RT Pro’s Jerry Boling Drives Through Adversity at Big Buck GNCC

Jerry Boling drove through a tough and fast course to earn a finish at the Big Buck GNCC in the Pro XC1 SXS class, but he didn’t score the finish he wanted with his Addict Racing / RT Pro / 360 Fly Polaris RZR after several setbacks that slowed his charge to the finish.


In the first lap, Boling hit one of the course’s many stumps and snapped the bolts attaching the front A-arm to his RZR. While charging through the field, he broke a drive belt on the fourth lap.

“When I hit the stump, I dialed it way back, but I was still able to steer and drive it,” explained Boling. “That RT Pro stuff is just amazing. It broke the bolt out of the frame. Everything failed the way it was supposed to. It didn’t bend the frame. It didn’t rip the tabs. It just broke the A-Arm bolts. It makes it easier to fix. If we hadn’t used their gusset kit and washers, it would have trashed the frame. I walked out with minor damage, considering.

“Giving everything that happened, a finish was nice,” added Boling. “That stump tore up a bunch of cars. It was six inches tall. They marked a lot of them, but they didn’t get that one.”

Boling gave his online audience a spectacular streaming look of his first lap using his Fly 360 camera. He aired the footage on the Live it App.

While he definitely had issues, Boling enjoyed his first visit to Big Buck. He couldn’t say enough good things about RT Pro. “I definitely liked the terrain,” said Boling. “Other than the stumps and the dust, the course was awesome. I liked the clay a lot better than the sand. A big thank you to RT Pro for building the best components for the RZR. I broke an A-arm on lap one and was still able to finish the race. Their components are top notch.”

He owes a lot the added horsepower on his ride handed to him by engine builder Addict Racing for his drive to the finish. “That thing pulls hard,” said Boling. “If I do make a mistake, I can catch right up. I couldn’t ask for any more power. It is, by far, the fastest side by side out there. It’s taken me some time to learn how to drive it with that much power.”

Boling, who finished fifth in his GNCC debut, is in the process of prepping his car for the next GNCC race in two weeks. “We’ll be ready,” said Boling. “We’ll try to get back up front again.”

Boling will be back in action with his professional pit set up from Matrix Concepts when GNCC SXS Racing hits Moree’s Sportsman’s Preserve in Society Hill, SC April 30-May 1. Be sure to follow him on Instagram: JerryBoling321gnccpro

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