up for a hard right hander in section 9. For the first time out in the RZR 1000, Team #940 did a heck of a job recording a 13m 54.525s lap on his 3rd lap.

By the 7th lap of the race, Team #940 was in 4th place in QR1 and 5th overall. They maintained that position until completing the race with 15 laps in 3h 47m 07s.

Above: Team #118, AC Racing, hard on the gas in section 7 in his Can‐Am Maverick. Smooth driving saw AC Racing post very consistent lap times in the mid 13’s until they retired on lap 11. Team #118’s fastest lap of the day was 13m 21.189s on his 6th lap. AC Racing started the race in 2nd position and managed keep 2nd all day until his retirement.

As the rounds progress, the Maverick platform continues to shine with modifications and new equipment offered to make the buggy more and more resilient.

Above: Team #84, Guffey Racing’s Navigator eying the cameraman!

Above: Team #22, Wide Open Racing focused in his Can‐Am Commander.

Above: Team #920, Tony’s Toys being caught by Team #33 Maverick Racing.

Team #920 races in class QR2 in a RZR 800 while Team #33 races in class QR1 in a Can‐Am Maverick.

Team #920 had to retire after 1 lap completed and finished the day 8th in his class, 23rd overall.

Team #33 had an “off” on his 4th lap, retiring with 3 laps completed for 13th in QR1 and 20th overall.

Above: Team #84, Guffey Racing working hard to stay in a podium place in his class. Team #84 competes in class QR2 in Polaris RZR S. Guffey Racing would go on to take 3rd place in QR2, 8th overall with 13 laps in 3h 44m 01s. This was Guffey Racing’s 2nd UTVRR Event

Above: Team #442, Team Canada returning for their 2nd UTVRR Event. Team #442 made significant progress over Round 6. They compete in class QR1 with a 2013 Arctic Cat Wildcat. They managed to finish 10th in their class and 16th overall with 10 laps in 3h 49m 59s

Above: Team #559, To Be Fast accelerating hard through section 7. Teamed up with McCoy MotorSports, the XY Powersports 1100r race UTV gets more and more competitive race after race.

With average lap times in the low 15’s, the R&D going into this vehicle is beginning to payoff.

With ongoing efforts in handling and resiliency, Team #559 will be a top contender in following rounds. Team #559 finished the event with 10 laps in 2h 53.44m for 6th in their QR2 class, 14th overall.

Above: Team #131, Tennessee, staring to wind his way into the forest section. Tennessee’s Wildcat always performs well with very few mechanical issues and a savvy driver behind the wheel.

After slipping a drive belt in section 9 on lap 9, Team #131 finished 9th in his class, 15th overall with 9 laps in 3h 44m 28s. Tennessee competes in class QR1 and is the current points leader.

The Arctic Cat platform continues to impress the entire UTVRR paddock.

Above: Team #40, Team Blurred Lines in their very first UTVRR event.

Blurred lines races in class QR2 in a stock RZR 800 Std. For their first time racing UTVRR, Team #40 recorded a very solid race with average lap times in the mid 16’s.

Their fastest lap was 16m 22.153s on their 2nd lap

Steady driving and experience afforded Team #40 with a finish of 5th in class, 11th overall.

Welcome to UTVRR Team #40. Looking forward to seeing you again!

Above: Team #70, Toyota of Kingsport, passing Team #13 SH Racing as the light fades in section 9.

Nice work by Team #13 to move over when they heard the horn of Team #70.

Team #70 competes in class QR1 in a Polaris RZR 1000

Team #13 competes in class QR2 in a Polaris RZRs

Above: Team #347 Onsite Racing in their first UTVRR event. Onsite racing displayed the required patience and consistency to succeed in the UTVRR format. In their very first race, they navigated the course to a very respectable 6th place finish in their QR 1 class.

With a total of 13 laps in 3h 55m 31s and a fastest lap of 15m 21.280s on their first lap we expect podium places to come to Team #347.

Clearly the longer wheelbase of the RZR XP 900 4 seater was no issue for this team.

