UTVRR – Southern Series Round 4 Race Report

Round 4 of UTVRR’s Southern Series kicked off promptly at 7:00pm on Saturday May, 18th, 2013. A new jump was added to the short course section to provide a new challenge to the drivers as well as provide plenty of photograph and video opportunities for the spectators.

All week long the rain had been constant and the forecast for race day was more rain and storms. During the morning hours, several heavy storms blew through the area, but come race time…the skies were clear and rain stayed away. The temperature at the start of the race was in the high 70’s with high humidity. During the race, the temperature dropped slightly but the humidity remained. At approximately 5:45pm the racers began to take their positions on the grid.

Round 4 of the Southern Series saw several new faces and UTVRR first time drivers. More than four (4) new teams were at their very first UTVRR event. Welcome!!!

In addition to new Racers and Teams, Rod Thompson from Arctic Cat was in attendance. Since the success of the Wild Cat Platform in the Northern Series and the release of the Wild Cat X platform, Rod and a local Arctic Cat Dealer (Outdoor Products) came out to see what all the talk is about…of course they entered a 2013 Stock Wild Cat X in to the event. More to come from Arctic Cat…?

As race time drew near, final prepara-tions and words of advice from the veteran racers could be heard all along pit lane.

Great morale and mutual racers respect are two pillars of the UTVRR family. Consistent with the previous rounds, racers spouses and children helped settle the last minute nerves and provide the support needed to successfully compete a 4hr UTVRR event.

Above: Team #137, Mean Green flying through the air in his Single Seater Arctic Cat. Team #137 competes in Class QR1.

The new jump in the short course section didn’t disappoint. On the opening lap the drivers attacked right from the off.

Several of the more experienced drivers actually cleared the landing ramp and shot off into the fast left hander that followed. For the next round, the facilities staff will extend the landing area to afford the drivers the opportunity to hit the jump at a higher entry speed.

Spectators lined the access road to get a close look at the action!

Above: Team #612, Double E Racing attacking right from the off. Team #612 competes in Class QR1 in a Polaris RZR XP 900

Above: Team #00, Barnett Racing with a nicely con-trolled flight off the big jump. Team #00 competes in Class QR1 in a Polaris RZR XP 900.

The jump has been designed to provide the racers with a “long” jump rather than a “high” jump. Vehicle protection is a key criteria when the UTVRR staff work to design a race course and the challenges that are presented to the racers.

Minimum vehicle wear and tear combined with maximum driving entertainment ensures racers are able to complete the race with a great sense of accomplishment.

That said, some mechanical retirements are in-evitable as part and parcel of off-road racing.

Above: Team #312, Basch Bros Racing demonstrating how to make a clean pass, taking the inside line from Team #612. Both teams compete in Class QR1. Both drivers started the race as a grid pair.

Basch Brothers Powersports is a UTV Rally Raid Southern Series sponsor. As a Polaris Dealer in Cullman Alabama, Stony Lonesome is their “home turf”.

Race after race these guys are put on a Quality show and are well respected up and down the pit lane. Great work on this one Nate!

Above: Team #940, Bellevue Racing focusing hard on the short course circuit.

Above: Team #615, JC Motorsports look-ing to close down Team #940 ahead.

Above: Team #00, Barnett Racing hard on the gas to keep ahead of Team #23, Strenflex Racing. Both team compete in Class QR1 in RZR XP 900s.

The new short course section of the Stony Lonesome circuit is quickly becoming a favorite. With the entire length of the track being 11+ miles, 2 miles of short course style racing get the blood pumping quickly.

Over the next several races, this new section of the track will be further refined.

Above: Team #67, Team Buff hard into a very fast right hander. Team Buff started the race fast and never let off the gas for a second. For this round, Team Buff competed in Class QR1 in a RZR XP 900.

Above: Team #677, ATV Zone making his intent known on his 2nd lap. This was Team #677’s first UTVRR event for a while. Team #677 leads a local racing series in Louisiana. He competes in Class QR1 in a RZR XP 900 and at the end of the day finished 5th in his class, 7th overall.

