UTV Rally Raid Round 7 Race Report

Round seven of UTV Rally Raid saw yet another great turnout with 40 drivers battling it out in this one of a kind cross country racing series. The weather held out for round 7 and the expected rain never did rear its head over the mountains of Bremen Alabama. Stony Lonesome had done great job preparing the course and ensuring the facility was ready to go and the racers were excited to racing again.
As the race started to warm up it was clear to see that this race would be tight and the Outlaw class delivered. At one point in the race there were only 30 seconds separating 1st and 2nd place on this high speed ten mile course, the lead was to flip flop between two drivers until one of them had a problem that set him back and allowed the field to spread out. Mudders Magazine was there to see the racing and cover it for their magazine and by all accounts had a great time and intended to be at more races of this exciting UTV series.

All three classes saw a good turnout with Outlaw and Class two being the largest at this event. Class one was hotly contested with new racers showing up to test their skills and see what all the noise is about. As interest in UTV Rally Raid grows towards 2013 and the series expands into two locations having 100% growth and going from ten races a year to twenty it looks like UTV Rally Raid is here to stay for a while. With great Class sponsors like Joomgo and RT Pro it would appear UTV Endurance Racing has found a home in the Southeastern United States. Once only for racers living in California and the western side of the country UTV Endurance Racing is finally getting a foot hold in the South Eastern side of the country.
A typical season of UTV Rally Raid will see racers covering over 1200 miles of forest in just ten races at high speed in both the daylight and the dark and with the new technology expected to be arriving for 2013 Quantum Racing fully intends to bring this part of the world something to talk about.
The class standings for round seven are as follows, we would like to congratulate the winners and thank all the teams that turned out to race this very unique, one of a kind and original racing series.

Class 1
14 Edub Racing
423 Extreme Motorsports
67 Team Buff
Class 2
88 Team Bluetorch
223 Full Throttle
68 Team Buff

120 Ford Racing
612 Double E Racing
11 UTVTV.com
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