’s Rally Raid at DTP!

Last weekend I went down to Durham Town Plantation (DTP), near Atlanta, GA for the first UTV Rally Raid. It was a new style format of racing which weren’t familiar with up here in MI. We usually run alot of short course’s or GNCC style racing. But this new UTV Rally Raid style in a 4 hour Iron man or team event. With 2 hours day light and 2 hours in to the night. We had the option to switch up drivers and vehicles throughout the race whenever needed. Myself and Jim Tsokatos one of our sponsored racers from Alabama met up down there to check out the action and run it. Jim choose to do it ironman and drive the entire 4 hours. I had the privilege to ride along with him.

All I can say is it was one of the best events I’ve seen on this side of the country. There’s nothing else like it! The track was set just for UTV’s not too tight where you run the risk of hitting trees and still having room to pass each other. It’s a fast course and was 10.5 mile a lap! There was no serious crashes or any UTV’s destroyed during the race. There was a good turn out also. I think there were 9 teams running the event and 4 guys choose to ironman it. When the dust settled, we finished 1st in the in the mod class using our RT Pro +5 suspension.

I have to thank DTP for host the event and for putting all together! I can’t wait for the next one which is Feb. 19. We also will be sponsoring the series in 2011. Hope to see you all out there again and pass the word along to your friends. It’s definitely a great time! Heres some pics and a video of the race. Any feed back is welcome and appreciated. Thanks Guys!