UTVRR Southern Series Round 10 Race Report

Round 10 of UTVRR’s Southern Series kicked off promptly at 2:30pm on Saturday December 14th 2013. Weather for the day was wet and chilly with highs of mid 50’s and lows dropping to low 40’s. The week prior to the race saw a fair amount of rain which meant there would be no dust for the final round. The atmosphere was electric since the UTVRR Championships were coming down to the wire. Only a few points separated 1st and 3rd in QR1 and QR3, with podium positions up for grabs in QR2. Tyler and his crew were on top form with track sweepers, track spotters and recovery crews working hard to recover racers in a timely manner.


Round 10 of the Southern Series saw another great attendance considering the upcoming holiday and the closing chase for the Championship titles.

In addition to the racing, Round 10 was a Toys for Tots drive by Stony Lonesome OHV. The UTVRR community stepped up and helped with this very important project.

The lineup was again very diverse with Polaris RZRs, several Can‐Am Mavericks, Arctic Cat Wildcats several Can‐Am Commanders and a Yamaha Rhino.


Above: NASCAR Driver Greg Biffle, discussing team strategy with Pace Offroad’s driver and Team Tennessee’s Donnie Coffey.

In the later stages of a UTVRR season, the teaming phenomena continues with individual drivers (out of the championship race) beginning to team up with fellow racers to bring the championship race down to the wire. After passing UTVRR tech inspection, successfully testing their timing transponder and attending the mandatory driver meeting, the teams began gridding. Prompt and organized, all teams found their grid allocations and the race started on schedule.


Above: Team #81, Pace Off‐road’s Bad Kitty Arctic Cat Wildcat hard on the gas down the long back straight of the short course. Charging in the back ground is Team #28, Diesel & Off‐road Technologies in their first Stony Lonesome UTVRR.

Stony Lonesome OHV provides UTVRR racers with a very diverse track. There are plenty of fast straights, wide open sweepers and a driver (and spectator) favorite short course section.

Setting up a UTV to race in UTVRR is a world of compromise. Too much power, not enough grip, suspension that works great in the jumps but not so great in the tight turns, the list goes on.

Conditions were challenging for the final round, but the racers changed strategies accordingly and the field saw very few retirements. Lap times were slower than usual but to be expected.


Above: Team #13, Pearson Racing taking the hole shot from Team #213, Basch Bros Powersports. Both Team #13 and Team #213 compete in QR2. Pearson Racing race the Can‐Am Commander platform while Basch Bros race a Polaris RZR S. Coming into Round 10 Team #213 had a lock on the Championship, 2nd place was still up for grabs with Pearson Racing only 6 points ahead of 3rd place.


Above: Team #34, TSR Racing getting the jump on Team # 111 CH Motorsports in the first turn from the grid. Team #34 had all to race for if they wanted to take 2nd place in the QR2 class. Closing the 6 point gap behind a very consistent Pearson Racing would be a challenge, but TSR Racing were determined to give it their best.

Team #111, CH Motorsports have been top contenders in QR2 since starting their season in ernst from Round 8. This day would be no exception taking the QR2 win.


Above: Team #243, Racertech/ CS Racing leading the charge for QR3 in their Racertech supported Polaris RZR 570. Team #243 entered the 2013 UTVRR season in Round 7. With back‐to‐back wins in Round 7 and 8, but a small setback in Round 9 they are in solid control of 3rd place in the Championship for the QR3 class.

Coming into Round 10, only ten (10) points separate 1st and 3rd in the QR3 Championship.

Their RZR 570 is setup perfectly for the overall UTVRR format using Racertech’s industry leading suspension and performance enhancements.


Above: Team #101, Octane Racing pushing hard as usual. Racing in QR1, Team Octane were using a new Polaris RZR XP 900. Taking a win with very stiff competition from a field of veteran racers and the mighty Can‐Am Maverick and RZR XP1000 platform(s) would provide a challenge.

