WORCS Round 6 Utah

We all knew that Utah was going to bring a very rocky and rough track for the SxS class. What we did not know was how much of a toll it would take on the equipment. Saturday started with a parade lap at around 1 for us to checkout the track for the first time and I have to tell you that the rocks that were coming up on just a slow lap was going to make for a very interesting race. I started in the second row and with the drop of the green flag we were off. I thought I got a good jump only to have 4 cars out power me before the first corner, so we were 15th at the the first jump. Coming to the rhyme section I knew that people were going to have a hard time with the timing so I took smooth and was able to make some passes. As the time started ticking down I was able to make more passes with each lap and with corrected time I came out with a 6th place finish. I think the benefit I had was choosing RT Pro for my a-arms and nerf bar that took a hard beating with the rocks and showed no signs of problems throughout the punishing race. With a good amount of hits to rocks I thought for sure I bent or broke something, but only ended up with paint chips. Thank you RT Pro for building awesome product that last and prove them self’s every time out.

Chris Willing
#654 Production 1000