UTVRR Northern Series Round 9 Race Report

Round 9 of UTVRR’s Northern Series kicked off promptly at 3:30pm on Saturday November 9th, 2013. Due to daylight savings, the final races of the season will start much earlier than the previous rounds. The temperatures were almost perfect with temps in the mid 50’s at the start of the race, dipping to the high 40’s at the finish.


To provide the racers with some free track, drivers started the race at 30 second intervals, in a single line grid formation. With eighteen (18) rows, it would take 9m to clear the grid. With average lap times in high 12’s timing would need to be perfect, and perfect it was. The entire grid started without issue and Round 9 was underway. As the race unfolded and the lap times logged, it was clear that Round 9 was going to be a record setting event. Once again the field was made up of various manufacturers. Polaris (RZR 570, 800, S, XP and 1000), Can‐Am Mavericks and Arctic Cat Wildcats, represented.

Right from the flag the racers were hard on the gas. Section 1 was fairly dusty but the track cleared quickly after the first few turns. The more experienced racers decided that giving 100% from the start was the only option.


Above: Team #33, Can‐Am Maverick Racing flying through “The Rock” section on the track on his very first lap.

Maverick Racing has only one speed, Wide Open, making any podium position a well earned accomplishment.


Above: Team #11, SH Racing. Round 9 marked Team 11’s 4th UTVRR event. SH Racing has managed to place in all of them, winning two. Team #11 competes in the QR2 class in his Polaris RZR 800 S. As this team dials in their RZR, the lap times are starting to fall and overall finish positions climbing up the field. On their first lap, SH Racing booked a very respectable 13m 06.424s lap. On any day a 13m 06s lap would compete for the fastest overall lap of the event. With the track in great shape the overall lap times were at record setting pace.

At the end of the day, the top twelve (12) drivers had completed more laps of the Windrock Circuit than in any other round in 2013.

The final Northern Series event will, December 7th 2013 where the series Champion will be announced.


Above: “Cats Can Fly” ‐ Team #131, Tennessee racing his “Bad Kitty” in QR1. This UTV is a custom built, from the ground up, Arctic Cat Wildcat. Tennessee would have a few challenges in his third time out with his project and would finish 12th in his class, 16th overall.


Above: Team #606, Team DFS racing hard in his Polaris RZR XP 900. Team DFS has become a regular in the Northern Series and always performs.

He would finished the day 8h in QR1, 12th overall with 10 laps in 3h 37m 09s.


Above: Team #812, Toyota Of Kingsport hitting the jump at full speed in their Polaris RZR 800s. Team #812 competes in QR2. They would finish the day 4th in QR2, 10th overall with 15 laps in 3h 54m 35s.


Above: Team #828, Toyota Of Kingsport in one of their two (2) QR1 entries. This UTV is a Polaris RZR XP 900 Four Seater that clearly has no problem getting around the tight sections or hitting the jumps at speed.


Above: Team 117, Truett Insulation’s second entry in QR1 in a Polaris RZR XP 900.

Truett Insulation has historically been a dominant force in the QR3 class, but in recent races they are raising their own bar by entering into QR2 and QR1 classes. Pushing hard in the forest sections Team #117 took 6th place in QR1, 7th overall with 16 laps in 3h 56m 06s.


Above: Team #70, Toyota Of Kingsport pushing his Polaris RZR XP 1000 to the limits.

Toyota Of Kingsport is always at the top of the pack and Round 9 was no exception. Team #70 took the lead from the very start and never looked back. With a “Record Setting” fastest lap of 11m 53.836s on their first lap, they sealed 1st place overall with 18 laps in 3h 54m 56s.

Toyota Of Kingsport is a UTVRR series sponsor and we appreciate their support! Thank you guys!


Above: Team #118, AC Racing on a mission in section 2.

The Can‐Am Maverick platform continues to impress pit lane as the results begin to stack up.

In the hunt for the podium and keeping the pressure on the competition took its toll.

With a minor mechanical failure they fell out of the top 3.

Team #118 would finish the day 7th in QR1 and 11th overall with 14 laps in 3h 04m 31s. They were on pace for 17 laps, which could have been 3rd place.


Above: Team #940, Team Southern Motorsports sliding their Polaris RZR XP 900 Four Seater nicely through section 1.

Round 9 saw Bellevue Racing and LCB unite to form Team Southern Motorsports.

Hot on the pace all day long, Team #940 where one of only four teams to reach 17+ laps.

Competing in QR1, Team Southern Motorsports earned a solid 4th place in QR1, 4th place overall with 17 laps in 3h 53m 39s.

Nice work guys (and gals)!


Above: Team #54, West Lawn Care flying around Windrock Park.

West Lawn Care was lapping in the mid 13’s until a minor mechanical failure ended their day.

Team #54 competes in Class QR1 in a Polaris RZR XP 900. They completed the day with 7 laps in 1h 34m 46s to take 10th in QR1, 14th overall


Above: Team #442, Team Canada working hard to get off to a fast start.

Traveling from Canada to race UTVRR, Team #442 is committed to success.

Shortly after this picture Team #442 slipped a drive belt and ended their event.

We are looking forward to seeing what Team Canada produces for Round 10.

Safe travels guys!


Above: Team #57, Team BS fighting hard for a podium finish in QR2.

Event after event, Team #57 demonstrates patience and consistency with solid lap times and well earned finishes.

Always in great spirits, UTVRR is proud to have Team BS race our Northern series.

Team #57 finished the day with a 2nd place in QR2, 8th overall with 15 laps in 3h 47m 02s


Above: Team #913, M&S Racing setting blistering laps all day long.

Team M&S Racing competes in QR1 in a Polaris RZR XP 1000. The additional power and handling of the RZR XP 1000 was the difference for the leaders of QR1.

Team #913 finished in 2nd place in QR1, 2nd Place overall with 18 laps in 3h 57m 44s, only 2 mins out of 2st place…to another RZR XP 1000.


Above: Team 07, Truett Insulation racing hard as the darkness sets in. Typically a QR3 racer, Truett Insulation raised their bar and decided to compete in QR2.

Team #07 competes in a Polaris RZR 570 and with solid driving managed a very well earned 3rd place in QR2, 9th place overall with 15 laps in 3h 52m 28s.

See you on Dec 7th guys!


Above: Team #33, Maverick Racing pushing their Can‐Am Maverick to the limits. Team #33 would finish the day 3rd in QR1, 3rd overall with 17 laps in 3h 48m 40s


Above: Team #1989, Cheaky Barton giving everything in his Arctic Cat Wildcat.

Team #1989 competes in QR1 and would finish the day 13th in their class, 17th overall completing only 2 laps in 27m 48s.

A minor mechanical failure ended Cheaky Barton’s race early.


With 18 laps (a new lap record) in 3h 54m 56s and the fastest lap ever at Windrock Park’s UTVRR circuit of 11m 53.836s Team #70, Toyota Of Kingsport took the event to another level.

Jamie McCoy and his Polaris RZR XP 1000 demonstrated poise and performance as he completed lap after lap with amazing consistency. The race was not all easy though, M&S Racing and Maverick Racing where very close the entire race with Toyota Of Kingsport opening up a lead in the closing stages. Congratulations Team #70 for an amazing UTVRR Round 9.


Jamie McCoy’s Polaris RZR XP 1000 is outfitted with: