RT Pro RZ0 REPLACEMENT ARM Kit Installation

Thank you for your purchase! These arms will make a substantial difference in you machines durability and will also allow you to adjust the vehicles handling. We’ve put a lot of work into building the best bolt-on kit available. There are a few key points one should know to install this kit. If you have any additional questions PLEASE feel free to call tech support anytime at (616) 928-0616. Or email at andy@spectrumsandsports.com

  • Your kit will utilize the OEM pivot hardware, bushing sleeves and bushings.
  • If you’ve purchased your kit with our Delrin Bushing upgrade you will need to reuse everything less the OEM bushings. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND GREASING THE DELRIN BUSHINGS.
  • Upon final assembly, we recommend using blue Loc-Tite on all of the hardware assemblies involved in installing this kit.
  • PLEASE read all directions before removing stock parts

  • It is critical the spindle adapters attached to the stock spindle are VERY tight. There can be NO free-play.
  • The tapered spacers in the heim joints should always tighten against the casting of the spindle.

  • The exposed threads on the upper heim joint should be approximately .250” with the jam nut tightened.
  • The exposed threads on the lower heim joint should be approximately .250” with the jam nut tightened.
  • The axle nuts should be torqued to 65 ft. lbs.
  • DO NOT forget to crimp the nut down into the groove in the axle. Use a small punch and a hammer to do this.
  • Before driving, the alignment of the steering MUST be centered and the toe-in should be set at 1/8” inwards overall.


Mainly, the camber setting at ride height should be negative .5° to 1° depending on driver preference. This means the top of the tire will be leaned in towards the middle of the vehicle. The higher the degree of negative camber the more the front tires will bite in a turn. Although 1.5° negative is the most you should use.

If you have not removed your tie rod assembly during the A-arm installation process your toe settings should still be very close to the proper settings yet. We do recommend you check these settings though before you ride since the camber adjustments can have an effect on the toe alignment. We recommend the steering be set to 1/8” overall toe IN.

This concludes the installation of the RZ0 Standard Front Arm Replacement Kit. Enjoy your improved safety and handling!

We’d like to hear about your experiences and see your RZR after the installation! Please send comments and pictures to sales@spectrumsandsports.com

Disclaimer: RZR Tech / Spectrum Sandsports will assume no responsibility for accidents or injuries due to improper installation or use of our products. Ride at your own risk!