UTVRR – Southern Series Round 2 Race Report

UTVRR’s Southern Series Round Two (2) kicked off promptly at 4:15pm on Saturday, March 2nd 2013 with a rousing rendition of the National Anthem.  The Bremen, AL area had snow in the forecast and for once at least, the forecast proved to be accurate.  While the snow did not settle, it was clear that Alabama was out to prove that Tennessee was not the only state that can produce a snowy UTVRR event. The temperature never climbed higher than 40, and was  overcast throughout the entire day.  The racing however, was some of the hottest racing in series history.  At several points throughout the cold Culman night, the leaders were separated by only a few seconds.  The overall lead   changed hands many times.

The track was in remarkably good condition with very few ruts, no rocks, very low dust and only a few wet patches.  Most all lap times were personal bests, with the track record falling once again.

Round 2 was once again well represented with several new racers and a variety of different UTV brands.  New to the field for 2013 in Alabama was the Can-Am Maverick and a Joyner Buggy entry, both entered in UTVRR’s QR1 Class

In addition to the new arrivals  UTVRR welcomed back several Arctic Cat drivers, Can-Am Commander(s), Yamaha Rhino and the ever present Polaris RZR configurations.  Three (3) race classes; QR1, QR2 and QR3 will race UTVRR in 2013.  QR3 is the Stock UTVs and suited for new drivers.  QR2 is for slightly modified UTVs with more experienced drivers and QR3 is the reinvention of the Class C, open to all racers with an open class formula. Class eligibility can be found at www.utvrallyraid.com

UTVRR is an “endurance” race against the clock and as such there is a significant amount of strategy and thought behind the ‘type of race’ you want to run.  The UTVRR driver community is a friendly group, welcoming new comers to the series and making them feel welcome.  That said, when the flag drops and the race in underway these guys really put on a show. Whether a seasoned veteran or a new up and comer, UTVRR’s format evens the playing field.

Team 68 providing valuable race strategy to a new UTVRR driver. Did he tell him too much..?.

Team 23 at Tech Inspection.  The Quantum Racing Team checks every UTV for Safety and race worthiness before every start.

Mike Brown from Quantum Racing providing some insight to Team 747 at their first UTVRR event. Welcome Team 747 Motor Sports .

A total of 27 teams took the grid. The racers set off in pairs at thirty (30) second intervals.  The entire grid left the starting line without any problems and the race was underway.

The track really began to settle in and the traction provided by the damp conditions allowed the drivers to really test their cars.  Fastest lap of the day was a new track records in region of 12 minutes.  Not bad considering the snow never stopped!

Team 222, H.O.R.S racing explaining how to remain in the Top Spot in QR3. Team 222 went on the win the class and take the fastest lap in QR3.

Ever diligent track stewards were strategically positioned throughout the entire course and communications were rock solid with PCI Race Radio’s first class radio technology.

Par for the course at Stony Lonesome OHV, the Race stewards had an easy afternoon with very few occasions where assistance was required.

Team(s) #77 and #88 make up Tough Stuff Motor Sports.  This Father/Son team compete together at almost every round.  It’s a pleasure to host these guys at UTVRR.  Now, who’s quicker? Hmmmmm…

The upcoming pictures really drive home the theme for the 2013 UTVRR season.  All the teams were trying as hard as they can to complete as many laps as possible and get off to a quick season start.  That said, driver respect and etiquette remains a top priority for the UTVRR series.  A good, loud horn and some gentle encouragement is typically all that is required for a faster driver to be allowed through.  UTVRR is an endurance race where current, physical track position is typically irrelevant.

Team 316, CSRacing, on his first lap attacking the course. This mindset afforded CSRacing with a 6th place in his class (QR1) and 10th  position overall.

Team 05, Outlaw Motor Sports in his new Can-Am Maverick. This was the first UVTRR event for Team 05 and the second event for a Maverick.  Strangely enough, both Can-Am Maverick based teams have been number ’05’. Sneaking in the background is Team 46, Keys Racing.

