UTVRR – Northern Series Round 2 Race Report

Round 2 of UTVRR’s Northern Series kicked off promptly at 6:15pm on Saturday, March 16th, 2013. Windrock Park’s UTV Endurance track was custom built for UTVRR. With 8.2 miles of closed track (no public traffic), there is great anticipation surrounding the Northern Series. Since Round 1, the facility’s team, headed up by ‘Rooster’ has worked hard to maintain the track and work to further enhance the UTVRR experience. With assistance from the Windrock ATV club the Northern Series venue is sure to be a long-term favorite. The route markers remain clear and additional signage made it easier to distinguish between course sections. The Event Staff were on just about every corner to provide assistance were possible. The weather was perfect with the temperature around 70 at race start and holding to around 63 throughout the event. At approximately 5pm the racers started to take their positions.

Along with the large RZR presence, Wild Cats, Commanders and some new HOSS 1100 UTVs were present. Much like Round 1, more than 40% of the field consisted of Net New UTVRR drivers.

Once again the UTVRR community provided a fantastic atmosphere and welcomed the new driv-ers with open arms.

The new hot-food catering service was a hit and was completely sold out before the night was through.

Above: Team #313, 4 Dogs Racing having a good time with fellow Wildcat driver, Team #131 Tennessee.

With the race starting at 6:15pm, there was plenty of time for the racers to catch-up with each other and discuss strategy, vehicle settings and even a few jokes.

Several drivers had the opportunity to take a lap of the track earlier in the day and were more than willing to spend a few mi-nutes discussing and offering advice to their peers.

Great sportsmanship and Comra-dery!!!

Above: A very concerned co-pilot getting a last minute pep talk from a teammate.

With any NEW track, a few rounds of spirited racing will refine the course and the overall lap times will drop significantly. Round 2 presented a completely different track than the racers experienced in Round 1.

Very little rain meant the track would be much drier and less smooth. With these new challenges, the race course will take time to “settle”. The event staff at Windrock Park are committed to making their venue the premier UTVRR Endurance racing location.

Above: Team #120, Ford Racing contemplating the meaning of life, and the first few laps. Team Ford Racing is a veteran UTVRR racer and will always take the time to help other races if needed.

Volunteer stewards from the Windrock ATV Club were strategically positioned through-out the entire course to provide driver assistance where possible.

In addition, the local county EMTs were on hand just in-case an individual attending the event required and attention. Fortunately, they had a quiet night!

Above: Chillin out on the roof, waiting for the start of the race. He wouldn’t have to wait long!!!

The Windrock Park Event Staff all wore high visibility shirts which made them very easy to spot though the trees.

Once again, these guys really stepped up and helped with track sweeping, vehicle recovery and the overall safety and order of the entire day.

In addition to thanking the entire Windrock Park ATV Club, a Special Thank you to Scott McClel-land (Team 469) for providing the Camera and video support ride throughout the day.

Although Scott McClelland (Team 469) was unable to race at Round 2, he provided invaluable support to the Quantum Racing team and the drivers of UTVRR.

Above: Here he can be seen taking a the co-driver from Team #969, B and C Racing off the course after a vehicle failure. Nice work Scott!

Above: Team #421, Spyder Motorsports giving a thumbs up in Section 3.

Above: Team #75, Clark Bros with their foot down in Section 3.

Above: Team #1989, Team Wildcat’s co-pilot advising his driver to go faster!!!

Above: Team #131, Team Tennes-see dropping the hammer down on his third lap.

Above: Team #11, Champ Racing sliding around a double apex right hander in Section 3. This was one of the smoother sections of the track, but boy oh boy was it dry!

Above: Team #1989, Team Wildcat pushing hard in their first UTVRR event. Both these guys had a blast and we hope to see them for Round 3!

The race course was a little slower than in Round 1, partly due to the dryness of the track. The lap times were just off the inaugural pace, but still very fast indeed.

At the nights end, one team would miss his final lap by 2.8 seconds!!!

Lesson learned for Round 3, keep it pinned every stretch of the way…except Pit lane and the Timing Gate

Above: Team #559, To Be Fast, in his Hoss Buggy flat out over the small bridge and around the lake; section 5. These guys would finish 19th overall and 9th in their QR2 Class.

Above: Team #93, Cmh Motor Sports push-ing hard as always in his Can-Am Commander. The Commander is always competitive in QR2.

He finished 26th overall and 11th in his QR2 class. Had Team #93 not suffered a minor mechanical issue he would have been right on class leaders pace. Cmh Motorsports made the trip to Round 2 from West Virginia. Thanks guys, we appreciate your support!

Above: Team #615, Jc Motorsports on his very first lap in his Arctic Cat Wildcat. The Wildcats run in the QR1 class of UTVRR and have the potential to be a top class vehicle. Team #615 is a UTVRR vet-eran and we are thankful to have him race the series!

Above: Team #923 Tony’s Toys was flat out, every turn, all day long. Here he can be seen in a high speed slide around a tight right hander in section 4.

Team #923 would finish 24th overall and 12th in his QR1 class.

Above: Team #70, Toyota Of Kingsport getting the job done as darkness des-cended.

Team #70 finished 1st place in QR1 and 1st place over-all on the day. They had an insurmountable lead of 7m:59s.
Great work guys!!!

Lexus Of Kingsport is a Proud UTVRR Series Spon-sor! Thank you, we appre-ciate your support!

Above: This innocent looking picture is more than it ap-pears. We see Team #68, Team Buff entering a sharp right hander. More than that, we now have proof that Team Buff does indeed have brakes and moreover, uses them.

Team #68 runs a stock RZR 570 in the QR2 class. He went on to set the fastest lap in QR2, but had a tire failure that forced his eventual retirement on the day.

Above: Team #730, Ajax Motorsports working well in the dark. They finished 8th overall and 3rd in their QR2 Class.

A nice set of “candles” can make all the differ-ence as the racers navi-gate the forest at night!

Vision X USA can pro-vide a driver with an advantage as the dark-ness creeps in. Their Yellow lenses prove to be invaluable in the more dry conditions.

Above: Team #51, Joomgo raising the ante in Class QR2. Every race, Joomgo improves his position and lap times.

Joomgo finished 16th overall and 7th in his QR2 Class.

Joomgo is also a proud 2nd year UTVRR series sponsor! Thank You for your support!

Above: Team #22, Wide Open Racing tak-ing no prisoners heading into section 7. Team #22 finished 7th overall in their Can-Am Commander taking 2nd place in his QR2 Class.

Above: Team #07, Truett Insulation not stopping when the sun went down.

Team #07 finished 12th overall and 1st in his QR3 class. Congrats guys!

Above: Team #812,Toyota Of Kingsport laying down consistent lap times throughout the event.

Team #812 finished 14th overall and 6th in his QR2 Class.