Commander – Lift Kit


Part # RTP5102204

RT Pro is know worldwide and the producer of the best UTV lift kits on the market. We have sold over 15k lifts now in less than five years. Join thousands of others who have found the perfect balance of improved ground clearance, uncompromised handling and NO CV issues to date! This kit fits all models and all years of the Can Am Commander.


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RT Pro spent months designing, developing and testing this kit. The Commander has a unique suspension with unique geometry. We had to be smart and careful with it. The final result was a excellent performing kit that is safe for your CV joints, doesn’t ruin your ride and is stronger than anything on the market.

This kit will lift your Commander approximately 2″. Our design changes the upper shock geometry and not the lowers. This method improves the shock angles which require a lower spring rate to hold the vehicle at ride height. When retaining the stock springs however, the ride height is raised. This kit will allow you to back the preload on your springs down and still have the desired height needed for that additional ground clearance. So you get two things with this kit. A taller ride height PLUS an improved ride! Actual height gains will vary but expect approximately 2” rear lift and 2” front. We’ve found our best performance with these machines by setting the fronts 0.5-1” taller.

This kit WILL work with our Dual Rate spring kits using the same rates. You will most often need to remove a little more preload before you get the optimal ride back.

This kit is all bolt-on and the installation can be completed in less than 1.5 hours. The kit comes with very thorough instructions and comes complete with all necessary components and hardware for complete installation. Kits are powdercoated black as a standard color. No custom color options are currently available.


  • 2011 – Standard, XT, 800R, 1000 X,
  • 2012 – Standard, XT 800R, 1000 X, Limited w/ ACS
  • 2013 – Standard, DPS, XT, 800R, Limited (Europe Only), Electric,1000 X, Limited w/ ACS
  • 2014 – Standard, DPS, XT, 800R, Limited (Europe Only), Electric, 1000 XT-P, Limited w/ ACS, MAX
  • 2015 – Standard, DPS, XT, 800R, Electric, 1000 XT-P, MAX DPS, MAX XT. MAX Limited, Limited w/ ACS
  • 2016 – Standard, DPS, XT, 800R, Mossy Oak Edition, 1000 XT-P, MAX DPS, MAX XT, MAX Limited, 2 seat Limited w/ ACS
  • 2017 – Standard, DPS, XT, 800R, Mossy Oak Edition, 1000 XT-P, MAX DPS, MAX XT, MAX Limited, 2 seat Limited w/ ACS

Quick Facts:

  • Max tire size 28″ without extended trailing arms
  • Fits ALL year and ALL model Commanders, including 4 seat editions
  • MUCH stronger than ANY other lift kit design
  • Work with RT Pro Replacement Springs
  • Kit is made from 3/16″ American steel and is 100% made in the U.S.A.!

Additional information

Weight 12.55 lbs