UTVRR – Northern Series Round 4 Race Report

Round 4 of UTVRR’s Northern Series kicked off promptly at 6:30pm on Saturday May, 11th, 2013. Over the past several months Windrock Park’s UTVRR track has undergone some significant changes, most notably the complete re‐route of Section 1. The new section is fast, wide and smooth allowing the racers to get to grips with the new section quickly. With the intent and willingness to present the best driver experience possible, the park management and grounds crew worked with Quantum Racing and the race community to modify the track. All week long the rain had been constant and the forecast for race day was more rain and storms. Come race day, the weather was perfect with the temperature around 70 at race start, dropping to a chilly 55 throughout the event. At approximately 6:00pm the racers began to take their positions on the grid.

Round 4 of the Northern Series saw several new faces and UTVRR first time drivers. As is always the case, our veteran racers were more than happy to offer help and advice where possible. The track was open for practice for two hours, from 1pm ‐ 3pm. Almost 20 drivers took the opportunity to preview the new section and check out overall track conditions.

The heavy rain during the week presented an almost completely dust free race. Several racers commented that the condition of the track was the best they had ever raced, regardless of series.

Elvis had has left the building!!! Team #131 Tennessee led the way from grid position 1A. The Arctic Cat Wild Cat platform has come a long way over the past 6 months. The Wild Cats compete in Class QR1.

Returning for Round 4 was Kyle Chaney in his factory supported Can‐Am Maverick. Conditions were perfect for some fast lap times and close racing. Throughout the event, the lead changed places several times, with lower positions in a constant state of movement the entire race.

Above: Team #191, Can‐Am JB Racing sliding through Section 1. Team #191 competes in Class QR1 in a Can‐Am Maverick

Section 1 allowed the drivers to hit the course hard and settle in nicely for the long haul. Team #191, Can‐Am JB Racing jumped out to an early lead in his Maverick. Kyle Chaney pushed hard right from the start and was hard to catch. The Can‐Am Maverick, with Kyle behind the wheel, was able to negotiate the course at an exhilarating pace. Kyle Chaney started the race in the middle of the pack and had to work hard to catch and pass some very fast QR1 racers.

Above: Team #11, Champ Racing flat out on his very first lap of the race. Team #11 competes in Class QR1 in a Polaris RZR XP 900

Challenging for the lead in QR1 throughout the race was Team #517, LCB Racing in his RZR XP 900, Team #120 Ford Racing in his RZR XP 900 and Team #131 Tennessee in his Arctic Cat Wild Cat.

Any mistake or mechanical failure from any of these four (4) racers would hand the position to their competition.

All eyes were on the QR1 drivers, but before the end of the day, the QR2 representatives would have something to say the overall win.

Above: Team #51, JoomGO! Racing attacking at the start of the race. Team #51 competes in Class QR2 in a Polaris RZR S

Above: Team #68, Team Buff demonstrating a clinic in consistency. Team #68 competes in QR2 in a RZR 570.

Team Buff and his RZR 570 defies the thought of ‘more power means faster lap times’. His smooth driving and no‐nonsense racing practices keep him at the top of the field, regardless of class.

Week in, week out, Team Buff can be seen talking to the new drivers offering words of advice and encouragement.

Above: Team #07 Truett Insulation giving the cameraman a wave as he heads into the forest of section 8

Above: Team #108, Link Mx Racing in his first UTVRR Event. You can see his focus in this picture.

Above: Team #07, Truett Insulation waving Team #923, Tony’s Toys through in section 10. Team #07 is a standard RZR competing in Class QR3.

Team #923 is a RZR XP 900 competing in Class QR1

Great work by Team #07 to move over and well played Team #923 making a safe pass with the use of the horn.

Track position is not always important in Endurance racing. Completing the most laps in the least amount of time will win the race.

Above: Team #517, LCB hard on the tail of the Maverick. Team #517 always gives 100% and competes in Class QR1 in a RZR XP900.

Above: Team #321, Holz JRI pushing hard at the end of section 10. Team #312 would finish the day 10th overall. They compete in Class QR1 in a RZR XP 900 and took their first Championship points for 2013 at this race.

Above: Team #713, Team Double Wide taking a hard right before heading up the steep climb of section 10.

This section of the track is a slower, more technically challenging part of the course.

