Why RT Pro Front Bumpers are Superior

We have piles and piles of bumpers going together around the shop lately. A lot of people figured out there is no stronger option than the RT Pro original Rigid Mount Front Bumper. We’ve been building bumpers like this for years now, longer than anyone in this business. RT Pro designs and builds top quality, race-ready products for every level and type of driving.

Years ago, we figured out that the “standard” mounting of the Pure Polaris and most aftermarket companies is completely inadequate. It only takes one front impact to punch in the radiator and destroy the front clip to realize there must be a better way. The RT Pro Rigid Mount design is up to the task of complete front end protection in the event of a crash. There are thousands of these bumpers in the field today and we’ve heard countless stories of performance in very hard crashes – top performance, in every scenario. The bumpers don’t always come out looking like new but the front end is always intact and ready to drive home or finish the race. After all, crossing the finish line is the most important part of any day.

We offer these bumpers in two versions; the “MX” style and the “Baja” style. The MX is the simple, lighter option. The Baja has a little more protection up top, with longer main tubes (+5″ per side) and gives more of a prerunner look. Our bumpers only add about 2.5″ to the overall length of the machine so there’s minimal effect in trailer space requirements.

Like with ALL RT Pro products, these bumpers are 100% made in the USA and are in-stock, available for shipment in our standard black powdercoat or bare steel. Available in an array of custom colors, listed on our website.

RZR 800 and 570 Front Bumper, by RT Pro. | RZR XP 900 Front Bumper, by RT Pro.

RT Pro Front Bumper Features

Tab Bar

RT Pro Front Bumper Tabs

All of our bumpers now come standard with rear facing tabs you can use to mount our new, optional “Tab Bar”. This bar can be purchased with a new bumper or separately. It comes with holes to mount it and a ruggedizing bend on the back. You can use its 14.5” of space to mount any lighting you wish, flags, or anything else you can think of.

SHD Bash Plate (Super Heavy Duty)

RT Pro Super Heavy Duty Bash Plate for Front Bumpers

We also just developed a new bolt-on skid plate extension kit which spreads any impact loads out over the entire front base of the chassis on the RZR XP 900. This is sold as a separate upgrade and can be added to any existing bumper with our standard Bash Plate system. These all ship in black powdercoat as well.

Front Bumper Models

RT Pro “MX” Style Front Bumper and our Rigid Arm Kit – Available for ANY model RZR XP 900.

RT Pro "MX" Style Front Bumper and our Rigid Arm Kit - Available for ANY model RZR XP 900

RT Pro “Baja” Style Front Bumper with a rigid arm kit for ANY model RZR 800 or 570.

This image shows our "Baja" style bumper with a rigid arm kit for ANY model RZR 800 or 570.

Chassis Mounts

RT Pro was the first to design bumper mounts which mount under the RZR hood in to the actual structure of the chassis.

Rigid Arm Bungs

RT Pro has developed a machined attachment system which is not only strong for PUSHING but also stronger than any other option for PULLING as well. Our “Rigid Arm Bungs” are designed with beefy steps in them so they interlock with the mating bung. This takes all the effort a bolt would be required to bear and transfers it to a much larger and stronger area, leaving the bolt to simply do the job of holding the two pieces together.

The RT Pro “Rigid Arm Bungs” are superior to other designs of this nature in the fact they do not use machined threads within the welded component. It’s very common to see mating bung designs like this with one side counter-bored to house the head of a bolt and the other size threaded to receive the bolt threads. We’ve seen this design fail all too often in applications where the general public is using the product or the product is disassembled and reassembled often. The threads strip out. Once they are stripped the part welded to the bung is junk… The RT Pro design uses a clever, universal machined groove to house a 5/16” nyloc nut. The pocket also fits the head of a bolt perfectly on the other side. The result is a clamping system which doesn’t leave you scratching your head when or if a bolt strips out. Just replace the nut!

RT Pro Front Bumper: Rigid Arm Bungs

Stamped Metal Clamps

RT Pro has designed and invested in special metal stamping dies to produce the clamps we use on the RZR XP 900 Rigid Arms to make for the strongest possible push/pull clamping solution. These are made from 3/16”steel and use SIX 5/16” grade 8 bolts per clamp to hold the bumper in place no matter what. (The RZR 800/570 models use a different chassis design which doesn’t allow us to use this design but we have an extremely strong design implemented for these models as well.)

RT Pro Front Bumpers: Stamped Metal Clamps

We want you to know what options you have when considering a bumper purchase and want our customers to be educated when buying our products. We feel confident in saying you will not find a better built or designed bumper anywhere else in the world. RT Pro has been in this business longer than there have been RZR’s. We’ve spent the time and the money developing the products that will get you home or get that podium finish. Our persistence has grown us in to a company who is no longer just a “race shop” but now a global player in the UTV industry.