RT PRO Interview with Chris Holland

“Great off-road driving and racing comes with having the most rugged and durable machine in the pack. RT Pro was built on this premise […]

“Great off-road driving and racing comes with having the most rugged and durable machine in the pack. RT Pro was built on this premise starting as Racer Tech back in 2005 with the original Yamaha Rhino. When the Polaris RzR was released the next year a whole new market was created and we were in position to be a natural leader. For the next decade we pioneered the UTV industry with many firsts including upper shock relocation lift kits, OEM replacement spring kits, HD tie rods, modular bumpers, roll cages and countless chassis gussets and more.”

It has been well over a decade since RT Pro came onto the UTV scene making parts for the Rhino. Prior to the UTV from Yamaha, UTVs were seen mostly as commercial and farm vehicles. When the Rhino added some performance and fun into the mix, the public took notice and for the first time, regular consumer sales surpassed commercial sales of UTVs. Aftermarket companies popped up to support the models to make them even more versatile. Then in 2007, Polaris totally reinvented the industry with the introduction of the RzR, the first recreational sport UTV.

RT Pro has been at the forefront of the sport UTV scene since the very beginning while many others have come and gone. The company has continued to see significant growth over time and Fox Factory saw even more potential and acquired the Coldwater, MI based company in 2014. Combining two industry leaders in UTV suspension and chassis products has created one of the first dream teams in the UTV market.

Ted Yearling took over as brand manager for RT Pro in 2017 after working for the parent company since 2008, bringing his knowledge of tech and suspension to the brand and continues to lead the way forward.

“The fabrication and designs changed over the years as the models developed, but really the spirit behind the company has always the integral pieces to keep the things functioning on the trail and having them proven in a race situation. Therefore, we have something that’s overbuilt for your standard trail rider and for your racer. You can take that same machine you use for everyday trail use and run it down a race track and be competitive,” Yearling said.

The merger with Fox has helped the company push boundaries even further according to Yearling.

“It’s been great growing together with Fox and their powersports division to develop packages. The racing program has really helped us refine some things. We would basically hand a part to a racer and say ‘break it’ and then we’ll figure out how we can make it even better. We would do some tweaking [and get the] non-failure rate where we need it to be.”

Keeping things made in the USA has been extremely important to RT Pro.

“It’s so important to to have that quality control right under your nose, so that you can keep an eye on it every day and and make sure that what is coming out of your line is, that way we’re able to package that part confidently and sent it on and expect them to use it and get their use out of it and not be money wasted,” Yearling explained about keeping things here in the States.

RT Pro’s spring kits have consistently been one of their top sellers over the years for good reason. Reviews from publications and consumers have always been outstanding, including our own previously published review.

Yearling explains what makes RT Pro springs a superior choice.

“So what we’re accomplishing is we’re going with a a lot better spring rate that more capable to handle the machine, therefore increasing the performance of the shock, maximizing the travel of that shock and the resistance to fade. The performance level lasts for a longer period of time, the ride quality is better, the predictability of the suspension, how you feel connected to the machine is better… It’s a night and day difference.”

The company isn’t just satisfied with what is currently offers, but doesn’t feel the pressure of being first to market with a product. With any product that is released to the public, they want to be thoroughly tested and be the absolute best it can be. Any product released needs to see significant increases in strength, while only adding minimal weight gains. There is a lot of precision design that goes into making that happen.

However, Yearling says they are ready to get products for new vehicles out there, including for the new Honda Talon and Roxor from Mahindra.

“I’m excited about the level at which the machines are improving. The Honda Talon for example, we’re all excited to see that come out. It’s really been a leader when it comes to the chassis design aspect. Can-Am has really raised the game when it comes to power and performance. I like the utility market and how it’s changing. With the addition of the Roxor, I can see us doing quite a bit with that given our heritage and partnership with Fox and being under the same umbrella as the Sport Truck brands. BDS and JKS, that’s one of the things I see us going into. With being part of the Fox family. I see us hitting more performance and maybe some of that Live Valve technology out there for different applications. We’re really excited the technology and what Fox has done to step up their game there.”

RT Pro products can be purchased on Amazon, directly through the RT Pro website or from a network of dealers around the country.

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