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Part # RTP5500115

Weld in these RT Pro made Stepped Washers to fix egged out sloppy holes in your chassis or eliminate the possibility of this ever happening in the first place. SOLD IN SET OF 4.


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RT Pro Stepped Washers are 100% American made to our high precision standards. These are installed in the RZR chassis at any and all suspension pivot points. The RZR chassis is made from notoriously weak and thin steel. Any time pivot bolts come loose or bushings wear out the likelihood increases that the holes in the chassis and the rear arms are going to get “egged out” or expand. Once this begins the damage gets worse exponentially.

Install these stepped washers in your chassis to stop this problem from getting worse, or if you’re lucky, you can stop it from ever happening. To install, the holes in the chassis will need to be opened up to 5/8″ diameter and the stepped washers will sink in flush with the other side of the material on the chassis. Then simply weld around the washer to secure it in place. Note: these washers are designed to properly fit 10mm bolts and 0.110″ thick chassis tabs.

When adding washers you will need to use new nyloc nuts with shorter overall height. Older RZR’s use M10-1.5 threads. 2011+ use M10-1.25. Double check your hardware before buying anything.

Washers are sold in set of 4. Also consider using these washers to reinforce your upper shock mounts.

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