Driving ability trumps power in UTVRR’s format and Octane Racing certainly has the ability. Right from the start Team #101 was battling for the lead. With no mistakes and a measured performance they would finish the day with 15 laps in 3h 56m 45s to take 1st place overall.

In Round 10, Team Octane Racing completed one more lap than any other team in the race.


Above: Team #260, UTV Scene making their way through a very muddy short course section.


Above: Team #817, Lugnut Racing making their return to UTVRR. Lugnut Racing competes in QR2 in a Polaris RZR S and took the QR2 fastest lap trophy on his 5th lap with a 16m 06.832s flyer.


Above: Team #23, Strenflex Racing ploughing through the tight and muddy short course. Nice work!


Above: Team #05 Outlaw Motorsports working hard to keep in contention for the Round 10 win. With a mixed bag of results, Outlaw Motorsports have had a very solid 2013 Southern Series.

Coming into Round 10, Team #05 were holding 7th place (out of 57 drivers) in the QR1 Championship, but needed a good race to hold onto 7th since the top ten positions were separated by only a few points.

Outlaw Motorsports would finish the day with 14 laps in 3h 50m 17s, taking 5th place in QR1, 5th place overall. 2nd thru 5th was separated by only 2m 25seconds.


Above: Team #612, Double E Racing taking a water splash at full speed on their first lap. Double E racing is always at the top of the field with a numbers of wins, seconds and third place finishes throughout the 2013 season.

Coming into Round 10, Double E Racing were leading the Championship table by 15 points. If Team #612 were going to claim the Top Spot, they would need a very good finish.

Team #612 would finish the day in 4th overall, 4th in QR1 with 14 laps in 3h 49m 02s.


Above: Team #222, H.O.R.S Racing heading out for their 5th lap.

Team #222 races in a Yamaha Rhino and is the embodiment of consistency. With very few retirements H.O.R.S racing quietly dominates the QR3 class. Coming into Round 10, Team #222 leads the QR3 Championship table by only 5 points. Any one of the top three racers could take the title from H.O.R.S Racing.

At the end of the day, Team #222 would take the QR3 win with 10 laps in 3h 56m 53s


Above: Team #993, Outdoor Products giving 100% in their Arctic Cat Wildcat.

Effectively starting their season in Round 4, Outdoor Products has been working out performance and setup challenges throughout most of 2013. Each Round sees a faster, more resilient performance from Team #993.

That said, Team #993 would finish the day with 8 laps in 2h 29m 24s

They would take 22nd place in the QR1 table to finish 2013.


Above: Team #111, CH Motorsports sliding his way around a tight right hander. Round 10 is the fourth race for Team #111 and their very well put together Can‐Am Commander.

QR2 competition is tough, with most all teams very well matched in both machines and driver ability. On any given weekend the podium for QR2 could go to any racer in that class.

For Round 10, Team #111 would finish 8th overall, 1st in their class with 13 laps in 3h 45m 08s


Above: Team #1967, Jackson Home Racing getting stuck in during their very first UTVRR event. In challenging conditions Team #1967 performed very well. Track knowledge and experience is a huge advantage over the season so managing to complete a full 4hr UTVRR event is a great accomplishment.

Taking 15th overall, 11th in QR1 with 11 laps in 3h 45m 59ss shows Team #1967 has 2014 potential!


Above: Team #312, Basch Bros Powersports in their RZR XP 900. After a mechanical failure, team #312 would finish the day with only 2 laps in 31m 51s. Basch Bros would complete 2013 in 5th place in QR1


Above: Team #11, Colburns Racing working hard in their very first UTVRR. This young lady performed very well to take her RZR 570 to 3rd place in QR3 with 9 laps 3h 36m 17.869s.


Above: Team #120, Ford Racing relentlessly on the gas to keep up with the lead pace. For Round 10 Ford Racing comprised of a two vehicle team. Both UTVs are Polaris XP 900’s piloted by veteran UTV drivers.

Coming in to Round 10, Ford Racing was in 2nd place in the Championship table by only 4 points from 3rd place!

