Recap of Rd 1 of WORCS from Kyle

Here is the race recaps from a few of our drivers that were at WORCS this past weekend at Glen Helen by Kyle Mellville.
Kyle ran the series last year and has plans to continue running the full series.

Here is a quick review of events from #661 Kyle Melville.

Last weekend was the first round of the WORCS series held in San Bernardino, CA at the famous Glen Helen Raceway. Friday brought clear skies and made for one of the best practice days I have ever had. I was able to get all the jumps down that the Class 1’s were doing and running with them. However, Friday night would quickly change all lines and ideas about the following days race. It poured from midnight Friday night until around 1PM on Saturday. This completely flooded the track and left officials with no choice but to change the course in multiple spots; meaning, all previous days’ practice was useless. We took off the line and headed to the infamous Taladega where most of us were slipping and sliding, bumping and braking. As we neared the end of the first lap I made my move on two other drivers and moved into the third place position. By the third lap, I had worked my way up in to first place with many of the other racers being sidelined due to part failure or just plain being stuck. As we neared the end of the race, two Kawasaki Teryxs passed me. I fought with all I had to get them back but couldn’t make it happen. So, for the first round of the year, we took a podium finish in the 3rd spot. Many racers that have come to this series from the Lucas series will quickly learn this is not all about speed right off the drop of the flag. The WORCS series is a test of a true race UTV and the driver in itself. We can all haul butt all over the place, but its about being able to learn the limits of the vehicle. As we head in to Round 2 in Primm, NV, we will be making slight changes and try to aim for a better podium position. This track will be a true test of man and car as it is one of the roughest of all courses in the series. I’d like to thank all my sponsors for all they did to help us get ready for this year: Darin @ All Valley Carburetors, Go RT Pro, Dragonfire Racing, ITP Tires, Triumph Motorsports, DJ Safety, EPI Performance, Christy McGuffin Photography, and Quad Tech.