UTVRR Northern Series Round 8 Race Report

Round 8 of UTVRR’s Northern Series kicked off promptly at 5:15pm on Saturday October 5th, 2013. Rainfall had been scarce for the week leading up to the race, so dry conditions were expected. The temperatures were almost perfect and the course was in great shape. The park’s facility crews had done everything possible prior to race start to keep the track clear, dumping thousands of gallons of water and making several minor course modifications.

To provide the racers with some free track, drivers started the race at 30 second intervals, in the standard paired format. With thirteen (13) rows, it would take 12m 30seconds to clear the grid. With the fastest drivers lapping in high 12’s timing would need to be perfect, and perfect it was. The entire grid started without issue and Round 8 was underway. Once again the field was made up of various manufacturers. Polaris (RZR 570, 800, S, XP and 1000), Can‐Am Mavericks, Arctic Cat Wildcats, Kawasaki Teryx and a Trophy Kart were all represented.

Just like in Round 7, several new teams registered for their very first UTVRR event.

Overall, four (4) new teams participated in Round 8 at Windrock Park. These new teams raced in RZR S’s and RZR XP 900s.

Round after round the numbers of retirements due to mechanical failures has decreased, which is testament to the fantastic work effort of Windrock Park’s facility crew.

The water trucks had been soaking the track from early in the day and come 5:15pm, the track was ready to roll!

Right from the flag the racers were hard on the gas. Section 1 was fairly dusty but the track cleared quickly after the first few turns. The more experienced racers decided that giving 100% from the start was the only option.

Above: Team #50, Dauntless, sliding through a fast left hander perfectly. Team #50 was leading the QR2 class in his Polaris RZR S before a minor mechanical failure ended his race early on his 6th lap.

Above: Team #07, Truett Insulation taking it to the QR2 class in his Polaris RZR 570. Although the RZR 570 is at a power disadvantage when compared to the RZR 800’s in QR2, this vehicle is more nimble and is easier to maneuver through the tighter technical sections of the UTVRR track. Historically, the RZR 570 has been a winning platform in QR2. Typically, Team #07 races in class QR3 but decided to run in QR2 for Round 8.

Great choice boys, they finished 2nd in their class, 6th overall with 14 laps in 32h 48m 39s. Fantastic effort and an example in solid driving.

Above: Team #828, Toyota Of Kingsport debuting a Trophy Kart for the very first time in UTVRR history.

Team #828 consisted of a two (2) UTV team; the Trophy Kart and a Kawasaki Teryx competed in class QR1.

Neither vehicle was built or configured specifically for the UTVRR format which made their finishing position(s) all the more respectable.

Team #828 finished 9th in their class, 12th overall with 13 laps in 3h 44m 23s

Above: Team #131, Tennessee racing his “Bad Kitty” in QR1. This UTV is a custom built, from the ground up, Arctic Cat Wildcat. Tennessee would have a few challenges in only his second time out with his project and would finish 12th in his class, 15th overall with 10 laps in 3h 52m 13s.

Above: Team #321, HOLZ JRI powering out of the forest and down a fast straight in section 4. HOLZ JRI competes in QR1 in his Polaris RZR XP 900.

He would finished the day 11th in QR1, 14th overall with 10 laps in 2h 51m 19s

Above: Team #06, Bigfoot Racing in his very first UTVRR event. Team #06 competes in QR1 in a Polaris RZR XP 900. Bigfoot Racing would finish the day 14th in QR1, 18th overall with 6 laps in 2h 59m 06s. Great debut guys.

Above: Team #442, Team Canada returning for their 3rd UTVRR Event. Team #442 made significant progress over Round 7. They compete in class QR1 with a 2013 Arctic Cat Wildcat. They managed to finish 7th in their class and 10th overall with 14 laps in 3h 59m 20s

Above: Team 117, Truett Insulation’s second entry in QR2 in a Polaris RZR XP 900.

Always in good spirits these guys always make sure to give the camera a wave.

Pushing hard in the forest sections would earn Team #117 a 5th place in QR2, 8th overall with 14 laps in 3h 51m 56s.

Above: Team #70, Toyota Of Kingsport pushing his Polaris RZR XP 1000 to the limits.

Toyota Of Kingsport is always at the top of the pack and Round 8 was no exception. Team #70 was battling the entire event for a podium place, finally earning a well deserved 3rd place in QR1, 3rd place overall with 15 laps in 3h 51m 52s.

Toyota Of Kingsport is a UTVRR series sponsor and we appreciate their support! Thank you guys!

Above: Team #118, AC Racing on a mission in section 3.

The Can‐Am Maverick platform continues to impress pit lane as the results begin to stack up.

AC Racing fought in a group of six (6) racers that were separated by only 11 minutes. While 11 minutes may seem like a long time, a slipped drive belt or a flat tire over the 4hr race will cost you valuable time.

Team #118 would finish the day 8th in QR1 and 11th overall with 14 laps in 3h 59m 54s. They made their 14th lap with only 6 seconds to spare!!!