They would finish the day 2nd overall with 14 laps in 3h 47m 52s and also claimed the fastest lap of the event with a 14m 22.696s on their 3rd lap.


Above: Team #131, Team Tennessee working hard in a rare Southern Series showing.

Typically a UTVRR Northern Series team, Tennessee has shown potential in the Southern Series field. Unfortunately, Team #131 lost a drive belt after 8 laps to finish their event after 2h 36m 20s


Above: Team #123, Vulcan Racing leading the field from Pole Position. A minor judgment error compromised Vulcan Racing’s event early after clipping a safety tire in the short course section. After making repairs Vulcan Racing were able to complete 4 laps in 3h 28m 03s


Above: Team #213, Basch Brothers Powersports pushing hard to keep his almost perfect season alive as the sun starts to set.

UTVRR is raced two hours before dark and two hours after dark. Knowledge of the track and great lighting can give a driver the edge over their competition.

Team #213, would finish 2013 Season as the QR2 Champion with an insurmountable lead coming into Round 10. Congratulations to Team #213 and the entire Basch Brothers Powersports racing family.


Above: Team #551, PW Racing getting to grips with slippery conditions.

New to UTVRR, this was PW Racing’s 3rd event. Driving up from Miami, FL to Cullman AL demonstrates that Team #551 are serious about their UTV Endurance racing. Each race sees improvements from PW Racing. Round 10 was no different with an 11th place overall finish completing 12 laps in 3h 40m 21s.

Great 2013 season guys, looking forward to 2014!


Above: Team #101, Octane Racing was in the hunt from the very start. With 15 laps, Octane Racing completed one more lap than any other race team in the event. 2013 showed promise and disappointment for Octane Racing. Completing the event typically afforded Octane Racing the win, but some vehicle resiliency issues put an end to their Championship run.

2014 will present a challenge to all QR1 drivers when Octane Racing is in the lineup.

With 15 laps in 3hour 56 minutes and 45 seconds, Octane Racing opened up an approximate half lap lead over
the field to take a comfortable win.

Congratulations Octane Racing.

The Round 10 Race Results for each class are as follows:

Overall Winner of Round 10:
#123 Octane Racing ‐ Polaris RZR XP 900 ‐ 15 Laps ‐ 3h 56m 45s

Class QR1:
1st ‐ #101 Octane Racing ‐ Polaris RZR XP 900 ‐ 15 Laps ‐ 3h 56m 45s
2nd ‐ #120 Ford Racing ‐ Polaris RZR XP 900 ‐ 14 Laps ‐ 3h 47m 52s
3rd ‐ #461 Keyscrete ‐ Polaris RZR XP 900 ‐ 14 Laps ‐ 3h 48m 10s

Class QR2:
1st ‐ #111 CH Motorsports ‐ Can‐Am Commander ‐ 13 Laps ‐ 3h 45m 08s
2nd ‐ #34 TSR Racing ‐ Polaris 800 S ‐ 12 Laps ‐ 3h 44m 59s
3rd ‐ #13 Pearson Racing ‐ Can‐Am Commander ‐ 12 Laps ‐ 3h 53m 38s

Class QR3:
1st ‐ #222 H.O.R.S Racing ‐ Yamaha Rhino ‐ 10 Laps ‐ 3h 56m 53s
2nd ‐ #243 Racertech CS Racing ‐ Polaris RZR 570 ‐ 9 Laps ‐ 2h 49m 23s
3rd ‐ #11 Colburns Racing ‐ Polaris RZR 570 ‐ 9 Laps ‐ 3h 36m 17s

Overall Fastest Lap of Round 10:
#101 Octane Racing ‐ Polaris RZR XP 900 ‐ 14m 22.696 seconds

2013 QR1 Championship Winner ‐ Double E Racing

2013 QR2 Championship Winner ‐ Basch Bros Powersports

2013 QR3 Championship Winner ‐ H.O.R.S Racing