Team #713 competes in Class QR1 in a RZR XP 900. Due a mechanical failure they finished 10th in their class and 16th overall.

Above: Team #730, Toyota Of Kingsport chasing Team #30, 3 Bambinos heading in the twilight hours.

This section of the track is wide enough and fast enough for several UTVs to race and make a safe pass if needed.

Team #730 competes in Class QR2 in a RZR S. They finished 5th in their class, 14th overall.

Team #30 competes in Class QR2 in a RZR S. They finished 2nd in their class and 2nd Overall.

Not too shabby for QR2 racers!

Above: Team #131, Tennessee making a pass on Team #920, Tony’s Toys.

Team #131 charged hard all race long and finished the day 1st in Class QR1, 3rd overall

Team #920 competes in Class QR2 in a RZR 800 Std. They finished 4th in Class QR2 and 11th overall.

Great racing guys!

Above: Team #108, Link Mx Racing competing in their very first UTVRR event. Welcome to the series guys!

After a cautious start, Team #108 started to settle in and pick up the pace. Only pitting to refuel and fix a single flat tire awarded them with a very solid 7th place in QR1, 12th place overall.

Above: Team #191, Can‐Am JB Racing battling with a mechanical issue as the light fades. Team #191 had amounted a significant lead in QR1 but experienced a drive shaft failure.

To his credit, and a notable mention to the Maverick, Kyle Chaney continued to drive and maintain his lead with a single driveshaft. Even after his retirement, Team #191 finished 5th in QR1, 9th overall and top the fastest lap of the entire event with a 13m 33.989s effort.

Above: Team #313, 4 Dogs Racing blasting through section 9 with lights blazing. Team #313 remained consistent the entire race. This steady approach to endurance racing earned Team #313 the 2nd place finish for QR2 and 4th overall.

Wild Cats finished 1st and 2nd in UTVRR’s premier Class QR1. This is a first for UTVRR and a testament to safe, diligent driving.

Above: Team #969, B and C Racing entering section 2 without compromise.

Team #969 were pushing the limits of grip and were rewarded with a 3rd place finish in Class QR1, 5th overall.

Team #969 competes in a RZR XP 900.

In the background you can see Team #131, setting up for the fast left hander.

Above: Team #969, B and C Racing taking a shower in a mud puddle at the top of the hill in section 10.

While the track appears to be very wet, the forecasted rain never materialized and the track conditions remained almost perfect.

Above: Team #321,Holz JRI recovering from slight over‐steer as they pushed hard in the QR1 Class.

Holz JRI completed their first Northern Series race in 2013 with a respectable 13 laps in a total of 3h 52m 50s

Above: Team #812, Toyota Of Kingsport going about their business.

With a very solid drive, Team #812 finished the day with a 3rd place in Class QR2. 8th place overall.

Consistent laps afforded this team the opportunity to complete 14 Laps in 3h 59m 08s

Above: Team #191, Can‐Am JB Racing hard on the gas starting the steep climb in section 10 Great lighting is essential to compete in UTVRR. Vision X has Industry leading lighting equipment to give every driver the edge in the darkness!

Above: Team #730, Toyota Of Kingsport pushing hard on the back straight of section 10.

Right: Team #68, Team Buff, saluting the cameraman as he pushes on more than 2 hours in.

Team #68 competes in Class QR2 in a RZR 570.

Team Buff finished with the Overall 1st place and was the only driver to complete 15 laps. Team Buff’s total race time was 3h 48m 45s

Above: Team #30, 3 Bambinos brining it home safely with a total of 14 laps in 3h 49m 39s.

This finished earned Team #30 2nd place in Class QR2 and 2nd Overall.

Truly outstanding drive by the two leading QR2 racers.

Above: Team #131, Tennessee in his Arctic Cat Wild Cat. You can read about Team #131’s UTV build here:

After Four Rounds, Team #131 leads the Northern Series Class QR1 table with 89 points. 2nd place has 64 points
with only one good performance separating 2nd through 5th. UTVRR’s points scoring system awards drivers for
total laps completed and as such what appears to be a solid lead, can diminish quickly.

Team #68, Team Buff, leads the Northern Series Class QR2 with 81 points. That said, only eight (8) points separate
1st through 3rd.

Team #588, Over The Hill Racing leads the Northern Series Class QR3 with 67 points. Team #07, Truett Racing is
close behind with 66 points.