How to Determine Custom HD Tie Rod Length

RT Pro offers custom length tie rods for all models and arm kits. If you have a competitors arm kit but want a more serious tie rod solution you’ve come to the right place.

For more info on our HD Tie Rod Kits click the link for your model UTV below:
RZR 800 / RZR S / RZR 4 800 / RZR 570
RZR XP 900 / RZR XP4 900 / RZR XP 900 Jagged X
Ranger XP 700/800 09’+

You can order TWO ways – Ordering custom length tie rods from RT Pro is easy. We’ve developed a simple mathematical equation we use here in-house to calculate the exact length needed to work with any arm kit you could ever possibly run on your UTV. We also save previous custom designs and add common sizes to the site here as well.

Measurement Generated – Measure your tie rods as shown in the pictures below. We only need the dimension from the shoulder to the center of the bolt. Once you determine your measurement. Place your order and make sure you select the CUSTOM option. When checking out, put the measurement in the COMMENT box. We will see this and build custom length tubes per your measurement.

“Pre-Designed” – We’ve been doing this for years so there’s a really good chance we already have the custom length kit saved in our system. Just look on the “custom” tab on the appropriate kit listing for your UTV and see if you’re version is available as a “pre-designed” kit. Then just follow the instruction for ordering.

• Measure from the shoulder of your OEM inner pivot ball joint cup. This is the surface which tightens against the rack bar of the steering rack.

• You will measure from the shoulder to the center of the outer mounting bolt head. Make sure the bolt is perpendicular to the tie rod shaft for the most accurate measurement.

• This is the measurement we need to design custom length tie rods for you. We use this dimension to plug in to our equation which considers the “stack up” length of all of our replacement components vs. the OEM components. Then the equation calculates what length the tube needs to be overall to make our kit match the same overall length of what your custom arm kit requires. The equation calculates the overall length of the final kit and builds in 1/4″ of exposed threads per side of the tube at the calculated length which allows up to 1/2″ of adjustment to a shorter length or over 1″ of adjustment to a longer length if needed during alignment.