Above: Team #66, Maverick Racing drifting his way through a fast left hand turn in section 1. Maverick Racing is new to UVTRR for 2013 and has attended several races. Each race, Team #66 closes the gap on the veteran racers. Today would be their day to make a mark.

In a field with three (3) Can‐Am Mavericks, Team #66 would finish the day taking 2nd place in QR1 and 2nd place overall with 16 laps in 3h 54m 56s.

Great work Maverick Racing, hard work and patience is paying off.

Above: Team #347 Onsite Racing in their second UTVRR event. Onsite racing displayed the required patience and consistency to succeed in the UTVRR format and were on the pace of the leaders. Team #347 competes in a Polaris XP 900 4‐seater in class QR1.

With a total of 14 laps in 3h 56m 32s they would earn 6th place in a highly competitive QR1, 9th overall.

Team #347 completed one more lap in their second UTVRR compared to their debut.

Above: Team #730, Toyota Of Kingsport in a Polaris RZR S. This was the first UTVRR event for this particular racer and UTV combination. After a few challenges with the local foliage on their first lap, Team #730 were able to repair the minor damage and continue the race.

The Polaris RZR S is a QR2 vehicle. Team #730 managed to complete 8 laps in 3h 55m 09s to earn 4th place in QR2 and 17th overall.

For a first time race team, that is a very good result.

Above: Team #313, 4 Dogs Racing being caught by Team #7 JB Can‐Am Racing

Both racers compete in class QR1.

Shortly after this picture Team #313 moved over and conceded the track to Can‐Am JB Racing.

Team #313 finished the day with 13 laps in 3h 51m 30s to take 10th place in QR1, 13th overall.

Above: Team #50, Dauntless, a QR2 racer moving over to let Team #118, AC Racing, a QR1 racer pass.

This is a great example of how to use your mirrors and respond to an faster racers gentle request to pass.

UTVRR is proud to have these teams race our series. Sportsmanship and fair racing is paramount with UTVRR.

Great work guys!

Above: Team #54, West Lawn Care in their very first UTVRR event.

Team #54 competes in QR1 in a Polaris RZR XP 900. Great lighting makes all the difference in a 4hr Endurance race. The correct lighting will cut the dust, fog, snow, rain and mud.

Vision X Lighting offers industry leading lighting technology at prices exclusive to UTVRR racers.

Visit sxsstore.com for all your Vision X Lighting requirements at special UTVRR pricing.

Above: Team #808, Coastal Drilling pushing hard for the top spot in his Factory supported Polaris RZR XP 1000.

Scott Kiger and his Polaris Factory UTV is a regular at the UTVRR Northern Series and performs at the highest levels.

Unfortunately a minor mechanical problem in the closing stages afforded Team #808 4th in QR1, 5th overall with 14 laps in 3h 35m 37s.

Above: Team #321, HOLZ JRI hitting the gas to accelerate down past the lake in section 7. HOLZ JRI were ‘full on’ the entire event.

Above: Team #144, Cheaky Barton giving everything in his Polaris XP 900.

Team #144 competes in QR1 and would finish the day 15th in their class, 19th overall completing 5 laps in 1h 12m 16s.

A minor mechanical failure ended Cheaky Barton’s race early.


With 17 laps (a new lap record) in 3h 59m 08s and the fastest lap in Round 8 of 12m 47.517s Team #7, JB Can‐Am Racing took the event to another level.

Kyle Chaney and his Factory Supported Maverick demonstrate poise and performance as they complete lap after lap with amazing consistency. The race was not all easy though, JB Can‐Am Racing and Coastal Drilling (the Polaris Factory Team) where very close the entire race with Kyle opening a lead over Scott in the closing stages. Congratulations Team #7 and Can‐Am for a Maverick 1‐2 finish.

The Round 8 Race Results for each class are as follows:

Overall Winner of Round 8:
#07 Can‐Am JB Racing ‐ Can‐Am Maverick ‐ 17 Laps ‐ 3h 59m 08s

Class QR1:
1st ‐ #07 Can‐Am JB Racing ‐ Can‐Am Maverick ‐ 17 Laps ‐ 3h 59m 08s
2nd ‐ #66 Maverick Racing‐ Can‐Am Maverick ‐ 16 Laps ‐ 3h 54m 56s
3rd ‐ #70 Toyota Of Kingsport‐ Polaris RZR 1000 ‐ 15 Laps ‐ 3h 51m 52s

Class QR2:
1st ‐ #57 Team BS ‐ Polaris RZR S ‐ 15 Laps ‐ 3h 57m 43s
2nd ‐ #07 Truett Insulation ‐ Polaris RZR 570 ‐ 14 Laps ‐ 3h 48m 39s
3rd ‐ #812 Toyota Of Kingsport ‐ Polaris RZR S ‐ 14 Laps ‐ 3h 49m 15s

Overall Fastest Lap of Round 8:
#07 Can‐Am JB Racing ‐ Can‐Am Maverick ‐ 12m 47.517 seconds