UTVRR Southern Series Round 9 Race Report

Round 9 of UTVRR’s Southern Series kicked off promptly at 2:30pm on Saturday November 23rd 2013. Weather for the day was windy and chilly with highs of mid 50’s and lows dropping to high 30’s. Over the elevated sections, some small snow flurries were noted. The week prior to the race saw a little rain which combined with the wind kept the dust isolated to small sections. That said, Stony Lonesome facilities crew continue to do a fantastic job to combat the dust with water trucks all over the track, pit lane and the timing gate. Tyler and his crew were on top form with track sweepers, track spotters and recovery crews working hard to recover racers in a timely manner.


Round 9 of the Southern Series saw another great overall attendance considering the upcoming holiday.

Once again the lineup was very diverse with Polaris RZRs, several Can‐Am Mavericks, an increased Arctic Cat Wildcat presence, several Can‐Am Commanders, a Yamaha Rhino and two custom single seater Polaris RZRs. UTVRR’s race class structure affords all brands to race competitively on a consistent and even playing field.


In the later stages of a UTVRR season, a teaming phenomena starts to happen with individual drivers (out of the championship race) beginning to team up with fellow racers to bring the championship race down to the wire. After passing UTVRR tech inspection, successfully testing their timing transponder and attending the mandatory driver meeting, the teams began gridding. Prompt and organized, all teams found their grid allocations and the race started on schedule.

Round 9 saw thirty (30) teams start the race comprising of forty (40) drivers.

Stony Lonesome OHV provides UTVRR racers with a very diverse track. There are plenty of fast straights, wide open sweepers and a driver (and spectator) favorite short course section.

Setting up a UTV to race in UTVRR is a world of compromise. Too much power, not enough grip, suspension that works great in the jumps but not so great in the tight turns, the list goes on.

Overall power and setup, while important, will not win a UTVRR. Driver skill, ability and vehicle management are all overlooked but the most critical success factors to taking the checkered flag.


Above: Team #120, Ford Racing negotiating the short course section perfectly in his Polaris XP 900. Ford Racing epitomizes consistency with solid lap times. Much like in Round 8, Round 9 saw Team Ford and Team Buff paired up to co‐pilot the #120 entry.


Above: Team #13, Pearson Racing taking the hole shot from Team #111, CH Racing. Both Team #111 and Team #13 compete in QR2. Both teams race the Can‐Am Commander platform. Coming into Round 9 Team #13, Pearson Racing, holds 3rd place in the QR2 class Championship table.


Above: Team #443, Team Thompson pushing hard on the first lap in their Arctic Cat Wild Cat X. 2013 is the first season for Arctic Cat in UTVRR. With finishing positions climbing, and R&D in full swing Team Thompson and their partner team, Outdoor Products, are surely on the right path to UTVRR success.

Team #443 competes in QR1 and would finish the day 9th overall, 8th in their class with 16 laps in 3h 55m 13s (about half a lap out of 4th place). Nice Work!


Above: Team #243, RT Pro CS Racing leading the charge for QR3 in their RT Pro supported Polaris RZR 570. Team #243 entered the 2013 UTVRR season in Round 7. With back‐to‐back wins in Round 7 and 8 they are in solid control of 2nd place in the Championship for the QR3 class.

Their RZR 570 is setup perfectly for the overall UTVRR format using RT Pro’s industry leading suspension and performance enhancements.

Team #243 would finish with 11 laps in 3h 23m 11s, to take 3rd in QR3. They would also take QR3’s fastest lap with 14m 50.337s


Above: Team #101, Octane Racing high flying as usual. Racing in QR1 in a custom built Polaris RZR XP 900 there is stiff competition from a field of veteran racers and the mighty Can‐Am Maverick and RZR XP1000 platform(s)

Driving ability trumps power in UTVRR’s format and Octane Racing certainly has the ability. Right from the start Team #101 was battling for the lead. A minor mechanical failure took its toll and the lead slipped away.

They would finish the day with 13 laps in 3h 20m to take 18th overall, 14th in their class.


Above: Team #34, TSR Racing hard on the gas from the start. TSR would retire after 4 laps with a minor mechanical failure Below: Team #2909, R&R Racing’s QR1 Entry. Did the STIG race UTVRR this weekend?


Above: Team #257, R&R Racing in their very first UTVRR event. Racing in QR2 with a Polaris RZR 800, Team #257 would take 3rd place in the class with 15 laps in 3h52m33s



Above: Team #05 Outlaw Motorsports taking the lead over Team #82 Brian Motorsports. This battle for position in QR1 would continue throughout the day until a minor issue forced Team #05 out of the race.

Brian Motorsports continued on with consistent lap times to earn them 3rd overall, 3rd in QR1 with 17 laps in 3h 59m 26s.

Coming into Round 9, Brian Motorsports holds 10th place in the QR1 Championship table.


Above: Team #17, Kilowatt taking the inside line away from Team #940, Team South. Racing in a RZR XP 1000 Team #17 certainly had the acceleration edge when compared to Team South’s RZR XP 900 Four seater.

As the race continued, Team #940’s XP 900 would lap faster than Team #17’s XP 1000 but a minor issue ended Team South’s race early on the 11th lap, 2h 35m 16s mark.

Team #17 would finish the day in 17th overall, 13th in QR1 with 3h 17m 02s.


Above: Team #222, H.O.R.S Racing leading Team #121 Ford Racing through the final part of section 10 and in to the timing gate.

Team #222 races in a Yamaha Rhino, with Team #121 racing in a Polaris RZR 570.

