RZR S 900/1000 (60″) Dual Rate Springs Kit


Part #
RTP5301165 – SD Comfort/Trail
RTP5301175 – HD Sport/Race

After years of refining our design, RT Pro unleashes the most valuable upgrade you can add to your RZR S 900/1000. Our True Dual Rate Replacement Spring System is second to none.

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RT Pro introduces an amazing blend of ride quality and performance for the RZR S 900/1000. Our Dynamic Inertia Spring System (D.I.S.S.) has been proven for years in other replacement spring kits we sell and seems to get better and better for each model that comes out.

This kit is a complete set of dual rate spring for the front and rear which are 2.5″ I.D.. This make this kit universal to all aftermarket 2.0″ or equivalent shocks so if you ever decide to upgrade to aftermarket shocks you don’t have to buy shocks with springs. You can take your RT Pro springs with you!

This kit includes adapter rings which convert the OEM upper and lower spring retainers from a 2.25″ ID set up to the 2.5″ springs that come in this kit. The kit also includes RT Pro’s molded Delrin spring spacers. These are designed to slide up and down the body of the shock straight and true for a long time due to their precision design and high quality American material. They will also last much longer than our competitors because they have better wear characteristics and built in UV protection.


STANDARD – For the 900/1000S, the Standard rate springs cover almost everyone. These will give you the best ride and performance at OEM height as long as you aren’t carrying a lot of extra weight. This kit works great with our 1.5″ Lift Kit HERE as well if you’d like extra height.

HEAVY DUTY – This kit is for customers running a lot of accessories and payload or customer looking to get height without a lift kit. However, if run for height this kit will make a much firmer ride. Some customers prefer a firmer ride for aggressive driving and increased stability and this is a good fit for them. However, the best solution for increased ride height is always a lift kit. Our springs are not designed to lift. The best ride and handling for a raised RZR will come from a Lift/Spring Bundle HERE so we mainly recommend this kit only for heavy loaded RZR’s over 600 lbs, or 800 lbs with our lift.


This kit fits all year RZR S 900 and RZR S 1000. We have verified it will work with the 2017 Walker Evans shocks as well.

Kit includes (8) springs, (8) adapter rings and (4) spring spacers. All springs come with silver powdercoat.

This kit is 100% MADE IN THE U.S.A.


While it’s rather uncommon on this model, we’ve managed to break a couple of the OEM lower spring retainers during extreme driving. Due to this, RT Pro has designed custom billet Race Retainers which substantially improve on the original design by increasing the cross sectional area of the part as well as employing much better materials. All Race Retainers are gold anodized. Add these to your order HERE for the ultimate spring package.

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Weight 26.65 lbs