Team 44, Edub Racing in his Arctic Cat, Wild Cat, burning his Vision X lights bright while being caught by Team 141, Team JMG Racing in his RZR XP 900.

2013 saw UTVRR implement a new Transponder timing system.  In addition to the live scoring screen located at race control, this new system provides live internet timing to the community and has become a real hit!  You can view the timing here

Radio chatter can be heard non-stop throughout the race with pit crews advising their driver(s) just where they are in the standings  and what they need to do to advance.

As the drivers complete each lap, they approach the timing gate.  They are required to slow down to 15 mph before coming to a complete stop.  As the UTV passes through the timing gate, a very loud audible tone is initiated providing confidence to the racer that his/her transponder has been read and the results entered into the database.

In his very first UTVRR event Team 23, Strenflex Racing, had a solid outing.  He completed the entire race and finished 19th overall. Not bad for a rookie in the top class!  Congrats!

Team 46, Keys Racing coming hard into the Bridge section with his music blaring! You could hear the music before your saw the UTV, pumping out classic rock in the Alabama hillside.  Nice one boys! Team 46 was able to maneuver his RZR XP900 4-seater to a very respectable 14th overall position. This team had a blast!!!

Team 747 Motor Sports coming full on out of the small water section. They pushed their Joyner buggy hard all day. Team 747 finished 26th on the day.  Great job on your first UTVRR event guys!

Team #77, Tough Stuff Motor Sports feeling inspired by Team 747’s good effort.  With his eyes on catching number #88, he has his work cut out! This small section of the track was one of the few wet places, fed by a small stream of flowing water.

Team #88 making up time on his son( #77).  At the end of the race, number 88 had bragging rights on this day. #88 finished 3rd in his class, 8th overall…while #77 finished 27th due to a mechanical issue on the RZR S. I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ll see of this battle.

Team 05, Outlaw Motor Sports came to join the water fight too.  Team 05 finished the day 22nd but was running mid-field until a small mechanical ended his UTVRR maiden voyage.

With his Vision X Optimus Series lights blazing, Team 44 was charging hard into the dusk hours. Team Edub finished the day with a solid 20th overall position. I feel confident we will see a steady championship climb from Team 44.

As night fell, Team 123, Vulcan Racing continued his challenge for the top spot.  Team 123 held the top spot on several occasions throughout the race, but finished 15th overall. Team 123 pushed hard all day long with the desire to win.

This cool black and white shot of team 517, LCB doesn’t do justice for how he kept his foot pinned all race long. Coming back from a mid-pack finish in Round 1 at  TN, LCB was out to prove a point!

Over the course of the 4hr Endurance race, the field managed to accumulate 347 total laps with the fastest driver recording seventeen (17) total laps of the Stony Lonesome track.

The Round 1 Race Results for each class are as follows:

Class QR1:

1st  – LCB Racing – Polaris RZR XP900 – 17 Laps – 3h 51m 11.994s
2nd –  Ford Racing – Polaris RZR XP900 – 17 Laps – 3h 53m 19.641s
3rd  – Double E Racing – Polaris RZR XP900 – 17 Laps – 3h 56.58.497s

Class QR2:

1st – Team Buff – Polaris RZR570 – 17 Laps – 3h 56m 39.019s
2nd – Basch Brothers Power Sports (#213) – Polaris RZR 800S – 16 Laps – 3h 52m 42.384s
3rd – Tough Stuff Motorsports (#88) – Polaris RZR 800S – 16 Laps – 3h 59.23.232s

Class C:

1st – H.O.R.S Racing – Yamaha Rhino – 6 Laps -1h 53m 00.541s

Fastest Lap of the Event:

Team LCB Racing – 12m 27.844s – RZR XP900   (Previous Lap Record belonged to LCB with 12m 31.438s)

Overall Winner of Round 2:

1st  – LCB Racing – Polaris RZR XP900 – 17 Laps – 3h 51m 11.994s