Above: Team #57, BS racing not slowing down for a second as they fight for the lead in class QR2. Team #57 fought hard all race long with Team #13 and Team #84 for the top spot.

With fast lap times in the low 15’s it came right down to the wire for 1st place. That said, 1st place in class QR2 was awarded to Team #57 with 14 laps in 3h 46m 18s. BS Racing was the only QR2 team to complete 14 laps. They finished 4th overall. Nice work guys!

Above: Team #144, Cheaky Barton being caught by Team #321 HOLZ JRI.

Both racers compete in RZR XP 900s and both compete in class QR1.

Shortly after this picture Team #144 moved over and conceded the track to HOLZ JRI.

Team #144 finished the day with 2 laps in 57m 5s.

Team #321 finished the day with 7 laps in 3h 44m 43s

Above: Team #133, Black Gold Coal catching Team #84 Guffey Racing through section 9.

Team #133 was fast the entire event, challenging for 2nd and 3rd place in class QR1.

Consistent lap times in the low 14s provided a nice lead over the charging 4th place team.

Team #133 would finish the event with 15 laps in 3h 51m 08s to record 3rd place in class QR1, 3rd place overall.

This was Team #133’s 3rd UTVRR event and their best finish to date.

Above: Team #606, Team DFS pushing hard in their RZR XP 900. This was Team #606’s first UTVRR event.

As the light begins to fade, great lights provide a significant advantage over the competition. Team #606 were able to post very respectable lap time for UTVRR first timers.

After a minor mechanical issue, Team DFS finished the day 12th in their class, 18th overall with 5 laps in 1h 17m 50s.

Above: Team #940, earlier in the race.

Bellevue Racing compete in class QR1 in a Polaris RZR 1000.

Powerful LED lights provided Team #940 with all the visibility they needed to post a top 5 finish. No doubt about it, a few adjustments here and there will afford Bellevue Racing podium places.

Above: Team #33, Maverick Racing pushing hard into a left hander in section 6

Great lighting is essential to compete in UTVRR. VISION X has Industry leading lighting equipment to give every driver the edge in the darkness!

Above: Team #13, SH Racing starting his climb up the hill in section 10 and on his way to a 2nd place finish in QR2

Additional “Faces of the Races” Round 7 Shots

Above: Team #07, Can‐Am JB Racing

Above: Team #33, Maverick Racing

Above: Team #118, AC Racing

Above: Team #57, BS Racing

Finishing positions from Top to Bottom:
Team #07 Can‐Am JB Racing ‐ 1st in class QR1 / 1st overall
Team #33 Maverick Racing ‐ 13th in class QR1 / 20th overall
Team #118 AC Racing 7th in class QR1 / 12th overall
Team #57 BS Racing 1st in class QR2 / 4th overall

The Round 7 Race Results for each class are as follows:
Overall Winner of Round 7:
#07 Can‐Am JB Racing ‐ Can‐Am Maverick ‐ 16 Laps ‐ 3h 41m 58s

Class QR1:
1st ‐ #07 Can‐Am JB Racing ‐ Can‐Am Maverick ‐ 16 Laps ‐ 3h 41m 58s
2nd ‐ #70 Toyota Of Kingsport‐ Polaris RZR 1000 ‐ 16 Laps ‐ 3h 51m 32s
3rd ‐ #133 Black Gold Coal ‐ Polaris RZR XP 900 ‐ 15 Laps ‐ 3h 51m 08s

Class QR2:
1st ‐ #57 Team BS ‐ Polaris RZR S ‐ 14 Laps ‐ 3h 46m 18s
2nd ‐ #13 SH Racing ‐ Polaris RZR S ‐ 13 Laps ‐ 3h 29m 19s
3rd ‐ #84 Guffey Racing ‐ Polaris RZR S ‐ 13 Laps ‐ 3h 44m 01s

Class QR3:
1st ‐ #07 Truett Insulation ‐ Polaris RZR 800 Std ‐ 2 Laps ‐ 31m 47s

Overall Fastest Lap of Round 7:
#07 Can‐Am JB Racing ‐ Can‐Am Maverick ‐ 12m 31.311 seconds