RZR 800 S / 4 Seat – Lift Kit & Springs Bundle


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Lift Kit and Springs together.

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This kit gets you the ultimate lift kit and the best springs on the market together in one custom tuned package. RT Pro’s engineers have worked for years developing and refining these kits individually AND together. Now we’re offering you the proven package everyone wants in one simple kit with a discounted price. Remember, we’re the only company who has done this much development with springs AND lifts combined.

This combo will make the most out of each kit. Our springs will optimize the lift for max height and the lift will optimize the spring rates for minimal preload by improving geometry and taking leverage off the springs. The lift will also increase the payload your UTV can handle with a lighter rate spring which always improves the ride. Try our Spring Rate Calculator to see it for yourself.

Note: Years of experience has shown the best ride and handling can be found by using a lift/spring combo set a little lower than the full height. This allows for increased clearance over OEM height an minimal preload on the springs which makes for a smoother ride. Of course you will still find an improved ride and handling over OEM at max height as well. Just note any time ride height is maximized the ride will be firmer.

For more details on the S/4 Lift kit: visit the RZR 800 S/4 2″ Lift Kit – ALL YEARS product page.

For more details on spring options click the link to your model:

RZR 800 S (Sachs Shocks).
RZR 800 S (Fox Podium Shocks).
RZR 800 4 Seat (Fox Podium Shocks).

Here’s a perfect example of the advantages given by the Lift / Spring Bundle:

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