04279 – RZR (ALL) Inner Pivot Bushing – Long


Part # 04279

Delrin OEM replacement bushing – SOLD INDIVIDUALLY

Replaces Polaris part # 5436973.

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Replace your cheap plastic pivot bushings with these race proven RT Pro precision Delrin Bushings. We’ve seen these exact bushings last over 10,000 miles on a RZR before! They are made from high quality Acetel (Delrin) which is a high wear / self-lubricating material used around the world on the top off-road race cars. It is a harder material than the OEM plastic which will also tighten up the feeling of your suspension. You can run these dry or greased but we usually recommend dry in most conditions unless you ride in a lot of mud regularly. The rule of thumb here is dry RZR = dry bushings / wet RZR = wet bushings.

These bushings are an exact replacement for the OEM Polaris part number 5436973 (common inner pivot bushing found on the RZR 800 (ALL) front, RZR 570 (ALL) front and RZR XP 900 (ALL) front upper. (They may also fit other models using these part numbers) These will fit any OEM control arm or bearing carrier calling for the noted Polaris part numbers, or any of our RT Pro control arms. They should also fit any other aftermarket arm designed to use OEM size bushings but of course we can’t guarantee our competitors work like we can our own.

These bushings are SOLD INDIVIDUALLY. Count how many you need and order that quantity. Each pivot uses two per control arm sleeve.

NOTE: These bushings are produced at a greater level of precision than the OEM control arms. We choose to run our machining tolerances on the high side so there is never too loose of a fit. The down side to this is sometimes these bushings can be a tighter fit in some arms. We would rather have a proper fit even if it means a little more work because ultimately, the better the bushings is fit to each arm, the longer they will last. If you find a bushing to be so tight in the arm you need to pound with more than a heavy palm of the hand, DO NOT POUND IT IN WITH A HAMMER. At this point you should use some 120 grit sandpaper and spin the bushing in your hand with the paper rolled in it. This will slowly take material evenly off the bushing. Check fitment regularly. The ideal bushing fitment is tight enough to stay in place but not so tight that you need a lot of force to reinstall the inner pivot sleeve. The sleeve needs to be able to move by hand inside the installed bushing. DO NOT POUND IN THE INNER PIVOT SLEEVE. Keep adjusting the bushing fitment until the sleeve can be pushed in by hand. Some friction is just fine, force is not.

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