RZR 800 / 570 / XP 900 / ACE Replacement Control Bushings


Part # RTP5201905

Replace your worn plastic bushings with these RT Pro Bronze bushings. Sold as a pair.

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It’s a well know fact that Polaris uses a really cheap and weak molded plastic bushing for all RZR’s tilt steering column pivots, brake and gas pedal pivots and shifter pivots. These wear out quickly and make the RZR feel “sloppy” when your’re driving it. No one feels confident in a “loose” feeling vehicle!

RT Pro took their years of experience in off-road racing and material applications and determined the best material for these points would be Bronze. We then took in to account some variances in the OEM’s production tolerances and different production specs of the multiple assemblies we were working with and determined the exact size we needed to machine these bushings to. The result is a universal product which fits very tightly on all pivot points mentioned. It replaces the cheap OEM plastic bushings with extremely long lasting bronze material so you can be confident your RZR’s interior controls will maintain that “tight” factory new feeling for many years.

In thousands of miles of racing over many, many years, we’ve found there are massive mental gains in driving a tight machine. The drivers confidence level is greatly improved when they feel a “tight” machine under them which allows them to focus much more on the task at hand and it also allows them to “feel” the more critical aspects of the machine more accurately during hard driving conditions. These bushings are a great and simple product to drastically improve the machines feel.

These bushings also make a lot of sense to upgrade to on any older or high milage RZR for a much better and much longer lasting solution.

These are a direct replacement for Polaris part# 5431107. They are designed to fit all 2008-2014 RZR 570, 800 and XP 900’s for all models and variations. These bushings fit: OEM pedal assembly, the tilt steering column and the transmission shifter. They will work with the 2015+ RZR 570 transmission shifter ONLY. If we don’t list your model or control item you’re looking for, we have not confirmed these will fit. However, any part on your UTV using the previously mentioned Polaris part # should be able to be replaced by these bushings.


Quantity needed per assembly:

  • 2 PCS. – Tilt Steering Column
  • 2 PCS. – Shifter
  • 4 PCS. – Gas and Brake Pedal Assembly


    Click to View - Installing the RacerTech Bronze Control bushings in the RZR brake pedal!

    Click to View - Installing the RacerTech Bronze Control Bushings in the RZR shifter

    Click to View - Installing the RacerTech Bronze Control Bushings in the RZR Steering Column Pivots

    Click to View - Installing the RacerTech Bronze Control Bushings in the RZR Gas Pedal

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