SIMS Race Report Round 4

Hesperia, CA- May 14, 2017- DIRT Series round 4 is in the books!  We went out to practice on Saturday at Comp Edge MX.  My car was running great and the track was tons of fun with awesome jumps.  I felt confident going in to Sunday’s races.


My class was race 7 in the line-up for the day and when it was time, I headed up to the start line.  I was one of the first cars to get to the line, and after everyone filtered in, I decided I didn’t like my position and I moved all the way to one end.  The green flag dropped and we were off!  I put my foot to the floor and looked straight ahead up the huge hill we climbed right off the start.  I got the hole shot and I was so focused on what was in front of me, I had no idea what was going on behind me.  Dirt 4 1

All of the cars in my class got tangled up right off of the start line.  I was so glad that I had made the decision to move!  I kept on the gas as we rounded the first turn.  I had two cars on my bumper but I was determined to stay in front.  I drove hard and was hitting the jumps fast.  I kept my pace and after 6 laps, I crossed the finish line in 1st place!

Later in the day, I geared up for moto 2.  My plan was to drive exactly the same way I had in moto 1.  We lined up and the green flag dropped.  I stepped on the gas and got the hole shot again.  This time, I had one car right on my bumper, but again, I was determined to stay in the lead.  I held my 1st place positon for the first 3 laps of the race, and then as I was making my way in to lap 4, I came off of a jump.  As I landed, I could feel something in the front of my car and I knew it wasn’t good.  Dirt 4 2

Determined to stay in the race, I tried to turn and keep going, but several people on the track signaled to me to stop.  I had broken a tie rod bolt, and it took me out of the race with only 3 laps to go.

With the two moto format and the way the rest of the class shook out on Sunday, I ended up pulling an overall 3rd place finish for the day. C11478

We are in full blown prep mode to get the car ready for WORCS round 8 in Cedar City, UT this coming weekend.

Thanks so much to these awesome companies that support my program: Got Sand Performance, Red Rock, Method Race Wheels, Crow Enterprizes, Factory UTV, GBC Motorsports, RT Pro, Yoshimura, Demon Powersports, Baja Designs, Gates G Force, Elka Suspension, Rugged Radios, Maxima Racing Oils, Crown Performance Products, Surface Sun Systems, Butter Supply Co, Pavement Recycling Systems, Perrault Motorsports, and my parents who make this possible for me!  Thanks to Steve at the DIRT Series for a great day of racing!  You can check out the Sims188 Racing team on Instagram @csims188 or on Facebook at