Shock Guard Mounts for 2.5″ ID Springs


Part # RTP5801015

This mounting rings will mount up the OEM Polaris rear shock guard to any 2.5″ shock.

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Here’s a slick and simple product used to mount OEM Polaris shock guards (Polaris # 5438873-070 GUARD-SHOCK ROD,REAR,BLK) on any shock using a 2.5″ ID spring. This was originally designed as a solution to the problem of loosing the rear shock guard mounting tabs when swapping to our Race Retainers on our RZR XP 900 RACE Kit but we quickly found it to be a solution for many other customers looking for additional shock protection on other UTV’s.


Shock guards are important because they can protect the vulnerable shock shafts from nicks and dings they can get as rocks and other debris are thrown back from competitors tires in a race or the leader on the trail. We’ve found however, the most rocks and debris damage comes off the front tires of your own UTV making the rear shocks just as susceptible (or more) to damage as the fronts.

It’s important to protect the shock shaft because once it’s chipped it can easily tear the shaft seals in the shock which will substantially shorten the shocks service life by leaking the fluid. The shock guards will also take the abuse from stones and debris that would otherwise chip the springs which can potentially temper the spring or cause micro fractures leading to eventual spring failure.

We feel shock guards are a superior alternative to “shock boots”. Boots will also protect against chipping but they retain moisture and debris which still always seems to find it’s way in. Those problems are not eliminated with shock guards.


These can be used to mount extra shock guards to ANY UTV using 2.5″ ID Springs with or without our “Race Retainers”. Simply purchase the Polaris part number noted above from your local dealer or online parts source and add them to these rings.

These are sold as a pair and include new hardware for fastening the guards to these rings. The supplied screws self-tap in to the rings. Rings are powdercoated black.

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