Above: Team #48, Evans Racing flat out as they head up the incline and into the forest. This left hander is a fast 50mph corner that slingshots the drivers up the start of a long incline and into a forest section.

In the background, you can see Team #13, Pearson racing hard on the tail of Evans Racing.

Above: Team #820, Extreme Fabrication at the end of the long straight that connects the short course section to the traditional endurance track.

Team #820 competes in Class QR1 in a RZR XP 900. They finished 7th in their class, 9th overall.

UTVRR wants to welcome Team #820 back to racing after taking time off to recover from a racing incident. Great to see them back out on the track and posting up a very solid results!

Above: Team #213, Basch Bros Powersports with their Vision X lights burn-ing bright.

With the race starting later, the dusk hours were quickly upon the drivers. Great lights are a must have to compete during the dark period of a UTVRR event.

Team #213 competes in Class QR2 in a RZR S. They finished 1st in Class QR2 and 3rd overall. Great racing guys!

Above: Team #67, Team Buff still hard on the gas when the light started to fade.

Typically, Team Buff races in class QR2 in a RZR 570. How-ever, this round saw a change with Team Buff competing in Class QR1 in a RZR XP 900.

How would Team #67 handle the more powerful XP900? Team #67 would win Class QR1 and win the overall event. However, Team #67 did not take the fastest lap, in fact two other teams were faster.

Above: Team #137 with lights burning on his Arctic Cat.

After a fast start, Team #137 settled in nicely, laying down very consistent lap times and finishing with a very solid result.

Team Mean Green competes in QR1 and finished 9th in the class and 11th overall with 13 laps in 3h 42m 39s.

Above: Team #48, Evans Racing pushing hard to keep their 8th spot in Class QR1.

Evans Racing is a two (2) car team, limiting the wear and tear on any one vehicle while partnering with a 2nd skilled racer.

The “Team” style is becoming increasingly more popular in UTVRR with two other fast drivers forming a team for this event.

Above: Team #120, Team Ford flying fast in the dusk hours. Team #120 was one of many racers teaming up with their children as navi-gators. Well done to both the drivers and the navigators!

Unfortunately Team Ford suffered a minor mechanical failure at the start of the race, which set the tone for their race. They finished 15th in Class QR1 and 19th overall.

Above: Two teams demon-strating how to race short course style in the dark.

Great work guys! Shortly after this picture was taken team #940 (back) made a clean pass on the driver in front and took off into the forest section.

Even in the darkness, racing etiquette is paramount and respected.

Above: Team #18, Outdoor Products in their very first UTVRR.

With the new Arctic Cat Wild Cat X, this was an exploratory run for Team #18.

With several extended pit stops and a general steady pace, Outdoor Products afforded themselves the opportunity to complete 12 Laps in 3h 50m 16s.

Team #18 will be back for sure to race for a top 5 position at the next round.

Above: Team #772, 772 Prime Racing in their very first UTVRR event.

Prime Racing quietly went about their business and finished the race with 11 laps in 3h 53m 54s. They finished 11th in Class QR1 and 14th overall.

Great lighting is essential to compete in UTVRR. Vision X has Industry leading lighting equipment to give every driver the edge in the darkness!

Left: Team #48, Evans Racing not letting up one bit in the dark.

Team #48 finished the day with 14 laps in 3h 57m 34s.

Above: Team #817, Lugnut Racing in their very first UTVRR event after several months of preparations and anticipation.

Lugnut Racing didn’t put a foot wrong all day and booked consistent laps all day long.

Team #817 finished the day with 13 laps in 3h 46m 18s taking 3rd place in Class QR2 and 12th overall.

Above: Team #820, Extreme Fabrication finishing strong on their 14th lap.

Team #820 completed the event in 3h 57m 03s for a very respectable 7th place in Class QR1 and 9th overall.
Great work guys, see you in a few week for Round 5!