This picture illustrates the diversity in the UTVRR field with H.O.R.S Racing being a veteran UTV Racer and Ford Racing comprising of two teenage ladies.

Ford Racing would take the win in QR3, H.O.R.S Racing would take 2nd place.


Above: Team #213, Basch Brothers Powersports sliding their Polaris RZR S out of the short course section.

Team #213 really has their UTV dialed in, producing excellent results race after race. With very few issues and strong driving ability, Team #213 would take the win in QR2 for Round 9.

They would complete the day with 16 laps in 3h 53m 18s.

Coming into Round 9, Team #213 has a solid lead for the QR2 Championship winning 7 of the 8 prior rounds.


Above: Team #111, CH Motorsports sliding his way around a fast left hander. Round 9 is the second race for Team #111 and their very well put together Can‐Am Commander.

QR2 competition is tough, with most all teams very well matched in both machines and driver ability. On any given weekend the podium for QR2 could go to any racer in that class.

For Round 9, Team #111 would finish 23rd overall, 5th in their class with 11 laps in 3h 46m 57s


Above: Team #257, R&R Racing drifting nicely out of section 10 coming in to the timing gate. R&R Racing is comprised of QR1 and QR2 entries. Round 9 was this teams very first UTVRR event.

Taking 3rd place in QR2 with 15 laps in 3h 52m 33s shows Team #257 is here to challenge for the lead!


Above: Team #17, Kilowatt in their 2nd QR1 team vehicle. This is a custom RZR XP 900. Kilowatt would finish the day in 17th overall with 13 laps in 3h 17m 02 s


Above: Team #121, Ford Racing. Not sure if the co‐pilot is wiping the drivers visor or just trying to make the race more challenging! Have fun ladies.


Above: Team #00, Barnett Racing flying down the back straight in his Polaris RZR XP 900.

Team #00 was hot on the pace of the leader the entire event finishing about half a lap outside of the podium places in QR1.

Coming in to Round 9, Barnett Racing holds 9th place in the Championship table but may climb a place or two with this result.

They would finish the day 6th overall, 6th in the QR1 class with 16 laps in 3h 52m 03s


Above: Team #312, Basch Bros Powersports catching some air over the jump.

Basch Bros Powersports is a UTVRR Series Contributor and a stalwart of the UTVRR community. Both the QR1 and QR2 vehicles are setup perfectly for UTVRR and always post great results. For Round 9 they would finish 7th overall, 7th in their class with 16 laps in 3h 52m 16s


Above: Team #120, Ford Racing’s Johnny Ford jumping in the driver seat for the start of the night section. Here we see Johnny powering off the timing gate and down the Pit Bypass lane.

The Pit Bypass is full race speed!


Above: Team #82, Brian Motorsports pushing hard to keep his podium place as sun starts to set.

UTVRR is raced two hours before dark and two hours after dark. Knowledge of the track and great lighting can give a driver the edge over their competition.

Team #82, Brian Motorsports would finish the day in 3rd place in QR1, 3rd place overall with 17 laps in 3h 59m 26s


Above: Team #940, Team South pressing for a place in the short course section.

Team South has been formed by various UTVRR racers to compete for the Championship in 2014.

The team is comprised of the former Bellevue Motorsports, LCB and Team Buff.

Between these three drivers, there is a wealth of knowledge and experience that will surely carry Team #940 to new heights.


Above: Team #123, Vulcan Racing was in the hunt from the very start. Along with Team #120 Ford Racing, Team #612 Double E Racing, these teams really led Round 9 for the overall win.

Time after time the vehicles are prepared perfectly and the pit crews are ready as soon as their drivers come into the pits. Winning by 1m 5s over a 4hr endurance race is very close call. Each and every turn could have been the difference between taking the win and finishing 2nd. That said, Team #612, Double E Racing was right behind Vulcan racing and would have pounced.

Congratulations Vulcan Racing.

The Round 9 Race Results for each class are as follows:

Overall Winner of Round 9:
#123 Vulcan Racing ‐ Polaris RZR XP 900 ‐ 17 Laps ‐ 3h 52m 22s

Class QR1:
1st ‐ #123 Vulcan Racing ‐ Polaris RZR XP 900 ‐ 17 Laps ‐ 3h 52m 22s
2nd ‐ #612 Double E Racing ‐ Polaris RZR XP 900 ‐ 17 Laps ‐ 3h 53m 27s
3rd ‐ #82 Brian Motorsports ‐ Polaris RZR XP 900 ‐ 17 Laps ‐ 3h 59m 26s

Class QR2:
1st ‐ #213 Basch Bros Powersports ‐ Polaris RZR S ‐ 16 Laps ‐ 3h 53m 58s
2nd ‐ #103 JV Racing ‐ Polaris 800 Std ‐ 15 Laps ‐ 3h 51m 59s
3rd ‐ #257 R&R Racing ‐ Polaris RZR Std ‐ 15 Laps ‐ 3h 52m 33s

Class QR3:
1st ‐ #121 Ford Racing ‐ Polaris RZR 570 ‐ 13 Laps ‐ 3h 57m 34s
2nd ‐ #222 H.O.R.S Racing ‐ Yamaha Rhino ‐ 12 Laps ‐ 3h 43m 15s
3rd ‐ #243 Racertech CS Racing ‐ Polaris RZR 570 ‐ 11 Laps ‐ 3h 23m 11s

Overall Fastest Lap of Round 9:
#101 Octane Racing ‐ Polaris RZR XP 900 ‐ 12m 33.235 seconds