UTVRR 2013 – Southern Series Round 1 Race Report

UTVRR’s Southern Series Round One (1) kicked off promptly at the 4:00pm on Saturday, February 9th, 2013.  The Bremen, AL area had experienced inclement weather throughout the off-season yet the race course was simply impeccable thanks to continued maintenance by Stony Lonesome’s track stewards.  With enhanced route markers, a new hot lane (which was a resounding success with the racers) and overall route  improvements, the track proved to be fast, very fast. The temperature never climbed higher than 60, with clear blue skies throughout the entire day.  As is the UTV Rally Raid formula, the racers set off in pairs at thirty (30) second intervals.  The entire grid left the starting line without any problems and the race was underway.

The new hot lane was welcomed by the entire field.  A long straight greeted the racers right off the start. The forest section followed approx 1 mile later.

Round 1 was well represented with several new racers. Drivers were noted from Columbia, SC that drove 7hrs to the fringes of Birmingham AL to race UTVRR in 2013…more to come on that later.

More so than any other round, various manufactures vehicles were represented. UTVRR welcomed back several Arctic Cat, Can-Am and custom UTV racers as well as many various Polaris RZR configurations.  Three (3) race classes; A, B and C will race UTVRR in 2013.  Class A is the Stock UTVs and suited for new drivers.  Class B is for slightly modified UTVs with more experienced drivers and Class C is the reinvent of the Outlaw class, open to all racers with an open class formula.

The fast, flowing middle section of the race course continued to challenge the racers.  Even though UTVRR is an “endurance” race against the clock, some short course driving provided an awesome spectacle for some of the lucky spectators.  Shortly after this turn, the UTV in front moved aside to let his competitor though.

Team 213 in front with Team 469 breathing down his neck.

Team 34 racing hard!

Team 77 mixing it up with EDub racing charging.

Due to the recent rain, the dust was at an all-time low and the drivers loved it! The track really began to settle in and the traction provided by the damp conditions allowed the drivers to really test their cars. Fastest lap of the day was in the region of 12 minutes.

Team 225  taking advantage of the great track condition.

Stony Lonesome’s track stewards were strategically positioned throughout the entire course and communications were rock solid with PCI Race Radio’s first class radio technology.

Fortunately, the Race stewards had an easy afternoon with very few occasions where assistance was required.

517, LCB letting his UTV “breath”.

The pictures above really drove home the theme for the first round of the 2013 season.  All the teams were trying a hard as they can to complete as many laps as possible to get off to a quick season start.  That said, driver respect and etiquette remains a top priority for the UTVRR series. At the awards ceremony, the majority of the  teams and drivers were in attendance to help cheer on their friends.

Team 213 flat out after the jump section..

This mindset afforded Basch Brother Powersports Racing Team with 1st Place in Class C.

One of the key uniqueness’s of the UTVRR series is the night racing.  All over the mountain the racers look like fire flies as the leafless tress give the spectators an impressive light show from the pits.

While the UTVRR regulations do not require aftermarket lights (except emergency lights) a nice set of “candles” can make all the difference as the racers navigate the forest at night!

One of the racers burning his lights as he leaves the timing gate on his way out for another lap.

2013 saw UTVRR implement a new Transponder timing system.  In addition to the live scoring screen located at race control, this new system will provide live internet timing to the community.  The new transponder system managed the timing and scoring flawlessly, no concerns were received from the racers.

As the drivers complete each lap, they approach the timing gate.  They are required to slow down to 15 mph before coming to a complete stop.  As the UTV passes through the timing gate, a very loud audible tone is initiated providing confidence to the racer that his/her transponder has been read and the results entered into the database.

In addition to this automatic system, UTVRR will continue to maintain a manual system with a staff member entering the time and keep track of all the racers.  UTVRR drivers can rest assured that their time and race position is absolutely guaranteed to be accurate to one thousandth of a second!!!

Team 612 catching some air!

Team 14, EDub Racing hard on the brakes as he enters horseshoe bend.

Team 123 giving the photographer a heart attack! He wasn’t alone either as more and more racers picked up their speed as the race settled in.

Team 677 starting his decent up into the second half of the course.

Team 316 making up time on the field.

Team 612 giving LCB some competition for the high flier title.

Over the course of the 4hr Endurance race, the field managed to accumulate 281 total laps with the fastest driver recording seventeen (17) total laps of the Stony Lonesome track.

The awards ceremony took place almost immediately.  In addition to the race  day awards, UTVRR also offered a raffle sponsored by IOR and Vision X.  Nick Zierden from Innovative Off-Road awarded a lucky racer.  Team Evans Racing won a set of Vision x Optimus series lights for the price of a $10 raffle ticket.

Additional “raffle” rounds will be announced as we progress through the season for more great prizes and give-a-ways!!!

The atmosphere between the competing teams was awesome.  Big cheers and rounds of applause erupted when the winners of the respective awards were announced.                 Congratulations to all the racers, pit crews and spectators for the fantastic atmosphere throughout the entire event.

The UTVVRR community and sponsors make the event what it is!!!

The Round 1 Race Results for each class are as follows:

Class A:

1st – Edub Racing – Polaris RZR570 – 14 Laps – 3h 47m 40.837s
2nd – H.O.R.S Racing – Yamaha Rhino – 2 Laps – 31m 18.997s

Class B:

1st – Basch Brothers Power Sports (#213) – Polaris RZR 800S – 16 Laps – 3h 50m 15.477s
2nd – Team Buff – Polaris RZR570 – 16 Laps – 3h 50m 29.450s
3rd – Pearson Racing – Commander – 3h 53m 49.970s

Class C:

1st  – JMG Racing – Polaris RZR XP900 – 17 Laps – 3h 56m 31.286s
2nd –  CS Racing – Polaris RZR XP900 – 16 Laps – 3h 54m 36.510s
3rd  – Double E Racing – Polaris RZR XP900 – 15 Laps – 3h 39m 48.964s (first UTVRR race)

Fastest Lap of the Event:

Team LCB Racing –12m 31.438s – RZR XP900

Overall Winner of Round 1:

1st  – JMG Racing – Polaris RZR XP900 – 17 Laps – 3h 56m 31.286s

All Information on the UTV Rally Raid Series can be found at www.UTVRallyRaid.com

Race registration can be found at www.thesxsstore.com

If you have never experienced a Quantum Racing event like UTV Rally Raid, you owe it to yourself to give it a try.  Who knows, you may have a little fun and win some cash too!

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