UTVRR 2013 – Northern Series Round 1 Race Report


UTVRR’s Inaugural Northern Series kicked off promptly at the 4:50pm on Saturday, February 16th, 2013.  The Windrock Park, TN venue was custom built for UTVRR. With 8.2 miles of unseen track, Round 1 was sure to deliver many surprises. During the off-season the facility’s team, headed up by ‘Rooster’ worked hard to cut a brand new track through a section of the available 76,000 acres.  With assistance from the Windrock ATV club the Northern Series venue is sure to be a long-term favorite. The route markers were clear, spotters were on just about every corner and the dedication of the entire organization helped to stay the inclement weather that popped up throughout the day.  Even though this was very first race on the track, it  proved to be fast. The temperature never climbed higher than 38, with heavy snow showers throughout the entire day.  As is the UTV Rally Raid formula, the racers set off in pairs at thirty (30) second intervals.  The entire grid left the starting line without any problems and the race was underway.

Round 1 was well represented with 80% of the field new to UTVRR racing.  Drivers were noted from KY, WV, FL and MI.  Considering the bitterly cold wind and snow, the racing was certainly hot.

Along with the large RZR presence, Wild Cats, Commanders and the new Maverick completed the lineup.

Three (3) race classes; A, B and C will race UTVRR in 2013.  Class A is the Stock UTVs and suited for new drivers.  Class B is for slightly modified UTVs with more experienced drivers and Class C is the reinvent of the Outlaw class, open to all racers with an open class formula.

Class C saw the most entries with Class B right behind.  Class A typically has the fewest entries due to the tight no-modification guidelines that Class A adheres to.

With plenty of unique features and a myriad of spectator vantage points, Windrock Park provides a great  platform for UTV endurance racing.  The drivers delivered too, mixing up some short course style racing with the savvy of endurance tactics.  The “Rock” was a favorite for passing action!

Team 77, Tough Stuff Mtr Sports  in front with Team 111, DW Inc breathing down his neck setting up the pass.

Team 05, Can-Am JB racing hard and having a blast in his new Maverick.

Team 83, Allen Mtr Sports showing how to run a RZR XP four-seater.

Due to the recent rain, the dust was low. A few sections the track were muddy but the drivers had no complaints.

In addition, there were No rocks, or other hazards to concern the drivers or break their UTVs.    With any NEW track a few rounds of spirited racing will refine the course and the overall lap times will drop significantly.

It’s always  good to be WARM when it’s snowing out! Team 72’s supporters were in good spirits.

Volunteer stewards from the Windrock ATV Club were strategically positioned throughout the entire course to provide driver assistance where possible.

Fortunately, the Race stewards had an easy afternoon with very few occasions where assistance was required.

Team 70, Chill Mtr Sports and UTVRR series sponsor, full-on through the snow.

The picture above really highlights how the weather changed from Sun to heavy snow throughout the entire race.  The Windrock course was designed to be fast flowing with some challenging sections.  This design proved to be a success with no know DNFs due to course hazards.  The mountains of Oliver Springs, TN is a great backdrop for UTVRR.

Team 517, LCB demonstrating just how to “slide” a RZR XP.

This section of the track, known as the rock, went from dirt to smooth rock and back to dirt in about 50 yards. The drivers were challenged to negotiate this very fast section.

Up close and personal with Team 615, JC Motor Sports and his Wild Cat.

Team 58, Team Fleming cutting a close corner.  The photographer moved positions after taking this picture.

After the race the, Team 58 told the cameraman that they actually drove into the hole (where the cameraman was laying when he took this shot ) in the very next lap.

Good thing he moved!!

Team 479, WATV catching some air with a good effort. He eventually finished 8th overall.

Team 828, Chill Mtr Sports chasing.  He finished 15th overall.

Team 923, Tony’s Toys  giving the photographer a heart attack! Team 923 set the fastest lap of the day. He wasn’t alone either as more and more racers picked up their speed as the race settled in.

Team 51, JoomGO Racing, hard on the gas as he heads to the double jumps! JoomGO is a UTVRR Series Sponsor.

Team 05, Can-Am JB Racing stretching out the new 1000cc Maverick. Although not with the fastest lap of the day, Team 05 was the Class C winner and Overall winner on the day.

team’s refueling and burning bright lights before heading back out.

While the UTVRR regulations do not require aftermarket lights (except emergency lights) a nice set of “candles” can make all the difference as the racers navigate the forest at night!

Vision X USA can provide a driver with an advantage as the darkness creeps in.

As the temperatures dropped, the pit lane became active with fuel stops and mechanical fixes.

The support teams were keeping track of their drivers with the Live Internet Scoring.  Radio chatter continued throughout the event with pit crews and drivers discussing the new track and subsequent strategies.  By the end of the race, attention to the UTVs mechanical condition became more important than race position.  Endurance racing is all about taking the checkers at the end of the day.

Over the course of the 4hr Endurance race, the field managed to accumulate 345 total laps with the fastest driver recording fifteen (15) total laps of the new Windrock Park track.

The awards ceremony took place a short time after the event.  Due to the bitter cold (23 degrees) the ceremony was quick and to the point. In addition to the race  day awards, UTVRR also offered a raffle sponsored by IOR and Vision X.  Doug Murphy, the Chairman of the Windrock ATV Club  pulled the ticket and awarded a lucky racer.  Team Tough Stuff Motor Sports won a set of Vision x Optimus series lights for the price of a $10 raffle ticket.

Additional “raffle” rounds will be announced as we progress through the season for more great prizes and give-a-ways!!!

Congratulations to all the racers, pit crews and spectators for the fantastic atmosphere throughout the entire event. The UTVVRR community and sponsors make the event what it is!!!

The Round 1 Race Results for each class are as follows:

Class A:

1st – Over The Hill – Polaris RZR – 12 Laps – 3h 51m 07.348s (First UTVRR)

Class B:

1st – Team Buff – Polaris RZR570 – 14 Laps – 3h 53m 07.225s
2nd – Team Spyder Motorsports – Polaris RZR S – 13 Laps – 3h 54m 10.779s
3rd – Team White Racing – Can-Am Commander – 12 Laps – 3h 52m 04.084s

Class C:

1st  – Team Can-Am JB Racing – Can-Am Maverick – 15 Laps – 3h 57m 12.072s
2nd –  Team Chill Motorsports – Polaris RZR XP – 14 Laps – 3h 50m 51.801s
3rd  – Team Ford Racing – Polaris RZR XP – 14 Laps – 3h 55m 24.651s

Fastest Lap of the Event:

Team Tony’s Toys #923 – RZR XP900 14m 43.663s

Overall Winner of Round 1:

Team Can-Am JB Racing – Can-Am Maverick – 15 Laps – 3h 57m 12.072s (First UTVRR)

All Information on the UTV Rally Raid Series can be found at www.UTVRallyRaid.com

Race registration can be found at www.thesxsstore.com

If you have never experienced a Quantum Racing event like UTV Rally Raid, you owe it to yourself to give it a try.  Who knows, you may have a little fun and win some cash too!

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